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Bronze Kyle Walker in EBAY? WTF!
Topic Started: Oct 5 2014, 08:40 PM (896 Views)
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What is this!!! :shrug :shrug

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So Kyle Walker Bronze appears to have actually been produced. Does anyone know where yet?? There i was thinking my collection may be complete!
Does anyone know who the ebayer is??
Edited by Tankerton1, Oct 5 2014, 09:04 PM.
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Has to be someone from Topps surely?
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seller added this earlier -

It appears I have listed an unreleased card (bronze) and to be honest I do not know the true original of this card.

Being bronze I did not put any significance on this card.

In previous years when my son was interested I knew (and still do) were every limited edition card was acquired,

but as time has gone on and he lost interest I also have done so. In fact this was the first year when we did not have a full set of cards and purchased

the remainder from Topps

So this card can of only come from the following sources;

1) From Topps by mistake

2) From MOTd mag, by mistake

3) From another collector / Topps at the swap tour

I did however not purchase this card from ebay
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mmmm, really, claim that he/she was unaware of cards rarity before listing. :unsure:

The seller is selling a lot of high value and rare Match Attax cards so i assume is fairly knowledgeable on the rarity of cards and is not your average 'dad' and 'lad' collector. I'd also hazard a guess the seller frequents this forum. Seems suspicious he or she has managed to obtain what appears to be one of the rarest Match Attax cards ever by good fortune.

Seller is also in Milton Keynes, home of Topps Europe.....

Now I'm not saying the new auction comment is disingenuous but I'm not completely convinced!

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Topps obviously havent produced the bronze walker en masse, had they done so, they would have made it available in a way that made them money or lured people in to this season or even the world cup set.

I reckon this has been one of a few trial cuts or templates, probably issued to employees when they decided not to run with them?

Seems odd though, I am going to phone them tomorrow and ask the question.
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Looks like he's listed them in a huge lot of ltd cards before for 1,000 and they didn't sell, then relisted them for 99p but then ended that one early. Don't think this helps clear anything up, but I love a bit of intrigue like this!

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Topps said they have destroyed all of last seasons Bronze Walkers because they did not release them.

I wonder if our seller is an employee for the data management company paid by Topps to destroy them, if not internal . . . . . .
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very strange!
I have a number of signed Match Attax cards for sale including

13/14: Ashley Young, Wilshere Sport Relief and Wilshere 100 Club
World Cup 14: Joe Hart, Vlaar, Paulinho, Wilshere standard, Wilshere MOTM with sticker on signature & Wilshere MOTM without sticker signature
14/15: Olivier Giroud MOTM card

Pm if interested & discounts available for buying multiple cards
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Oct 11 2014, 06:52 PM
Topps said they have destroyed all of last seasons Bronze Walkers because they did not release them.

I wonder if our seller is an employee for the data management company paid by Topps to destroy them, if not internal . . . . . .
After my issues with orders and getting through to Topps, when I finally got through it was the Customer Service Manager who answered the phone. I asked a question about this card and was told it was produced but would never be released. So clearly this seller is either a relation of or actually working somewhere between the printing firm (in Italy?) and the company who destroyed them.
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I don't understand why better is to destroy than give it with Topps Print Me or a newspaper or send it free if you buy online more than 20 Pounds.
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