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Milton Keynes Topps Festival
Topic Started: Oct 28 2015, 08:58 AM (568 Views)
Hat Trick Hero
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Oct 29 2015, 11:13 AM
I got back late yesterday and by the time I'd eaten dinner it was too tired to do anything else!

So me and my brother arrived, shortly after 11:30. Harry went off with his friends that came up with us and I went off to immediately play the Master. There were three Masters to begin with, Louis, Brindan and Ben and I went to play Ben first and lost narrowly to him 6-5. I then changed my team and went in again a little while later after seeing a few forum members. I this time played Louis and I lost 6-5 again.
However this is where things changed, I was talking through tactics with one of the forum members and we then realised when adding up Louis the 2nd Masters team that I played, it came to well over 115M which is at least 15M more than your allowed and 10M than if he used the agent card which he didn't. After debating what to do I consulted with Rod from topps and another topps employee who went to add up his team. By this time he had cottoned on to the fact that we were suspicious so he changed his team so it added up to 100M. Another young lad then said to Rod that he changed his team and took out Hazard101 so it added up to the correct value. The staff had a word with Louis, who then decided to change his team again after a lunch break.
I went back after lunch to play him first and I beat him, despite yet more cheating tactics as he had two away kit cards which you weren't allowed to have! I beat him 7-5 and got my Master card.
Harry in the mean time lost to Ben and beat Brindan only to realise the team he beat Brindan with didn't add up, so he was annoyed with himself at this point. So after a rethink over lunch he went back into play and this time faced Lewis. He beat Lewis 6-5 only for Lewis to cheat yet again and claim he had one with one of his two away kit cards, claiming he'd won 7-5. Harry by this point felt well and truly disappointed as Lewis had cheated him out of a deserved win, and didn't want to play again.

I decided I would go and play once more and try and win Harry a master card, and I played Ben again. I went 4-0 down but it was 5-5 before the last cards were to be played and I won on the last card with my away kit card to win 7-5! So Harry had a master card after all.
However Harry didn't realise I had won him another one as he was talking to Rod about what Lewis had done in their last game, and Rod was fantastic as he saw how upset Harry was and gave him the master card he deserved so we came away in the end with 3!!!!

It was a fantastic day and there was lots else to do, the shop was well stocked and the there were various different topps card games on display as well as Dan Magness the football freestyler doing some amazing tricks! There was also a visit from Peruvian International and MK Dons player Cristian Benavente, formerly of Real Madrid B! We managed to do some swapping for the last few cards that Harry needed so he is just 5 MOTM and a Cult Hero short of a complete set now!

We left the event just after 4:00 and we got home at 7:30, and I thoroughly enjoyed the day out and surprised myself that I beat two of the masters, after turning up not feeling very confident bearing in mind it was a year since I had last played the game and that the masters were very good players! I would like to thank Rod and the rest of the topps employees for putting on a great day, and for all of their help!
By any chance does he need MOTM Cazorla?
It's the only one I have for trade!
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