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Match Attax Limited Editions
Topic Started: Feb 16 2016, 09:32 PM (1,344 Views)
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I have made a fast calculation...
Limited gold cards has a ratio 1 in all 400 packets.

We know, that:
• Gold Ronaldo can be found in starter packs
• Gold Messi can be found in mini tins
• Gold Hazard can be found in tins
• Gold Yaya Toure can be found in balls
• Gold Lewandowski can be found in blisters
• Gold Konoplyanka can be found in multipacks
• Gold Ozil can be found in giftbox

Those are not cheap...
But where you can find Gold Schürrle???
Only in packets!
Since the Gold Limited ratio of these packets is 1:400, counting with 8 possible kinds of Gold Limited cards, you have to buy 8*400 = 2600 packets in average to find a Gold Schürlle card. In my country this would cost 2500 Euros!!!

This is crazy!

And I believe all responsible parent - who is capable of making basic mathematical equitations - should make an end to their kids card collecting. Because a kid doesn't understands that making a full collection costs 3-4 months average wage. And the kids are usually perfectionists - they are unhappy when one is missing.

Topps has made a big mistake. I believe who started to collect this series will not start the next one. Because it is impossible to make full collection for a reasonable expense.

My post is not about the passionate and rich adult collectors - I know there are many around, and Panini Prizm is just perfect for them with the many color variations and autosigned cards. My post is about the tens (maybe hundreds) of thousands of kids who are exchanging cards in schools every day. This series will make them more sadness than happiness.

Last thing: making this series multilingual prevents international exchanges as well. One more thing that prevents keeping expenses as low as possible.

Sorry to say but for me Topps became a synonym of dirty profit. :(
 Happy Collecting :)  
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Feb 21 2016, 12:23 PM
I understand that some people here are frustrated because it seems that completing the LE set of this CL collection will be much more costly than it was for Match Attax sets in the past. But we also need to be a little realistic here. The only perfectionist collectors are people who want to complete a collection at all costs. Children are not like that. Youtube is full with videos of children opening Match Attax packages and being excited from pulling what we think is a silly Eden Hazard base card. Children collect in a different way than you and me.

Surely there will be older children who would really like to complete their set with all LEs. But which parent would actually buy MA cards for 1000s of GBP/EUR before checking if there are other ways to buy the cards (and deciding if it's worth it). Let's not fool ourselves here. Parents face problems like this every single day. And children know much better than you think that they can't own every single thing they want.
In fact, I think that we can learn a valuable lesson from the many children that collect Match Attax cards (and for a representation, have a look on Youtube): collecting is fun, and we shouldn't let the limits of our collection influence our mood too much. After all, no one is forcing us to collect any particular set.
I am not arguing, but have you seen kids swapping this series? I did. This system of the LE cards in three different shiny colors makes kids frustrated. I have children, and I have seen him and his friends many times, when they have exchanged (The school has prohibited card exhanges - so sometimes we, and other parents makes card swapping afternoons after school). Yes, they are very happy with "silly" Hazard, Ibra, and Depay basic cards as well. But when they reach to the end of the album, all the joy they had by gaining new base cards is gone, because they see the spaces next to their few bronze cards, and they realize they will never have the Golden Messi or Golden Özil card, because that is "impossible". Some of them even becomes angry.

I wrote what I did, because this way of publishing the LE cards is not good for kids. This is for rich adult collectors. Many kids told me (7-10 years) that they will never again start collecting one more Match Attax series, and they will stay at Panini series, because there are more non-base cards in those packets. Now stop for a while, and think with the head of a publishing company: who is the bigger market? Adult collectors, or kids?

The point is (in short): When kids gains the 39th limited card of a Panini Series (with 70 or so limited cards) they are proud that they have one more kind of it. But when they look to their MA CL binder, they see what they miss, and this is caused by the 3 color variations LE cards only. It would be better for them if Topps would publish 24 different LE cards with only one variation each.

(And it is not me who is frustrated - it is Topps who will be, when they will see the "succes" of their next international series).
Edited by rosencrantz, Feb 21 2016, 02:11 PM.
 Happy Collecting :)  
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