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Dragon Breeds; All dragon species and their elements
Topic Started: Dec 26 2012, 05:19 AM (14,330 Views)
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Dragon Elements Here

  • Looking for a specific element? Click below to go directly to that element's info!

| 1 Fire | 2 Water | 3 Air | 4 Earth | 5 Floral & Forest | 6 Lightning | 7 Sound | 8 Poison | 9 Acid | 10 Chaos |

| 11 Dream | 12 Spirit | 13 Mental | 14 Shadow | 15 Mourning | 16 Arcane | 17 Null | 18 Luck | 19 Steam | 20 Sand |

| 21 Weather | 22 Blood | 23 Ink | 24 Miasma | 25 Metal | 26 Glass | 27 Lava | 28 Illusion | 29 Ice | 30 Aurora |

| 31 Bone | 32 Crystal | 33 Fate | 34 Radiation | 35 Viral | 36 Light | 37 Dark | 38 Time | 39 Space | 40 Life |

| 41 Death | 42 Nature | 43 Technology | 44 Solar | 45 Lunar | 46 Celestial | 47 Seraphic | 48 Inferno | 49 Culinary | 50 Mirror

| 51 ******* | 52 ******* | 53 ****** | 54 ***/****** | 55 ***** | 56 ******** | 57 ***** | 58 ******* | 59 ***** | 60 ************ |
| 61 ******* |

An Introduction

The Dragons of Noveltellus are one of the most elementally intricate species. These elements can be broken down into rarities, from the common Fire to the nearly unheard of Celestial. Some elements are even made up of two or more other elements, such as Fire and Earth making metal or Lava. While originally considered rare, a lot of the hybrid (Often called combination) elements have become more upper uncommon. The rarities elements will be listed as are as follows:
  • Common-------------Common-Cb
    Uncommon---------- Uncommon-Cb
    Extremely Rare------Extremely Rare-Cb (Or EX-Rare Combo)
    Legendary Rare------Legendary Rare-Cb

    *CB refers to combination elements.*

While each breed has a typical body size and proportions, and a generic appearance as a guideline, dragons may take their appearance from aspects of nature, or from symbols of their elements. For example, an Air Dragon could be white and gray or blue, or clouds and windy hues, but they could also take attributes from one or more birds if desired- In color or feather ornamentation and wings too! We support Artistic Freedom here. Occasionally, we might ask you to reel in a design a bit if it seems a little too far out of the dragons element range, but we usually don't have to.

Dragons come in all sizes, from great to small, dwarfed to titans. Each breed has a typical size minimum and maximum for height, measured at the shoulder. It can be difficult to give accurate lengths, as dragon body types tend to vary wildly. Some are average, some are lanky, some are long, and some are noodly! The length of a dragon can be figured out by measuring it on our dragon size chart template (PSD here: {X} ) (if you have access to an art program, either a free one or something like sai or PS) you can either draw or make a stick figure of roughly the height and basic body length, then size it up or down on the chart to match its element.

Here's some helpful links to the three known types of REAL earth wings:

|Chiropteran Flight |Avian Flight |Pterosaurian Flight|

On Noveltellus, we also have wings that are half feathered, half sailed (in bat wing, or pterosaurian wing, or a mix of all three, or unique wings!

Additionally, here's an image of a selection of bird wing types:
Posted Image
= = = =


Just like most living things, Dragons are prone to mutation, outside of their own natural forms being inherently different in shape from each other. Very rarely, Albinism, Melanism, Leucism, Piebald, Paradox, Paradox Pied, Chimerism, Erythrism, Heterochromia iridum, Xanthochromism, and even fused twins are known to happen, resulting in a mirade of particularly rare (read: not typically for users to make, but contest prize or earned mutation traits from point shops. You may ask about color mutations, feel free to ask if you can make one of those- but we wont be accepting chimeras just yet ;3) If you know of other color mutations, feel free to link an admin to info on it and we might allow it and list it here :3


Shape shifting is an innate ability all dragons share. At a certain point early in training, all dragons, even Technology Dragons somehow, learn the basic humanoid form. If a dragon wishes to further its training, they can also learn to shift into a full human or elf, or both, as well as learn to change into animals- which takes quite a bit longer.

Humanoid A humanoid Dragon looks quite a bit like a mix of dragon and elf, with a predominance on the dragon side of things. Humanoid dragons will always have their horns, wings, tails, scales*(or feathers, fur, or skin), talons, and digitgrade legs. Any spines they might have are usually also present. They may choose to wear or not to wear clothing, as nothing 'important' is showing. Females do have breasts, but they are non functional in the same sense as a human/elf typically. Males also sport a similar set of nether-reigons as male elves and humans, however one major difference is that in a humanoid dragon nothing is visible unless the dragon is aroused. {I am not going into further details yall can use your wild imaginations if you really feel the need to past there}. Humanoid dragons have hair, and often elbow and ankle tufts (Or plate-scale spines) If they have them in their draconic forms. Head and neck is almost human, though bears a slanted facial feature and looks far from actually being human. Their eyes are draconic as well as their teeth. Dragons with multiple sets of limbs will still have them, and however many wings they normally have. Multiple eyed dragons, as far as the face goes, may have their two main eyes. Any more than two is considered odd and rare, the multiples after the first pair usually ending up as small sensory ducts as a reaction to there being less overall space in a humanoid face than a draconic one.

Humanoid forms are usually a bit taller than elves (7-10ft) tall, and are scarcely taller . Anything above 8ft (Top of head not counting horns) is considered rare. Some humanoid dragons are as short as 4ft tall, depending on their breed.

Example 1 here, Lunar Empress Atlyrasae || Example 2 || Example 3 || Example 4 , Example5

Human / Elf In a strictly human or elf form, the only tells that a dragon is in a human/elf (or a hybrid of the two) form is often their eyes, hair color, and fangs, as well as a light touch of scales on occasion - but not always. They stand at normal human or elf height, are built like them, and for the most part look like them. Skin color is often interpreted by the dragons preference, though sometimes it simply is a matter of translating their draconic colors to a regular skin tone.

Animals and mythical animals
A dragon in animal form can often be nearly indistinguishable, though they often retain their dragons eyes. The most common tell for a shifted dragon in this category is color, as they cannot always mimic an actual animals colors exactly, and end up looking between 'just off color' to full on color mutations.

* * * * *
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