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Was it too cool?
5/5 The thang ding! 2 (66.7%)
4/5 Prude me in, Couch Z! I'm Reggie Toupee! 1 (33.3%)
3/5 Let's not make a big deal out of this! 0 (0%)
2/5 I think we all may be cursed for life! 0 (0%)
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too cool; rated F for Folds
Topic Started: Aug 15 2017, 10:09 PM (138 Views)
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Thought there should be a topic for this. Some things I'm going to say:
1. This may be the creepiest and great email ever. I like Senor Seron Cardgage. He's too cool. Like this email.
2. This email confirms Senor Cradgage has Homsar-like defiance of physics and the universe.
3. "A sbemail creepin' in the bushes" is an accurate description. Y'know, cause Cardgage is creepy and lives in a bush...
4. When I saw sbemail206, I knew the Lappier was going to be a real thing, but I thought the CGI Paper was an April Fools' joke. Interesting fact.
5. Now they gotta makes a Lappier menu and Scroll Button Song.
So, what'd you think? {{sc}}

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Great Thyme
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Oh yeah. Oh man. Oh dang. Despite the quite pervasive creepiness of it all— or perhaps because of it— this was a quite excellent sbemail. We finally have a Lappier email! Like, a legitimate one, rather than the arguably-illegitimate sbemail206. Anyway, yes. Cardgage is my absolute favorite non-main-character, so having this email be about him was awesome. Although nobody needed to see his Family Might/Could.

As I sort of said on my userpage, one of the things I loved about it was how much it was just a normal sbemail, rather than a huge TBC-making-fun-of-themselves-because-of-the-hiatus fest like some of the past toons have been. Hopefully, very hopefully, this will lead to more sbemails/toons in the future.

Anyway... this email was great and hilarious and I loved it. And yes, I totally agree that the sbemail menu is overdue for an update. It's been the Compé for... pretty much the entire time I've been regularly watching H*R.
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