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Match Attax Limited Editions
Topic Started: Feb 16 2016, 09:32 PM (1,326 Views)
Player of the Month
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i think that G S B limited edition is just an easy marketing ploy for Topps.

in the very first match attax they issued 12 different limited edition cards and in a couple of other editions they also provided with many different players. they also made limited edition cards of the normal players and not just the (so called) superstars of the Premier League and world football

myself and a fellow collector have complained to rod pearson at topps about going back to individual limited cards.

I think there should be 20 different limited edition for match attax so it give collectors of the newly promoted teams something to collect. then in the extra edition than could do so many limited cards for the best players of the first half of the season.

it would give collectors something different instead of using the top teams all the time for limited editions
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Player of the Month
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Feb 17 2016, 06:34 PM
20 Limited cards is not a lot compared to that last Panini (Fifa 365) collection. I had to collect over 100 Limiteds to complete that set, and it was a LOT more expensive than completing any Topps collection so far.

I agree with most on here that one Limited card per club is a nice idea, and I'd much rather collect 20 Limiteds featuring 20 different players than 18 Limiteds featuring 6 different players (as was the case with their 2015/16 Premier League collection).

I am a bit concerned that Topps seem to be increasing the Limiteds each collection as there were 24 to collect in their recent Champions League set (featuring 8 different players).
that is why I stopped collecting panini as It was getting ridiculous trying to get so many limited cards

we already have 18 cards to collect so 2 extra isn't much. they just need to issue the cards in a better way.

through: magazines, easy competitions, surveys, collect 25 empty packs send them in to topps,

all topps are interested in, is the money they can make.

80-90% of collectors are kids who are after that special limited card but never get them

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Player of the Month
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Feb 19 2016, 02:05 PM
I am finding that the whole Limited Editions content and distribution from Topps and Panini is making me lose interest in card collecting.
im also losing interest in collecting, its not like the good old days where you just collected a set of stickers or cards. no limited edition cards at all.

where a normal card was worth 1 and a shiny worth 3 or 4 or if it was the last one you needed you would trade the lot.

i think they forget that people like to collect but just see an opportunity to make big money
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Player of the Month
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myself and a fellow collector pitched an idea to topps:

that if you were a serious collector and had 3 or more consecutive complete match attax and match attax extra collection you could be invited to join an exclusive club.

you would have to be vetted to check out your collection then once accepted you would pay a joining fee and then be entitled to exclusive cards.

the likes of proper limited edition cards where only limited to the number of collectors in the club.

also to be given the chance of signed cards depending on the number of collections you own.

we thought there could be a 3 tier system where:

if you owned

3 collections
6 collections
6+ collections

the rarer the cards you were offered

it was just so they could offer something different to collectors

but I think the idea was heard but just dismissed
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