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First pics, release date and information; First pics, release date and information
Topic Started: Jan 29 2014, 05:44 PM (11,751 Views)
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Feb 12 2014, 03:42 PM
Feb 12 2014, 11:04 AM
Do you like maths? I like.
if all cards would be on average in boosters as panini sugest so count:
e.g 1 sp in 7 packs so for 32 sp we need 32*7 packs =224 packs, it meaqns that to collect 32 sp we need open 224 packs
if we count the same for others to collect need:

32 Star player - 1 in 7 packs 32*7=224packs
25 Utility player - 1 in 8 packs 25*8=200
25 One to Watch – 1 in 8 packs =200
27 Fan’s Favourite – 1 in 8 packs =216
9 Experts – 1 in 8 packs 9*8=72 (only 72!)
18 Defensive Rocks – 1 in 12 packs 18*12=216
9 Goal Stoppers – 1 in 9 packs 9*9=81
32 Team Logos – 1 pε 17 paket 32*17=544!! (to collect all 32 need 544 packs
if logo will be as often as panini suggest)
18 Game Changers – 1 in 17 packs 18*17=306
6 Top Masters – 1 in 35 packs 6*35=210
5 Double Trouble – 1 in 100 packs 5*100=500
5 Icons – 1 in 40 packs =200
5 Goal Machines – 1 in 60 packs =300

so if we opened 500 boosters we can collect on averae all cards apat from logos.o f course panini don't put cards as they suggest from my expirience.
Okay I'm not a maths genius, but if you opened 500 packs you could expect to get 5 Double Trouble cards - not 5 different Double Trouble cards. My pen and paper calculation is 1,142 packs on average to get 5 different cards (you'd also get 6.42 duplicates :D)

workings: 100 to get the first one (of 5), 125 to get one of the remaining 4, 167 to get one of the remaining 3, 250 to get one of the remaining 2, 500 to get the last one. This is an average; could be more or less :doh

So I think its a bit excessively hard

I challenge anyone to open 1,142 packs and not curse when they still need a couple of team logos and a double trouble B)
you could look at it like this
it all depends on how panini regard their ratio of hits

there are 216 insert cards
the lowest hit ratio is 1 in 7
therefore 216 x 7 = 1512 packs and that is provided no duplicates appear

until someone opens 100 packs and provides a breakdown you wont know for sure

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Feb 14 2014, 05:01 AM
Late night yesterday I did another video.
Not sure if anyone will find it interesteing. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to statistics so that's why I decided to record this video. This one is more like an analysis than a review.
In this video I look at how good I did compared to the pack average (given by Panini) for each insert, after I had opened up a full case (12 boxes).

The video you find here -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lSReunC3-JM

EDIT* Tons of pictures of all singles HERE

how many boxes/packets opened

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