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Case Break 2 - by Lynettedoolin - members involved please read.
Topic Started: Jan 31 2014, 09:03 PM (3,852 Views)
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Hi all,

As Lynette does not seem to be bothered to reply to my request for an update despite being on here several times since my post I suggest you all claim refunds via PAYPAL for you money.

Phil has contacted BLOWOUT cards and has been told an order was placed but payment failed. Blowout have tried to contact Lynette without success.

Lynette may well have sourced through another avenue but I think you should assume the worst and look to reclaim your money as a matter of urgency.

If a case arrives and your cards are eventually sent you should pay on receipt.

I'm very sorry that this has happened on here after such a great break by Portlaw.

We will be defining some very strict rules for future case breaks on this forum.


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I'd like to issue a public apology to lynettedoolin.

Sorry Lynette, I confused you another member from ebay. As we have not dealt before I'd like to issue a sincere apology for calling you out on a transaction we didn't complete.

I do hope that everything gets resolved correctly. We have some great mods here on FCF and I know that they will appropriately sort out the situation

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I think lynette needs to be the one apologising to a lot of people at the moment.

Silence speaks volumes !!

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Sure Phil, but I think that it's not gonna happen. Good luck with the refunds, my money is lost. Maybe I'll visit Southampton to get my money back ;).

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paypal take each case on case to case baisis. so where we know that lynette has scammed they will treat each one with the same process

it takes up to 20 days from what i mind but ive never had a case go against me as a buyer.
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WOW! I can't believe I am reading this, haven't been on FCF for a couple of weeks and just can't believe what I am reading! After getting stiffed out of a spot on 2 separate breaks on this forum I am glad this was one of the ones that I missed out on. Jeez guys, I really hope you take this all the way.
People who do this type of activity to honest collectors deserve the full brunt of their wrong doing. Stating the bleeding obvious - This stinks. Feel sorry for all and especially Portlaw as he even helped to work out all the pricing etc for this Lynette "lady" (I use the term VERY loosely) . Really poor form, and just does nothing but destroy the trust we try to build with these type of forums and communities. Good Luck with your action guys.
Cheers, Dylan
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for those who dont get their money back and indeed those that do its very easy to get the police involved by simply going to the website of the local force and report it,i did this a couple of years ago with a problem buyer on ebay the police actually phoned me and were aware of the person and everything went well the police were far more interested than paypal and without them getting involved i would have been out of pocket. please dont just accept that you have been done,take some action.
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Agreed Steve. Phil posted a link to Action Fraud which is run by the police. Everything can be filled in online and it's quite easy.
Lynette can't expect to steal 1000 and get away with it
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