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Novellian Humans; Are pretty much like normal humans
Topic Started: Dec 29 2012, 12:22 AM (3,158 Views)
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Humans on Noveltellus in general have a longer life span than they would on earth. Without magic or a dragon, elf or both as company, a human could live well into their early 300's before dying of old age. A human on Noveltellus is considered an adult at 18 with full rights.

This is due to the raw elements and energy in the world itself, but also due to technological marvels of the new age. Heart failure? get a new heart! or, better, a bionic heart. Often, the more parts that are converted, the longer a human might live. On that subject, due to the wonders of technology, some people even went so far as to become cyborgs, partly for the war, and partly out of wishing to be 'different'. It really depends on where someone came from and what they wish to do.

The origins of humans on Noveltellus is a curious thing. Much like the other sentient races, each has a tale vastly different as to how they came to exist on the planet. For humans, ancient legends told of a starship bigger than imagining. This great ship was a colony ship, and within it, all sorts of humans from a planet in another dimension. It is unknown exactly why the ship was seeking a new home, as records of the home planet are lost to written history. It could have been that they simply wished to traverse the multiverses, or maybe their home planet was destroyed. It is quite unclear and so no assumptions are made.

What is known is that, if true, at some point on their journey they encountered a situation that put the entire ship in grave danger. Just when it was about to be too late, something took the ship and moved it somehow to another dimension. Quite suddenly, there was a bright new planet below. Sensors detected it as capable of sustaining life, and so the ship landed, somewhere on the planet.

It is for this reason that humans of any nationality may now be found on Noveltellus, even if they don't really understand the names of their own people (If, after a hundred thousand years, they even kept names of races). What is known is that skills of the lost home world were brought to Noveltellus, from technologies to cooking. Ironically, regional cooking styles still exist to present, which is why one will still find 'southern cooking' or places that specialize in authentic 'Asian' food. They may not have any idea what these names are anymore, but such names live on in their own ways.

Unlike the people of their homeworld, those who landed on Noveltellus ages ago sought out peace and were trying to make a new start in life, so when they encountered the Elven people, it was a peaceful encounter. One shared magic, another shared technology. It seemed the Elves, like the humans, had found themselves just as mysteriously on this new world, having stepped through a shimmering portal that showed them a beautiful untouched world. And like these, many other races came to the world.

It is hard to pin point when exactly, but at some point after the races had established themselves, there came a time when conflict did arise. It is thought some force tipped each of the sentient races against one another, and a war started. This war lasted for many years, but was stopped when the great Celestial dragon came down to stop the fighting.

to be continued
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