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General Noveltellus Info TheKats Inventory Dec 25 2017, 01:00 PM, By TheKat
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Dragons & Other Bonding Creatures
Info on all the dragon breeds, as well as other creatures that bond to humans or elves, but are not pets. (Sentient, higher minds) Phoenixes & Miniature Phoenixes are not yet officially released (no info for them is up yet, even though their threads exist. this means checking those threads leads to BLANK POSTS)

Candidate/Wyrmling Info & Hatching Ground Map

|Bonding Info | Accepting List |

= = =

| Dragon Breeds | Miniature Dragons | Phoenixes | Gryphons |
Bonding Info | Drachenhunds | Dwarf Phoenix | Tragendire |
= = =

Dragon Element Quicklist Mar 14 2017, 01:25 AM, By Senaru
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Sentient Races
The Races of Noveltellus. These are the sentient NON bonding type beings of the world. Over time, more may appear.

Quick Links:
| Novellian Humans | Elves | Dragon & Other Hybrids | Human-Elven Hybrids |
| Unicorns | Centaurs | __ | __ |
Centaurs Jan 18 2015, 09:46 PM, By Senaru
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Out of Character Corner
Free for all, you can talk about anything here!
See also:
--Suggestion Box
Absentees, hiatuses and vacationers Nov 11 2017, 01:41 AM, By Jackins
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Affiliation and Advertisement
We allow advertisement of other forums here, please read the rules inside!

Guest Posting enabled
the wild side, An original Warrior Roleplay Mar 18 2018, 03:21 PM, By Guest
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The Marketplace
A place to find just about anything one could hope to look for, this marketplace is open for just about anything you'd like to sell- be it artwork, pendants, plushies or other irl things you can make!
what you can do:
-Post advertisements FOR SERVICES PERTAINING TO: Artworks, including icons, sigs, plushies, ect. | Having an internet garage sale? You may post that here too.| Got some fun items to sell, like leftover taxidermy stuff? That's fine too! Just make sure it's legal across state lines etc.

Sell services of questionable manner, IE things better left unsaid. You know what those are.

--Rules for real USD services
RP Shop
(RP shop) where you can buy exclusive things- rare dragons, rare pets, ect. with site money earned via posting!
Silver's "Pay What You Can" Sketch Shop Apr 9 2017, 01:49 PM, By Silver
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The Land of Prosperity: Ullocara

This is a massive, prosperous city built predominantly of marble and defended by arcane spells. The city is visible from the air, but much of it is carved into the mountain that embraces it. Much of the city life happens within the mage-carved mountain. It is well known for its beautiful central square fountain-statues made up of entwined Dragons of all kinds. Most of its revenue comes from metalwork, magics and weapons. Its greatest feature is its massive University. Students of all kinds attend. Subjects of both science and magic are taught here, as well as elements of nature. During breeding season, a massive dragon-made cavern is lit with magelight and the sands heated by magic. Here, dragons go to lay their eggs.

Their Empire is ruled by the Empress Alistiana, and her dragon, Life-Titan Yggdrasill

|Within City Walls | Lomirian Univerity | The Rookery of Life | Wings and Wyrmling Barracks|
Broken Streets Dec 16 2013, 07:30 PM, By Silverfeather
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Outer Lomirian Lands
From just outside the city walls to as far as the eye can see, vast valleys, canyons, mountainous reaches, great lakes, and plenty of sunning stones for dragons of all sizes, forests of massive trees cover the hills beyond the city, and even further to the south, the deep swampy murks and marshes. A massive river runs through the mountain, and through the city (channeled creativly throughout the city itself, where it spills into natural river bed again outside the walls) and onto the ocean beyond, leading into Aesullian lands. Many a delta is formed between here and there, too!
Great mysteries lie in wait to be discovered within these lands rich in ancient lore. But, more history lays forgotten than remembered in these lands which once echoed with the voices of Great Titans lost to the pages of time itself...

= = =

| Sunning Stones & Great Lakes  | Anorox Canyon | Elauzc Mountains & Foot HillsLamonsahael Forest & The Great River | Ranasulp Murks & The Deep Swamps | The Training Grounds |

= = =
Free Time Meetings Feb 20 2017, 12:31 PM, By Silverfeather
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The Crystal Forests & Plains of Myrinthia

A grand city of crystal, majestic in design, many tiers of the city are held up by floating crystals.

This city is still under construction, and will grow in time.

