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Dementia treatment. Cheap offer inside

Posted by Retrovertigo (Members) at Mar 16 2016, 11:11 AM. 2 comments

I'm offering cheap dementia treatment to old members here who have clearly become forgetful old cunts and no longer check in. I know at least 3 of you still have some memory and motor functions as you are always on Facebook or the Xbox One/PS4 you ignorant fucks ;)

MGSV anyone

Posted by telecoda (Staff/Contributors) at Sep 22 2015, 12:09 PM. 6 comments

Its a long time since I've put any extended time into gaming but MGSV on PS4 is doing it for me.

Putting in a couple of hours a day at the moment.

I was lucky to achieve an hour a week before this.

Anyone else playing?

E3 2015

Posted by Indie (Staff/Contributors) at Jun 19 2015, 02:50 PM. 2 comments

What are your picks from this years show?

I put 2015 in the title to avoid confusion, due to the large volume of traffic on these boards ...

Posted Image

FALLOUT 4!!!!!!!

Posted by Juz (Staff/Contributors) at Jun 4 2015, 08:31 AM. 6 comments

I know there's only about 3 of us on here these days, but I just don't care!


Stuff leaked about a year ago has been confirmed in all the latest announcements, so it gives me hope that the release date (October 2015) that was leaked at the same time, in the same documents will also be for reals!!!

If you are a total mong who lives under a rock, here's the trailer...oh and don't slag off the graphics...they ain't all that, but it's never been about the graphics, baby!


New Games incoming

Posted by Juz (Staff/Contributors) at Nov 4 2014, 09:40 AM. 15 comments

GTA 5 and Far Cry 4 on PS4?

I NEVER played GTA 5 online, and only briefly did GTA IV - who's getting it, cos it sounds like a fucking BLAST, but apparently has a really toxic community?

Indie - you getting it bro?

Let's try and reinvigorate the forum

Posted by Juz (Staff/Contributors) at Oct 25 2014, 09:44 AM. 21 comments

Right bumlords.

With the imminent release of Share Play on the PS4, I think that this could be the perfect time to reinvigorate poor old Gamecell's FL forum.

I've honestly not found anywhere else I feel comfortable posting on - Eurogamer just seems to be a total cunts den of social justice warriors and needlessly argumentative fuck-holes, and I miss the old days of GC and FL.

I know we've all kind of "grown up" over the last few years and life is a priority, but I'm gonna make a concerted effort to post thoughts on here as and when they occur in my brainbox, and I'd love for everyone to start doing the same again.

Err....as for Share Play, I just think that we could have a dedicated thread for people needing help/wanting co-op on certain games.

This thread is kinda pointless if no fucker ever comes on here anymore, but if you're lurking and are still in contact with any of the old guard, pass it on will ya?

PS - I'm sure that my life will get in the way, and I'll look like a hypocritical cunt when I haven't posted for ages, but it wouldn't be the first time I've been a cunt of some description.

EDIT: I might ask Bon and see if he can email all the members and just give em a nudge that we're still here as, looking at the members list, some people ain't even logged in for fucking YEARS.

So...I tried Eurogamer's forums and...

Posted by Juz (Staff/Contributors) at Sep 8 2014, 11:07 AM. 4 comments

...I can honestly say that I prefer Gamecell.

That is all.

30 of PSN credit - What to buy?

Posted by Pedro (Staff/Contributors) at Aug 19 2014, 04:14 PM. 2 comments

As above, got 30 of PSN credit to spend on either PS4 or Vita (My PS3 died recently) and I'm not sure what to splash out on. Slightly tempted by the TR tarted up version but I have played the PS3 version previously which I really enjoyed.

Any suggestions? Cheers guys.

Would I like Diablo III on PS4 ?

Posted by Juz (Staff/Contributors) at Aug 19 2014, 12:29 PM. 0 comments

Whaddya reckon?

I know this sounds like a dumb thing to ask, but I'm not overly jammed on isometric shit, but is this game soooooo good that it would transcend that obstacle?

Cheers Lords of Bum!

What happened ?

Posted by dunkle (Members) at Jul 11 2014, 10:27 AM. One comment

For a few short days we where back to being a community and getting threads up and regular postings

Now it seems its back to Indian Wedding dresses and Kitchens on sale :(

How about we try make a conscious effort to visit / post at least once a day ?

Come on Dr Who is back next month so Zai will have that to discuss with us :) (we are better than the digital fix lot lol)

Come on, add teh forums to your home page tabs and have a chat

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