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Hi Ellen,

Melissa Feranda here. I am one of Sheri's graduated students and we met at the Duck Search in OS a little while back. I have a picture of you with Sheri, John and Brandon at the park. I will see about getting it scanned in so you can have it also.

Congrats on your big acomplishment . You go Girl!

I am working on my Bachelor degree now and dont have much time for surfing the net right now but please know I am always at your disposal for assistance. You just let me know if I can do anything to help you.

Your truly an angel to the families of the missing. I also recently saw you on TV being inteviewed for the case you solved and was proud that I knew you.

You can contact me through email feranda4@cableone.net or (228) 207-4834
Add me to your list of resources please.
Take Care!
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