Rulers are Empress Synivox and Crystal Titan Araselnasaa
No Posts in Forum
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Myrinthia Plainsland
(Outer lands of Etharius City)
Shadowsteppe Mar 25 2015, 04:13 PM, By Reaver
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The Northern Wilds Trawynne

This is a large, sprawling city deep in the hidden forests of the east is built predominantly of still living trees, and defended by elven archers and mages. It is well known for its eclectic architectural style. Most of its revenue comes from exotic goods. Their Dragons and riders are honored above all their citizens. Their leader is an ageless Empress Adilnar, and her Titan Dragon, Nature Losalka. Their dragonrider army is known as the Whispering Winds.
Only a simple Favor. Feb 20 2013, 01:03 PM, By Silverfeather
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The Southern Land: Ealya

The Grand City of Aesulla
This large, prosperous city beside the sea is best known as a bastion of neutrality. Settled deep into- and precariously perched upon and around a sea cliff, the city is a wonder to behold. Much of the city is on the land leading to the cliff face, but The majority of its inhabitants are involved in agriculture and fishing, and it is considered notable for its majestic tower castle. Here, within the walls of the city, no fighting is tolerated between the factions. The walkways are large enough for at least two large dragons, some places big enough for a titan. While neutral, this city will sell provisions to either warring faction- but it does not favor either side. Like all other Dragonrider Cities, this one has a grand hatching cavern, its entrance found in the heart of the city, leading deep into the rock. Great windows expose the inner cavern where the cavern meets the outside on th cliff-face, cascading the inner hatchery in much needed light. These giant, dragon-made windows are large enough for them to go in and out of, and is far easier access than tunnels.

The city and vast lands surrounding it are ruled by the Freeriders, founded by the Emperor, Rosadi and his Titan Dragon, Technology Terminus

Quick Links: Marketplace & Residential Living Quarters | Hatchery of Light | Shaneid Towers | Grand University | Dragon & Rider Living Quarters | Other Places Around The City
History, Elements & You, some gathering to… Oct 21 2017, 04:12 PM, By Silver
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Aesullian Lands
Just a stones throw from Aesulla, the ocean awaits! Out there be islands, keys, tide pools, and the beach! As well as of course, the open ocean. These southern waters are tropical and warm- coral reefs litter the seabed and fish of many colors dwell. This is a perfect place to hang out and rest after a long days work in the City- especially for Dragonriders! | To the East of Aesulla, lay the vast painslands and great grasslands. Some say a city once was founded here, but where it went no one knows! You could find ruins, hills and rocky outcroppings here. It's a great place to practice elements, too. A positively MASSIVE dragon-friendly obstacle course can be found out here, too!

Quick Links
| Coastal Waters & Isles | Sea Caverns | Vast Grasslands & Obstacle Course |
Sudden Storms Feb 9 2017, 05:40 PM, By Thalron
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The Lost Lands of Skaraeda

This fairly large, very populous city in the mountains above a vast desert is best known as a hellhole. The Dragons who live here have had to make do in the best way that they can, having to scarce putrid lakes out but talon and power, their plantlike elements struggle to make anything stay green. There are water-masses here, but the land is a dead zone overall. Once a lush eden of sorts, the Dark Flight has completely ruined everything. The majority of its good-hearted citizens were enslaved, the current inhabitants are involved in dark arts, warfare, and theivery. it is considered notable for its invariably wild weather, probably caused by the mass of uncaring elemental dragons and their riders. Its own hatching cavern is fairly large, but not a kind or welcoming place. Young dragon are lucky to even survive to hatching- and if they do, there are sharp, rocky protrusions everywhere. Those that survive are often of sour temper from their cruel upbringings. The sands are barely warm enough to sustain them- any dead eggs are left to rot and add to the nasty surroundings- as are dead hatchlings.

They are ruled by an usurper, Emperor Vicarous and his dragon, Death-Titan Illirian


| The Black Market | Hatchery of Hellions | The Broken Wings | Desecrated Residential District | Nobles Quarters | The Torture Chambers | [mature version] | Candidate & Wyrmling Barracks | Morana Hatchery |

Long Night of Solace Jan 16 2015, 11:00 PM, By Thalron
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Preserian Deathlands
Nondirian Lands + Areas where the Death Titan's reach has touched. This is not a Nondirian-only area, but it is a dangerous place

The Lands of Preseras, found in the country of Skaraeda, is a wide area near Nondir. Everything in these lands is either desolated or corrupted from its prior eden. In a hundred and fifty six years, the paradise under the Forest Titan's talons was glorious, a wonderful haven. Now, with the Death titan's rule in Nondir, in the last hundred years the wonder of the land has withered and died, corrupted and twisted.
Rebirth (Special Plot) Dec 9 2014, 10:42 PM, By Isra
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Mists of Time

The Mists of Time
Here you will find threads that take place in the past, either user run or staff plot. Contained within are past zones found below:

|Worldwide Past | Lomira Past | Iaramira Past | Aesula Past| Nondir Past |
Blue and Black Jan 8 2015, 12:01 AM, By Thalron
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