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The Elven Race; They're pretty much Tolkien
Topic Started: Dec 26 2012, 11:59 AM (3,056 Views)
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Noveltellus Elves live a particularly long time and are considered an adult around 100-110 years old. They may begin to enlist into candidacy for a Dragon at 50, though depending on individual maturity, they may be a little younger. When Elves of all types age, they do so as they will it, but this is a one way street, and many choose to remain 'young' for long into their 30-40s. It is however not unheard of for an Elf to be on the same mental track as a human if they live closely with them, resulting in mature Elves as young as 26.

They may continue trying to impress a dragon into their 500's, as their lives are so much longer, they pose no threat of prematurely dying of old age. Truthfully one could continue to try even after this, however if an Elf or anything that ages like them continues to fail at bonding if they started early, the general upset can lead to dark thoughts about bonding in general. It is said the reason a limit was made in the first place was because of the High Elf, Vicarous, for whom no dragon would dare approach. He tried thousands of times, and eventually vanished. It was thought at the time that he had gone mad from the continued rejection, and they felt no other elf should ever try more than a hundred times in a row to bond and fail. (Each official bonding takes place every about three years)

Generally, with elves, both genders grow their hair out long. They are an extremely powerful race, often proud and sometimes vain. They are usually highly magical in nature. A lot of Elves across all types see the Dragons as greater being and some even worship the dragons. Physically, they are quite strong, extremely fast, and have higher than average endurance across the scale. Noveltellian elves in general look like Tolkien Elves

Long before the Elves came to bond to Dragons, they had already formed an alliance with the Unicorns that had long sought sanctuary in the forests of magic. At some point in the past, the unicorn- and Kirin were all but wiped out. The last herd lives in Iaramira, within a secret forest surrounding the Land of Trees. The Elves as a race are magical, right down to their cores. Their infants and children have a vivid shine to them, as if radiating with magical potential.

For the ancient High Elves, some deep magic was fueled by the now almost lost ancient languages of the original Elves, who worked with the People of the Earth, the Dwarves, to create many magical items. Intricate amulets and other items, made by Dwarven hands, empowered by ancient Elven song. Such relics are hard to come by now, as the great magics held by the Ancient High Elves has been hidden away, somewhere safe from wars of the modern world, and have been scarce for tens of thousands of years.

For those who know howto speak in the ancient tongue, they will find it is impossible to lie while speaking it. They can speak only truth- though, because of this, folks who are less than trustworthy must be careful what they say and how they say it, leaving promises somewhat open ended, oaths have loopholes etc.

There are a few kinds of elves, several of which have nearly vanished from most living memory, outside of history books.

1. High Elves Lomira

These are elves who are from Lomira, hailed as the first and most magical of elves, their reign in the country of prosperity has been a long lived one. These elves bear quite a lot of raw innate magic, which flows through them. Many have elements, or otherwise a deep sense of magic in the world. Life and Light based elements are quite evident in their royal branches or upper ranks, but healing elements in general are quite common in the people, likely due to their Life Titan's power.

2. Iaramiran Elves are forest-dwelling elves descended from High Elves. While they are not that different, they are typically slightly shorter than their Lomiran cousins and often have willowy features. These sorts are also more likely to be born with natural wild nature mutations such as tails or wings or different skin types like scale or fur. They are closer with nature in general. These elves often seek to learn creature shifting and are in general have an easier time at it, probably due to the power of the Nature Titan.

3. Tinker Elves Aesulla

These elves are descendants of High Elves who moved to Aesulla ages ago. Tinkers typically are beyond hyper intellgent, often ten steps ahead of those around them, and make up a large group of the development of technologies departments with Tech dragons and humans/others who are able to keep up or else have bonded to Tech dragons. Tinker Elves who bond to Tech dragons are said to have some of the closest connections with the creatures and can truly learn to manipulate technologies rapidly once bonded. The Tinker Elves also master classes and new elements, shifted forms, and often have photographic memories of things.

4. Fae Elves Nondir (*Before takeover)

Prior to Nondir's fall, Fae and Elves lived in the tranquil giant forest city together, and from these, hybrid elven folk began to breed true amongst themselves. Born long, long ago from Iaramiran and Fae, the Fae Elves who still exist are more magically inclined than those of Iaramira and Lomira. Their raw magic seems to be similar to that of Unicorns, but is not always specifically elemental in origin. Even after the takeover, their power is still quite strong, but it seems as though the forests being gone has effected these people in negative ways.

Their raw magical force is not as potent, this being because the trees of the great forest had a Deep Magic within them, which is why the place turned rapidly to a sandy desert afterward. Pure Fae-Elves may be much rarer now ever since the takeover, but they still exist. They have an ethereal look to them, and are often lighter in color but even have hints of green to them from time to time. Like Iaramiran Elves, they may be born with natural mutations more often.

4. Shadow Elves Nondir (*After takeover)

A newer sort of elven, only about 160 or so years and far from ancient, these Elves have been born from remnant Fae-Elves and possibly from a group of Dark elves who were known to have been murdered, or captured. These hybrids look almost ethereal like their non Dark Elven parents, are also sort of willowy and tall, and seem to also have stronger shadow magics, capable of harnessing the darker elements that flow through Nondir now and using them as their source of magic. That isn't to say these elves are at all Evil, either though. They are still young and newly adults, and their numbers are in only about a hundred or so, hidden away from Vicarous' prying eyes. They are no more prone to evil as anyone else is, though that also doesn't mean all of them are good, either. They're like any other race out there.

5. Dark Elves/Drowe/Deep Elves

Not much is known about these elves, aside from the fact that they once were as high in number as other elves. While elves in general, across all types, can have skintone in any natural and sometimes unnatural colors (Depending on magic going on or other factors), Dark Elves are more likely to bear darker skin tones (But is not from where they get their names). These skin tones can be anywhere from true black to dark blue shades, though they do come in lighter tones as well. Their skin tends to have a shimmer to it, so when one appears in light blues or grays, it can even look silver. Their hair is also a curious matter, for it is often nearly white or silver, and comes in many shades of otherwise 'unnatural' tones, usually leaning toward blues, greens, and violets if they aren't nearly white. Their magic is quite strong, as well, but is also mysterious.

Despite their name, they are not bad or evil. They simply understand the darker elements of the deep world better, and often bear elements such as shadow, or heat based elements. Their people were known to live deep in the earth, but have not been seen in so long, that may have been a myth.

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Elven x Elven Hybrids:

Elves are not usually so picky about their own race as to be put off by interbreeding with elves of any other type. A large portion of Elves currently living have mixed heritage, but they don't mind. It is however still not unusual to have elves who are pure types, even outside of more strict high families of each group. Hybrid types usually have a mix of looks or natural skills made up of other types.
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