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The Black Market
This is a place where you can find many things- from slaves to dark magic, to stolen eggs from slain dragons. This is the only place in Nondir that is 'somewhat' more favorable to traffic from other lands- if only to gain more gold to use in the war. It is not however, entirely safe from thieves and murderers. Twisted Spliceing shops are found here- illegal in other places. Dark mutations and vicious additions to ones body can be bought there. They say some shops even sell beasts long thought extinct, if you can find them.
Bargaining Chips. Nov 30 2013, 06:30 PM, By Silverfeather
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Hatchery of Hellions
This hatching cavern is mostly open to the elements- it didn't used to me, but it looks like a very large fist went through the roof. Cold, and barely heated, many eggs die here. Nesting materials are hard to find, and nothing is rather glorious. The sands are untended- the shells of past eggs remain, as do rotten eggs. The scent here is deathly and disgusting, for even hatchlings who die on the sand, before reaching their riders, are left. Many are eaten by the other hatchlings, and those that aren't rot. There are sharp stones, broken glass, metal shrapnel and parts of the once glass cieling litter the grounds. It is a dismal place of terror and misfortune. Candidates- and unwilling people- are thrown into the pit, which is where the eggs are, and made to fend for themselves. Those who don't impress usually become a first meal. Like a gladiators arena, there are seats around the upper ring, and a grand- massive- throne where the Death Titan resides to watch the event like a sport.
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The Broken Wings
Once a grand living place for riders, young and old, this place is hardly cozy anymore. Only the most prestigious of riders have access to comfortable living here, and they're usually those favored by the Emperor and the Titan Illirian. Wyrmlings pretty much have to duke it out to establish a territory, otherwise other wyrmlings or even older riders will oust them from their homes and take it from themselves. With many a wing open to the elements, finding one that doesnt have a hole in the wall somewhere is nearly unheard of. Often, groups of wyrmlings will stake out a larger wing together to have a better chance of survival- not that they like eachother, but because its easier to defend your home together than alone. That is, until your dragon gets bigger than theirs...
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Desecrated Residential District
This is a dismal place, unkempt and dangerous- the homes here are dreary and desolate, and many of the homes do't even have power, running water, or many working facilities. It is said that the homeless in other cities live like kings compared to the people who actually manage to keep a home here. Sometimes dragonriders will protect homefronts and apartment complexes- for a price, either in coin or body. Sickness from exposure is rampant, injuries from broken buildings is common. Deaths by falling are high- when the complexes are high and walls and floors are thin, its usually best to be careful where you step.
Long Night of Solace Jan 16 2015, 11:00 PM, By Thalron
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Nobles Quarters
In stark contrast to the dismal commoners sect, this inner ring of the city is restricted to those chosen by Titan Illirian himself. Honored guests, such as his personal friends (Shockingly, he does have some), his honor guard, and his esteemed Assassins. This area is protected by lethal magic, and any fool willing to dare enter here will answer to the titan himself. This area actually has color, from the red and gold flags to the grassy park and pond. This place is lavish and rich, and despite being a Death element, the titan prefers to keep it looking nice. He can be found here much of the time in his humanoid form, and occasionally in full dragon form- shifted to a 'regular' Death element's size for convenience. This is also where one will find his personal wing, which is fit for kings and emperors, full of all the comforts he might desire. He might be evil, but he knows how to live! (Is he even alive?)
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The Torture Chambers
-includes the dungeon, slave pens and inhumane experimental testing units-

This is a place where many screams for an end to suffering echoes. The ringleaders down here tend to use tortures from all time periods, from ancient to modern, to futuristic. Some prisoners arent worth the time to torture and are sold to the human engineering sect- where illegal human - and elf, hybrid, dragon and other sentient creature testing is held. The slaves are kept down here- just to show them what will happen if they try to escape and are caught.

-includes a password protected [mature version] of the same theme, for those more 18+ type posts.-

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The Torture Chambers [mature version]
This is a mature version of the Torture Chamber. If you'd like access to this material, please ask an admin. You must be 18+ to post here.
Password Restricted Forum
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