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Newcastle Event log
Topic Started: Apr 2 2013, 11:30 PM (880 Views)
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Apr 2 2013, 11:30 PM
phewwwwwww what a very very long day

Event: Match Attax swap event newcastle tuesday 2nd april
Venue: Newcastle St James park

Arrived at venue for 10:30am quite few in the queue so waited a while whilst they took details girls taking names and email address for future marketing purposes on ipad things. got to a table out side the Room we were given a ma 12-13 checklist (ps pls pick one up as it lists all cards in the set) and also a swap list to fill in and the girls explained what to do. If you had pre-registered for your limited edition card then you were sent to the table opostie to collect it , you had to give your registration details ie name and email address. Pick ours up.

Entered the function room suite big long room same as last years and the year before. The whole room was filled with different areas, top of the room moshi monsters display thing, dr who display thing and star wars thing. Main stage then down from here the mixing decks for all audio visual stuff. chnace to get your photo with the championship trophy (free if you use your own camera) they was a man guarding it. from that pez and bez stall then a match attax learning area to play the game. then from that the tournament playing area. Down the bottom end of the room chance to get your photo on a match attax card thing with premiership trophy thing. Topps sticker swap area free to swap, put your list in and stickers to swap, (forgot to get a set of Sunderland and Newcastle ones) then the championship swaps area. up from that the main selling stall for different match attax products
match attax extra limited luiz packs 4.50
match attax extra and normal binders 4.50
match attax tins only 5 (waited all year and got mine today saved a fiver)
premier leagues shoe bags 1
match attax satchel badges 3 plus normal packs of cards at 1 each

topps authentic s stand

then from this the match attax swap area.

It cost 3 to enter the match attax swap area to which you gave the swappers your sheet of card needs. you were supposed to give them your old cards in return (to be fair they weren't really bothered i gave some over!!!! got more back than i gave) remember you can only get 10 man of the match style cards per your 3 paid so i needed a few for pnp chocolates on here so when through 5 times !!!!! at a cost of 15

The championship swap area you just handed your form and got what you needed but had to hand your old cards back over !!!!!!!! (gain got more back, same as above swap area but no cost!!!!!)

free style ball person doing shows and showing the kids how to do it

events happening all afternoon on the main stage, big quiz for a iPod had to answer footy questions think winner got 18-19 correct answers, the high lower game over 3 cards ie is David Luis attax higher then bale etc etc chance to win a good bag, main stage show of pat and bez and the free styler football person.

The auction you had to pre register with the amount of cards you had and were given a raffle ticket with a number, you could only bid up to that amount of cards you had pre registered with and only win one item ( this was to be fair to everyone)

Never forget the value of your cards then you have spent your money on !!!!!!!

in auction
signed England shirt ashley young and glen Johnson 2000 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 200)
signed ben afa match attax 1250 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 125)
signed alan pardew match attax 700 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 70)
signed george friend match attax 360 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 36)
signed Conner wickham match attax 500 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 50)
match atatx tins
dr who tin 200 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 20)
dr who attax binder 20 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 2)
England mini figures 450 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 45)
extra multi pack (you could buy for 4.5) 400 cards (remember 1 card has cost you 10p!!!! 40)
moshi monster stuff

they was other stuff but well cant remember everything

The original 2 players that were down for this event were on active club duty so 3 other players from the team were due to come
James Tavernier, Romain Amalfitano and curtis good. only James Tavernier, Romain Amalfitano came and they signed from about 2pm till 3:30pm anything you gave them. they had Newcastle united team photos which they signed and for me i got Romain Amalfitano cards signed and a shirt. the lads got they ball and shirt signed and a team photo as well. after the signing session they did a question and answer thing on the main stage poor Romain Amalfitano his English as he said wasn't good so James Tavernier took all the question and answers from the kids. whilst the signing session was on/ concluding the main final for the match attax event was happening on the main stage and it went down to a tie breaker it was a little kid versus a older kid, the old kid won (some one may be able to get his name). after the final and the questions and answers with the players they player high and low again with prizes as before.

Lots going on all day certainly busier than last year lots of parents and kids running wild and excited. Lots of side swapping, around the room with cards all over the place.

REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR MATCH ATTAX EXTRA SWAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will need these to swap with other collectors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
as 80% of people or very few people never brought them which was a shame as you could only swap with other collectors which has still left me with needing m14 and h4 which ill order from topps in about 6 weeks or so. BIG REMEMBER as lots of people missed a opportunity to swap they cards today to finish extra sets off. NOTE TOPPS werent swaping any so it is only going to be collectors like us and what a big opportunity to do so..........

tournament when you entered you were given a regional heats bronze card and if you got through to the semis finals you got a silver one and if you won the event got a gold one and a trophy, (after some make shift team making and a couple of tweaks we managed to get a silver heat card).

top tips on the day:-

Swap area 3 for 10 man of the match style cards that's 30p each!!!!!! think about it
Auctions can be fun just remember the true cost of your item
Extra multi packs only 4.50 in limited edition cheaper to buy these than 5 separate packs
match attax tins only 5
Take your extra cards to swap with other collectors
Have fun and swap

if anyone else went just add you stuff in here
So they let you go more than once in the Swap Shop?

Figured I can complete the championship set by doing it 4 times, I can also get rid of the useless base that I have from previous seasons!
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