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POSTED: 02/22/17

Central MS Crime Stoppers / Cold Case Missing Person

It has now been 48 years since John Lloyd "Buddy" Heflin disappeared. John Heflin was last seen on New Year's Day 1969. His wife, Alexis Heflin was informed by family members that he was missing. The couple had been married for six years before she moved with their two sons from their home in Oktibbeha County, MS to Chicago, IL. Buddy Heflin moved to Jackson, MS to work at a Kroger grocery store with friend. It has long been believed his disappearance is connected to something illegal involving him and a couple in Longview which is a small community just outside of Starkville, MS. One day, he asked a friend who worked in a coffee shop in the Columbus, MS area, if she would ride with him to Longview to settle a disagreement. Once they got there, the friend could hear Heflin and a man in a back bedroom at a residence talking. The other man seemed angry, and Heflin seemed to be pleading with him. When Buddy Heflin left the house he told the friend he didn't want to involve her because it would endanger her life. Buddy Heflin told the friend that he'd agreed to do a "one-time deal" that paid a lot of money. Heflin told her, “It didn't go down like it was supposed to, and he saw something he wasn't supposed to”. The friend tried to convince Heflin to go to authorities about the situation, but he told the friend that he had been threatened, that if he talked to the police, they would “kill his family”. It is believed that Buddy Heflin might have been the getaway driver of a car involved in a crime. For years Alexis Heflin and her family have tried to find answers related to her husband’s disappearance and possible murder. Alexis Heflin has said that, “more than anything she wants to be able to tell her sons, who look so much like their father, what became of him”. "I'd like to have closure for the boys, and I'd like to have a little funeral with a tombstone”," They'd have a place to go and something to remember him by." John Lloyd “Buddy” Heflin was born January 31, 1944 and was 24 years old at the time of his disappearance. He was a white male, between 5’5” and 6’0”ft tall. Heflin weighed between 160-185 lbs with Brown hair and Hazel eyes. His friends and family all called him by the name “Buddy”. He was last seen in Starkville, Oktibbeha Co. Mississippi. His sister reported that he came by her residence on 1/1/1969, when their mother brought him by there to catch a ride with one of his friends. This was the last known sighting of John Lloyd “Buddy” Heflin. Information and rumors that have circulated over the years, suggests that Heflin was killed near Jackson or Vicksburg, MS and thrown into the Mississippi River. Anyone with information that could help solve this case would be eligible for a reward of up to $2500.00. If you have information that can help, please call Crime Stoppers at 601-355-TIPS (8477) or submit a tip online through the Web Tip link on the home page of the Central MS Crime Stoppers website. Or use your mobile device or computer to submit a tip by going to www.P3tips.com.
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