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Best Match Attax Card Ever
Topic Started: Apr 12 2016, 09:53 PM (933 Views)
Match Attax Mac
Game Changer
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Apr 15 2016, 08:26 AM
Apr 14 2016, 09:59 PM
Apr 14 2016, 09:34 PM
That is indeed an impressive card!

Can I ask, did you buy it or did you win it? Were there others available (other players or was this a complete one-off)??

I've also got a couple of questions about those events. When you play in the tournaments, is it a one-off game you play against your opponent. Or do you play best of 3, 5? Also, the successful members who do well and get through to finals. Do you have a number of teams that you can play, and you chop and change your line-up throughout the events, or do you stick to the exact same line-up regardless of your opponent?

I'm just interested to hear a bit more about these events. How many opponents would you have to beat to win a tournament for instance? I'd have loved to have competed in such events as a kid, and am jealous of the youth of today are given the opportunity to do so!
One Game. One Squad. 7 Opponents Usually.
The cards were used by Topps to play games on the stage....there were about 15 Premier League and 15 Force Attax Extra and the played higher or lower with them on the stage....I believe they are pretty much one offs (or maybe 2 of a kind as the guy I got it from at the S&P Tour was a huge Leicester fan and didnt want to let us have it but was then told they could get him another one so he let us have this one! But having it signed would make it very unique I would have thought :)

At the tournament you play 3 or 4 opponents and then qualify for the next round where the first 16 people at each event qualify for a play off where you play against each other and then, on a knockout basis you progress and the person who wins all their games is the Regional winner

These are the official rules from the tournament https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyffdvlUKLk

It doesn't say anything about be able to change your team part way through just as long as the team you play is within the budget restraints

You play a one off game and the winner goes through...not the best of 3 or multiple games

I hope that clarifies everything

I have seen that a couple of people have also asked whether they would do a tournament for us 'older' collectors but the reply has always been that they are not going to.....which is a bit of a shame really!
Well do an unofficial one next year, nobody under 11 can play anyway.
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