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A newbie Guide to Noveltellus; The Crash Course!
Topic Started: Dec 26 2012, 08:34 AM (8,345 Views)
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This is a crash course of basic info here to help get you started. If you have a question, this forum is guest friendly, feel free to ask any question not covered in this thread. (make a new topic in the Q & A board)
First thing's first, on the topic of your character slots when joining, please include your slots in your sig, even if you have not yet used them! add a new slot whenever you earn a new one!

For new users, your slots should look like this: (For people with Time-element related plots, Admin or Mods, slots may be larger than yours at the start)

| [slot] | [slot] | [slot] | [slot] |

[center] |[color=gray] [slot] [/color]| [color=gray] [slot] [/color]|[color=gray] [slot] [/color]|[color=gray] [slot] [/color]| [/center]

When you make a character, use the slot and paste this in its place:

[b][url=LINKHERE]Character Name here[/url][/b]  
(for a dragonrider pair, put the rider's name first, then 'element-dragon'.
example: Senaru & Space Lagrange

You will get 1 new character slot every 150 posts. *You can also buy slots with in game currency, they can be obtained in contests, for birthdays (1 per birthday per year), and sometimes from the shop specials!

Don't forget to make your user inventory, as this is mandatory! it can be at the bottom of your slots if you want.
Member Inventory Template

Q.1: What's the plot?

A.1: The basic answer is that there is a war going on, the origins of which can be read about here. Currently this particular segment of the story is nearing its end, and a new story is beginning to take place, with the arrival of newly reborn dragons of legend, ancient dragons and riders called to a time that needed them most.

The story is ever evolving, with new information coming to light with each Plot thread (Mandatory story threads that determine the eventual story. There are always a few versions the story could take depending on player participation.)

Q.2: How are Candidates found? (For dragons, or any of the bondable creatures)

A.2: Candidates are willing people who enlist into the Dragonrider Program, a sect of the world army*. They choose to be among those who are present on the hatching ground complexes. Sometimes hatchlings (or otherwise) will choose a person right from the non candidate audience. Even so, not all riders and dragons are specifically part of the army itself. There are cases in which dragons choose from spectators of hatchings or even Hatching Complex assistants have bonded to dragons. Sometimes dragons and their riders decide to become general residents after they complete their mandatory training period, so long as they learn about their elements and whats going on in the world, they are deemed capable of making their own choices. Many are often still left in reserves, though, if ever the worst happens, even civilian dragons can an mostly will still defend their homes.

Q.3: How do Dragons Bond?

This question is answered here:
More info on Bonding

Q4: I want to make a character, how do I do this?

A4: The first thing you'll want to do is head over to the Accepting List and look at what types of characters are available. if, for example, something says: Ice Dragon [1/1 or 1 open] that means you can make an ice dragon and rider pair. if it says Ice Dragon [none] that means that none can be made at all. (Unless you earn points and buy one in the rp shop!)

One category found above the Dragon listing is 'Unbonded Dragons' - these are dragons who either have no rider due to a death, never had one, or their bond never showed up to their hatching and they have yet to ever find them (but the person is somewhere)- These unbonded dragons are fairly common as well.

Don't ask to make a Titan or Sub-Titan, they are earned through site contests, and rarely as a point (site currency) prize/purchase, and extremely rarely hatched in hatchings. Human and elf residents are always free to make, as are candidates, as are opt-in 'candidate slots' for unbonded hatchlings. All other types of character are listed as either a number of how many are available, or not, none, always, or listed in groups of male 0 and female 1 (or whatever the number of each can be made is, that's just an example)

Thirdly, go to the Character Compendium, click on Character Templates and don't forget to read the Character Rules
Copy a template for the correct type of character you are making, paste it into word or open office and fill in the sections. Please cut the admin notes when filling in the data!

Q5: What are Titans? How do I get one?

A5: A Titan (Or Leviathin, depending on if it is sea dwelling or land/air) is a dragon of any element possible and sometimes dual elemental. What makes them different is that when their egg is laid, the egg is unusually massive for the breed, and upon hatching, grows even more massive, and quickly. Their elements are the highest level within their breed, and upon reaching full maturity at the same age as their hatchery siblings, will tower over everything. They are typically a minimum of 300ft tall at the shoulder, their length unfathomable. They are incredibly rare, and their life spans are rumored to be eternal, as none has ever died of old age-Yet. However, they can be killed just as anyone else- and it usually takes another titan to do it, but not always. A well planned attack by wings of dragons can bring a Titan down if enough dragons or creatures help.

