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Team Case Break - Topps Premier Gold 2013/14
Topic Started: Aug 23 2013, 12:44 PM (7,753 Views)
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I'm just testing the waters here to see if anyone would be interested in a case break of this stuff with each person getting picking a team therefore they would be 20 spots.

How it works is we divide the whole cost of the case by 20 so each spot will be a fair share. When the case arrives I video the case break so everybody can see the break as it happens and I will send whoever had Arsenal all the arsenal cards that were pulled out of the break etc. With there being 10 hits per box that means 60 per case so if the correlation was perfect between teams you get 3 big hits from you're team and all the extra hits of your team like base and inserts.

They are attempting one on blowout however it will struggle to work as they are no fans of the lower teams as this will only work with all 20 teams being picked.

Now to the cost:

Case price: $1235 + $75 (shipping from the states to here) = $1310 + ($3 x 20 to ship your teams cards from here) $60= $1370 + $60 (customs)= $1430

So each spot costs: $1430 divided by 20 = $71.50 approx.

With $10 per spot being paid FINAL PAYMENT = $61.50 PER SPOT.

I'll be taking Aston Villa. So if anybody is interested in a team let me know but just to be fair no one can come in and take for example the top 5 teams, each person is limited to one spot for now and if we are struggling to fill all the spots then people can take a second if they wish.

Just throwing this out there to see if people are interested :)

Arsenal- dvsgooner (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Aston Villa- Portlaw (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Cardiff City- Alan (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Chelsea- soccercardz (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Crystal Palace- dvsgooner (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Everton- harryl1878 (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Fulham- rwood93372 (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Hull City- Tollyman (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Liverpool- Tollyman (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Manchester City- dimon1975-0820 (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Manchester United- Bibster (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Newcastle United- Harryl1878 (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Norwich City- pnchocolates (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Southampton- Alan (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Stoke City- dimon1975-0820 (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Sunderland- pnchocolates (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Swansea City- Bibster (deposit paid) (final payment made)
Tottenham Hotspur- soccercardz (deposit paid) (final payment made)
West Bromwich Albion- Phild (deposit paid) (final payment made)
West Ham United- rwood93372 (deposit paid) (final payment made)

All set information is in the original thread about this set and this for the case break only so if your interested let me know.

Just to clarify if a printing plate not of a team or pele auto etc is pulled it will be randomly drawn to a person in the case break.

This case break will work with 10 or 20 people so we will see how numbers go. If we are to do this with 10 people each will need to take 2 teams, the second team of which will be randomly drawn to you
Edited by Portlaw, Dec 15 2013, 09:22 PM.
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Thanks, totally forgot to add them when typing the post, however I have them in my file.
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Cards received in today's post.
My teams Norwich & Sunderland probably two of the less glamorous teams in the league yielded a total of 28 cards (no doubles !), pretty happy with that.

Norwich base x 10
Sunderland base x 8

Parallel Norwich #65 Van Wolfswinkel (48/99 Green)
Parallel Sunderland #178 Altidore (93/99 Green)
Jersey Relic JR-CW Wickham
Jersey Relic JR-JHO Howson
Midfield Maestro MM-AP Pilkington
Parallel Midfield Maestro MM-AJ Johnson (50/99 Green)
Hot Shot HS-JA Altidore
Parallel Future Star FS-FB Borini (21/99 Green)
Autograph Future Star SP-JHO Howson
Autograph Future Star SP-CW Wickham

Many thanks to Portlaw for organising

A Big Thankyou to all my Trading Partners

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Mine arrived this morning, very happy with the cards I got.

Huge thanks once more to Sean
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Mine arrived too, thank Sean, you're a star.
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Dec 8 2013, 05:16 PM
Topps has announced a promotion for 2013-14 Topps Premier Gold aimed at case breakers.

The top five most watched breaks posted on YouTube win prizes such as autographed items and boxes. The video with the most views wins a pair of signed Cristiano Ronaldo boots (cleats).

To qualify, case breakers must notify their distributor (or Topps rep if they buy direct) of their plans by December 30, which is just a few days after the set's official launch. Breakers busting at least one case of the product must send the URL of the YouTube break to their distributor by January 10.

The contest closes on January 17 at midnight EST. Topps said winners will be notified by January 20.

Not sure if you guys want us to enter the break into this, might make some nice prizes for FCF if we could get members to view the break and maybe get it into the top 5
Did we enter this comp in the end?

Just typed 'Topps Premier Gold Case' into YouTube and sorted by views and we are in the top 5, although our view count is still being verified and is stuck at 301+ (and it has been for ages).

It said on the original press release that winners would be notified by 20th January, but not sure if they would contact Blowout on our behalf or how this works?

Does anyone know?
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Blowout will let me know if we win and Topps have been given my email to contact too
Edited by Portlaw, Jan 19 2014, 08:13 AM.
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