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West Brom Event
Topic Started: Apr 9 2013, 02:24 PM (894 Views)
Victor Meldrew
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Thought I had better do a write up of our experience at the Birmingham event albeit a bit late.

Travelling from South Wales we arrived at the West Brom ground around 10.30. I was confused by the lack of a queue but later found out that they had opened the doors early. This was a blessing as it was not particularly warm and there was a strong cold wind blowing that side of the stadium. The previous 2 years this event had been held at the Villa ground in one large room. At West brom Topps held the event on the first floor in two rooms connected by some corridors. We were ushered upstairs by the friendly staff and just outside the first room there was a table where we gave our names and picked up the Hernandez limited editions we had registered for. The first room was set up purely for the swapping. On entering we were immediately hailed by shouts from forum member gt6943 (Gary) and his son Jack, who David my son have met before on various occasions. After a brief chat and noticing that there was hardly any queue, I took the opportunity to get our Match Attax Premiership swaps done. I had filled in three sheets and paid the £9.00 and got the final few cards we needed for our main collection and those we needed to complete a further two books we decided to complete as we had won a couple of full sets of limited editions using the Topps online pack draw numbers. We then went into the second room which had the stage, various other sections for topps like Skylanders etc, the Match Attax shop and the tournament playing area. Speaking to Gary he told us that from the previous tournament he had been to, using the HTH card was well recognized and people were able to counter that so we reverted back to an old team using a Legend card. David was happy with that as it was familiar to him and easier to remember than some of the teams we had. Armed with his team I sent him off to get playing in the tournament. As it happened his was first drawn up against Gary’s son Jack. He came back and said he had lost 6-5 but we had our Bronze regional heat card. He then admitted that he had won with his GK and went to sub his weakest defender with another GK but had placed his cards down wrongly and had taken off his strongest defender Doh !!! After laughing that off he went back to play again. In the meantime I went back outside to put our recently acquired swaps in the car and prevent them getting damaged. On my return Gary came over to me to tell me the shock news that David had got through to the last table and on turning around I could see that the Topps official was taking his name. He was very pleased whereas I was more amazed but proud he had got through to the last 16. We now had a second Bronze card but more importantly a Silver regional finalist card. Gary also mentioned that forum member phild had just left the building which was a shame as we have never met (perhaps next time). After some lunch in the car it was back to the first room to swap some Championship cards. I asked where I had to pay for this and was surprised when they said it was free – O thank you Topps. Three sheets later with just enough spare base left, I got all the pesky cards we needed to complete our binder. The day was getting better as time went on. After watching the auction I got in the ever growing line for the expected arrival of West Brom players Ben Foster and Jonas Olsson who were due to do a signing session. David had gone across to take part in the first round of the last 16. Sadly that is where it ended as he got beat 6-5. He only plays Match Attax when I drag him off to these events so he lacks the expertise and skill in comparison to some of the seasoned pro’s. Still it was a great experience to get to the last 16. Sadly this is the last year he could enter as he will be too old under the current rules next year. Ben and Jonas were late in arriving but luckily the 16 tournament finalists were fast tracked to the front to get autographs. I thought they were going to give out base cards for each player to sign but instead they had printed off some A4 size flyers. Once David got his flyers signed it was yet another dash back to the car to get Ben and Jonas base cards out of the binder. The queue which we had joined was quite long now and was not moving very fast. Later a Topps representative came up telling everyone that the players were only going to sign one thing per person. As it was they also run out of flyers so the queue went down a lot quicker and we got our cards signed. So in summing up this was our best event yet with finishing off our collections, getting the Ben and Jonas signings, getting our Hernandez limited’s, 2 Bronze regional heats and the most unexpected but for us a much prized Silver regional finalist card. Additionally I would also like to thank forum member Alanaman for sending us some alternative teams to use in the tournament. They were much appreciated and is yet another reason for being a member of the friendliest and best football card forum.
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