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Aguero Silver & Gold Limited Editions!; Do we know when they will stop running these?
Topic Started: Feb 3 2014, 08:45 AM (1,190 Views)
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Hi guys,

I have just read this in Match attax magazine issue 16 regarding aguero tokens;

"Only unique individual coupons will be accepted. Original coupons only, photocopies will not be accepted. .To receive the Silver LE - Send 12 individual coupons featuring a different code. To receive the Gold LE - Send a further 12 individual coupons featuring a different code. The Gold LE will only be sent if you have already redeemed the Silver LE. Therefore you must send in a total of 24 coupons to claim the Gold LE. This offer is open to subscribers only. One per subscription."

I have a subscription and have 4 magazines (4 tokens) already.
My Mrs. just got a subscription so will get her first magazine (token) this weekend.

What I want to know, is when will they stop giving away tokens?

I read somewhere that they will stop in issue 24 - 29th March)? Surely that wont be the case?

If this is the case, I am pretty anxious, because this will mean I will only have 12 unique codes from my subscription for the silver aguero, and 8 other codes that are completely useless.
I was considering getting a third subscription, but if they are going to stop running the promotion on the 29th of March, there is zero point, in fact I would be best cancelling the mrs subscription too.

Anyway shed light on this/advise?????

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I have actually answered my own topic, but will leave this here for your benefit.

I phoned topps and asked them. They said that the tokens will run for 52 weeks from start of subscription, so 19th october was first week, 11th or 18th October this year will be the last one.

I reckon with two subscriptions, we will get our first silver aguero soon after the 29th of March, then our first gold just after 21st of june.

With the second subscription, we should be able to generate a lot of cash on ebay to help the boys get any other rare cards they will need.

Silver aguero averaging a sale of 40 - 50 on ebay just now, even bronze is getting 10 - 20!

Gold will fetch a large sum I reckon.

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