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Bonding Info; All about how to bond with critters!
Topic Started: Jan 8 2013, 05:03 AM (5,766 Views)
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Bonding to a Dragon

Sentient Races

**People of Lomira have over double the normal life expectancy, including humans, who can sometimes survive into their 800s, or longer, even unbonded!

The first stage to bonding with a dragon begins with deciding to join the ranks of any given city, and enlisting in their army, specifically, their dragon flight army. For humans, the youngest can be as young as 13-15, though applicants up to 35 are acceptable. For Elves, beginning at around 50 is common, though anything up to 500 is allowed. Elves are timeless, or at least they appear to be.

Dragons on Noveltellus Bond to the heart and mind and soul/aura of their chosen Candidate counterparts. Upon hatching, those dragons whom have their rider present and awaiting them will approach the candidates and look for their Bonded. Once found, the Dragon will touch the candidate, usually muzzle to chest or forehead. It is absolutely off limits for a candidate to try to touch a newborn dragon, because a false bond will be made.

When the dragon's touch is made, the crystallized symbol of their unison is etched into both of their bodies magically- Most often painlessly, though exceptions exist, such as in a certain dragon family that almost always makes crystal eyes, which is agony. Sometimes a crystal will very rarely misform and take over a body part, this can happen if a dragon somehow trips up when bonding- It's so rare that it's basically unheard of. A similar forced tactic is used by that same dragon family to cause the entire eye of their unfortunate bondeds to crystallize. The eye (And typically whatever has been taken over) tend to continue being mobile and function as they always have, but are now made up of crystal. The reason it is so rare is likely because the coverage of the crystal is not typically large, therefore when it happens, a placement such as an eye or hand is most likely the victim.

Most commonly, however, this crystal symbol is typically relevant in some way to the dragon. In any case it is an important moment for rider and Dragon. The Crystal will show up on both rider and dragon, usually somewhere on the central line, if it isn't centered, then two identical marks will show up* (Sometimes they end up uneven, IE again, for eye-crystals), symmetrical to each other. If a dragon dies, the crystal upon the rider will detach from the skin, but it will not break. Should a rider die, the dragons crystal will remain in place, and the riders crystal may remain or fall off. Often times, the living remnant of a bonded pair will keep their partner's crystal if they can find it, as a memento.

Dragons who do not bond, whether by choice or lack of candidate, still form a Crystal. If the dragon is still seeking its rider, and later finds it, they will bond then, the new rider gaining the crystal from their first touch. If the dragon is not seeking a rider, then the dragon will live as any self chosen solitary dragon does. Those born knowing they are not going to bond sometimes even already have a crystal!

Quick notes:

* When a dragon is born, it will (quickly or leisurely personality dependent), go to the candidates and look them over.

* If it sees the person who matches its aura and soul, it will go to them, and the dragon will touch the chosen rider.
If the dragon does not see someone to bond to, either because the rider is not present, or because the rider does not exist at all, the dragon will be unbonded.

* Upon bonding to its rider, or declaring itself independent, the dragon (and rider's) Crystals will appear simultaneously.

* If a dragon dies, and it has a rider, the crystal will detach itself from the rider but will not usually break. The skin where a crystal was, however, will usually leave a faint mark. This helps people determine if someone is good for candidacy- One lost dragon is usually okay, depending on how it happened, more than two is taken to investigation.

* If a rider intentionally kills or severely/gravely hurts its dragon (INTENTIONALLY) before maturity, a horrendous aura mark will blaze in agonizing red or black and burn through whatever the person is wearing at the time, and wont ho away until the ex-rider is found and dealt with. People with these marks are punished, and not permitted to be candidates again. (Except in the dark corners of Nondir.) It is said there are some who have figured out loopholes to gaining a dragon's power, while ditching the dragon in some way over and over. Few attempt this, as it requires bonding multiple times, and also managing to get a newborn dragon killed without directly causing harm to it. Still a heinous crime, anyway.

* A dragon or a rider may 'un-bond' from each other, like a divorce. All they go about it by going to their city or closest general location's titan, together, and plead their case. Riders and dragons can both be equally abusive to their partners, depending on the personality flaws, and so sometimes this measure must be performed. Sometimes, the two simply can not get along and do not do well together. In the case of abuse, when it is the dragon's fault, and deemed severe enough for the titan to take action, the rider's crystal will be painlessly removed, leaving no mark, and does not count against the 'three strikes' deal. If a rider is the abuser, the riders crystal is marked again with a painful scorching, and they shall not be permitted to become a candidate again, without going through a very long, mandatory candidate school, and even then, unlikely to be allowed on the sands again. (Except in Nondir, sometimes.). The dragon is free to go solo, or allowed to visit the candidates to see if a kindred spirit exists there for them. Odds of finding a kindred spirit are incredibly low.

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