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Dragon Hybrids; When Dragons and humanoids have kids
Topic Started: Dec 29 2012, 12:47 AM (897 Views)
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Dragon hybrids are not super uncommon in the modern world. Dragons have humanoid forms, and it is not unheard of for them to have relationships with elves, humans, or in the past Centaurs and other unreleased peoples I'm not listing them all.

Dragon hybrids can stand as candidates to bond to dragons, as well.

Appearance wise, they quite literally look like humanoid dragon forms, except all the time. Their elemental power is half that of true dragons (If they bond, it is boosted significantly). If the mother is human/elf, or a dragon who stayed in humanoid form the entire time, a hybrid will be born like an infant of those types, usually without an egg. If born from a dragon mother, however, an egg will be made, and can grow decently sized. Like dragons, these individuals often gain quite a lot of knowledge and are even born looking at least like a teen. Much like regular dragons, hybrids born from a dragon have pretty knowledgeable minds and can talk. They do not bond to people, though, and usually are born with a crystal.

A Dragon-Elven Hybrid looks quite a bit like a mix of dragon and elf, with a predominance on the dragon side of things. They have horns, wings, tails, scales*(or feathers, fur, or skin), talons, and digitgrade legs. Any spines they might have are usually also present. They often do wear clothing but it is usually light and loose fitting (But not always), as nothing 'important' is showing. All important naughty things are pretty much hidden internally in the form of slits and scales fit tightly together over this in scaled individuals. Feathered or furred ones cover it just as well. This goes for males and females. Hybrid Females do have breasts, but they are typically non functional in scaled or feathered individuals in the same sense as a human/elf typically. As humanoid forms for typical dragons are based on humans/elves, they likely have breasts based on how form shifting works. (Mammal-like dragons and hybrids may actually have functional ones!)

Humanoids/Hybrid have hair, and often elbow and ankle tufts (Or plate-scale spines) If they have them in their draconic forms. Head and neck is almost human, though bears a slanted facial feature and looks far from actually being human. Their eyes are draconic as well as their teeth. Hybrids with multiple sets of limbs will still have them, and however many wings they normally have. Multiple eyed hybrids, as far as the face goes, may have their two main eyes. Any more than two is considered odd and rare, the multiples after the first pair usually ending up as small sensory ducts as a reaction to there being less overall space in a humanoid face than a draconic one.

Humanoid/hybrid forms are usually a bit taller than elves (7-10ft) tall, and are scarcely taller . Anything above 8ft (Top of head not counting horns) is considered rare.

Dragon and unicorn, centaur, and other hybrids are kinda split in description and complicated so I'll leave them for another day.
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