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New limited edition solution!; My ideas for next year's collection
Topic Started: Mar 16 2016, 07:56 AM (450 Views)
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Match Attax Mac
Mar 16 2016, 07:56 AM
Now I know there is already a thread for this, but it seems to just be people moaning and far fetched ideas. However, I thought of a way that topps could still make their money and keep us happy at the same time:
Match attax Limited Editions 2015/16
Starter pack £3.99
Multipack x3 £5 you can see who you are getting
Mini tin x3 three different designs containing the same in each eg. Blue contains sterling, red contains Özil and yellow contains lloris. £5.99
Mega tin 9.99 contains 50 cards, LE, poker chip and three packs £8.99
Collector guide £3
MOTD mag released in October 2.99 and contains a promotional pack of champions league cards
MOTD mag released in Janurary 1.99
Printme £3.99 and 3 personalised base cards, one mirror and one rainbow Foil card.
Swap and play tour FREE with registration
Swap shop 3.60 exclusive LE not to be found anywhere else. Plus 40 base/icon, 10 mirror foil and 10 rainbow foil (hundred clubs and MotM, even though they no longer produce RFs)
Swap box £10 60 cards and LE
Game mat (the one that they already have at £5) £4.99
Double size game mat (two player) £10 2 LEs (you get the one in the regular game mat and an exlusive one as well as two five player packets.)
Lucky packets one in fifty
Advent calendar £19.99 x3 two exclusive LEs and also a randomly inserted one too.
That little lot will soon add up!

And then they will have to produce loads and loads of tins, mats etc and I'd say the average person only buys single packs as and when from the supermarket/ newsagent just to keep their kids happy on a shopping trip.....I reckon there would be loads of stock getting returned if this was in place

So, whilst the idea is good, in reality it is very unlikely anything like this will happen

And if all of the LE cards are easily available it will take away the excitement when you actually get one....if every kid in the playground has 12 or more then they will loose the kudos.....and, as most of the people on here are probably serious collectors, it would devalue the rarer cards which I am sure we all covet and give pride of place in our collections....how many of us would be interested in a collection that can be readily collected just by buying 6 or 8 promotional items and a few MOTD magazines??

Just my opinion though
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