Titans, being so huge, with such power in their elements, that their mere presence radiates their elements and aura to those around them, which is why they preside over their hatcheries even if they do not have any eggs or mates. For instance, the influence of the Death Titan upon his hatchery results in fairly strong dragons, often enhancing those of any element, and making them harder to kill in general. The influence of a twisted forced bond with the false Emperor can also sometimes result in hatchlings that are violent or even twisted or tainted looking. In either case, Illirian's presence can make their elements behave slightly different than they otherwise should, while those born under the presence of the Life Titan tend to show a great vastness in kindness and in the healing arts, wise or leaderlike. It is for this reason that all the Titans of the lands come together during formal hatching events, so that all the growing wyrmlings have access to the powers and gifts of all the Titans equally. Some Titans even travel from very far away to visit these events, even if they are not one of the ruling Titans of that continent.

Titan eggs will very, VERY VERY next to never appear in normal hatching ceremonies. Only the most active, and generally best posters will even be in the running for a Titan since owning one means owning a brand new city. Their players need to be capable of handling the responsibility of keeping them active.

Owning a Titan yields many rewards: Their rider is automatically the first in the line of royalty, an Empress or Emperor, they are given their own new lands to forge their own country, and their central city where the titan lives.

All hatchlings born that year and the one after traditionally belong to the ranks of the new Titan, but they may still choose for themselves where they wish to go. Young Titans are full of massive power, which usually seeps out into the people of their new realm, which can be a draw for dragons and people choosing to follow them. Typically a Titan egg is among the other eggs, and many dragons choose to ally themselves with their rookery sibling.

Q6: I see other creatures listed, what are they?

A6: Glad you asked! The other sentient creatures of the world are quite varied, and only some have been released in name, so far. Here, you will find creatures that bond to people, and here you will find the list of sentient peoples who are not bonding creatures, even if some of them aren't bipedal!

Q7: Can humanoid bonded dragons interbreed with humans and elves?

A7: Yes, please see the Dragon Hybrid info!

Q8: There's a mature board- what can go in there and how does it work?

A8: Well, if you are 18 or over, you can ask an Admin or a Mod for the password.
Anything you think might be 'not for general public eyes'- including excessive horror and gore, or intimate whatnot, can go in the mature board.

We, the Admins of this forum, are not held responsible for any instances of a person under 18 telling us they're 18. Our site is only for those 16+, and we hope people are mature enough not to lie to us, but even so, if there is lying, we're not responsible for it.

The site is semi R rated, as there is violence and sometimes heavy topics, we ask members to join only if they are 16 and up. Not only is this because of age, but we also hope to have folks whom are actually capable of writing in a Literate style.

Q9: What happens if a rider or a dragon dies? What happens to the survivor?

A9: When a rider dies, a dragon is usually so depressed and broken that it will will itself to die, or beg mercy from a Death element. If it is able to keep itself strong, a Dragon can, and often will, heal in time. They will always miss their partners, but it is possible for a dragon of a lost rider to re-bond, not perfectly mind you, to a new candidate, or even rider who has lost a dragon too. The latter are imperfect bonds and not proper ones, usually forged in friendship alone. The bonds are not truly deep. With new candidates, sometimes a dragon can find someone

Humans who lose a dragon, depending on how long they were bonded, can become a candidate again (and skip the lessons!). Some say its fate when a broken rider re-bonds, for the young dragon can heal the broken soul. People think the soul of the original dragon returns, but no one can prove or disprove this. They do not take the same or even similar names, and are usually not the same element, save in coincidence.

Q10: So I want to make X character from X Location, what do I need to know about the landmarks?

Here is a pasting from the character template:


1. Please make sure it is clearly marked under home region WHERE your character /currently/ lives. it must be one of the four main cities or a place within that countries lands. You may also include where the person is from if it is not where they currently live. You may inquire about a character being from somewhere not conventionally listed, but unless there's a good reason or a way to involve it in a plot, it may not fly.

2. Elves can live anywhere, they're not tied to Iaramira and Lomira.

3. Pay attention to your characters birthplace- or rather, where they were raised. You can read about the different countries here

You may not make characters from outside the Current Zone Map. . Characters families may not have been from anywhere outside this map without permission from an Admin.

Have any other questions? Please feel free to ask us in the Cbox or on Discord!
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