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Dele Alli Bronze Limited
Topic Started: Apr 9 2017, 10:20 AM (1,219 Views)
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Apr 9 2017, 10:20 AM
I have just had to buy this on Ebay as there is almost no chance of getting it in packs. 39 but tbh that could be a bargain.

If we assume you get 1 limited per box and that could be any limited then the chance of getting Dele Alli Bronze is 1 in 12 boxes - 600!

Effectively this make it a case card! With the amount of collectors wanting to compete the extra set this could push the price up to silly money (tbh 40 for a standard non signed limited is already silly!)

There are none on ebay as I type, but if you need this card I suggest you get it ASAP!
I opened two full boxes for 2 YouTube videos and didn't get a Limited Edition in either of them!

I also bought a 'Mega Value Pack' from Sainsburys yesterday for the CL set....looks exactly like a multi-pack, has 60 cards (10 6-card packs) and sells itself as having '15 extra cards'....therefore they are clearly comparing this to a multi-pack...and it looks very much like one! It does however, in the bottom right hand side corner of the card/ sheet, state that it is NOT a multi-pack and does not contain a Limited Edition!! and it also didn't have any Exclusive Edition cards

That is another of a number of deceptively mis-leading descriptions on Topps packets/ boxes this year....to say on a booster box of regular season cards that the ratios of LEs are 5/8 bronze, 2/8 silver and 1/8 gold suggests that there will be one in every box but that is not the case!!

You would think that a company that sells the amount of product that it does would have some sort of regulation but clearly they are a law unto themselves in this regard
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