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Hatching Ground Complex & Candidate Info; Because it was needed
Topic Started: Nov 27 2013, 03:38 PM (6,155 Views)
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Candidate (& Wyrmling ) Info For starters, any genders can room together, though it is advised that family members not room together- this is a 'learn to make friends/work together' and families are generally already good for that.

When we have enough candidates, there will be a special thread made to claim rooms and roomates. IN CHARACTER, these decisions are made by the Wyrmlingmaster(s). OOC, however, the decisions are made by members with candidates. If we end up with an odd number, one room will house three people. (*This also goes for wyrmlings when the hatching concludes, a similar thread will open and the same routine is done to decide where everyone goes, though sometimes folks keep their same rooming partners*) **Some vip candidates such as royalty have special rooming, but can opt to have a roomate- typically these are admin or NPCs, or contest prizes)


Name here, element-dragon namehere & Name here, element-dragon namehere

Becoming a Candidate

Officially, (In character) Candidates register to become a dragonrider (Or phoenix/other rider, in the future) at a local military facility specific to 'dragonriding'/bonded military forces. There, the soon to be candidates have to fill out appropriate paperwork (And many are given helpers to do so, if they come from the streets or have difficulty reading). Even with help not everyone makes the cut, as after paperwork are generalized and somewhat lengthy testing process, as well as signing off on the risks involved in the pre-hatching candidateorial lessons and training, as well as post-bonding lessons- Risks involving injury of minor to lethal instances.

Candidates are formally, upon having their applications accepted, part of a temporary neutral military unit, as candidates are shuttled around to the next city faction that is hosting the next hatching. Candidates typically attend the graduation ceremony of the previous hatching, as all the Titans are in attendance to take those choosing their faction/country back with them after the ceremony. For the Titan who is chosen to host the next hatching, Candidates arrive early to the graduation and have special seating next to said Titan, and are escorted to the city.

Even if candidates are planning to select one of the two neutral factions, they are still considered lower tier soldiers for the time being, and are paid starting from the point where they begin living in the hatching and wyrmling complex- Which is the candidate welcoming ceremony. They are given tasks such as training and maintenance of the grounds and other duties along side preliminary lesson and book work to prepare them for the hatching.

To help candidates on their way, they are issued their standard uniforms upon being accepted as a candidate (at the time their paperwork is approved), as well as a preliminary information packet. After the Candidates are settled on their transportation to x city, they are given additional supplies to prepare them for their arrival and own ceremonies. (Detailed below)

to rephrase:

  • * 1. Candidates must GO TO A MILITARY OFFICE to register for candidacy

    * 2. Once there, Candidates must then pass the tests, both physical and mental, as well as pass health exams.
    Any minor or fixable health issue would be funded by the military to have fixed if all other things passed.

    *3. Candidates whom have been accepted are issued uniforms, packets of information, and other above mentioned tokens.

    *4. Candidates are made aware when registering, and made double aware, that what they are doing is registering for the military,
    made aware of potential risks involved, and made aware that they will be paid for their services, as well as a place to stay if they do not have living quarters.

    *5. Following tradition, registered candidates will attend the graduation of the previous wyrmling class, given special seating next to the
    titan whom is hosting the next hatching season. At the conclusion of the graduation, the candidates are escorted to the city with the titan,
    usually taking a scenic route, such as a train ride, an oceanic cruise, or a flight by plane. (Titan being in humanoid form during this.

    *6. Upon reaching the city hosting the hatching, candidates participate in an opening ceremony,
    which becomes a feast after the overview of the events to come, often ending up in a night long party,
    sometimes even including gifting candidates with the country's national bonded non dragon creatures, but not always.

    *7. Candidates will then be issued their rooms and keys to their rooms. In their homes, they will find additional supplies,
    such as computers, lesson books, so on so forth detailed in the above paragraphs.

    *8. Candidates will be expected to be fit enough to wake early and train, both physically and in lessons,
    as well as learning how to care for newborn dragons of various elements before said dragons even arrive.

Dress Code & Rules of Conduct

  • 1. During lesson hours and other training exercises, Candidates/Rider(Wyrmlings) Are expected to wear their issued uniforms.

    2. Formal military events (ceremonies, the Touching and Hatching), Candidate/Rider(Wyrmlings) must wear their Dress Uniforms

    3. During physical training (Basic 'boot camp', battle and elemental training, anything that isnt desk work) long hair must be tied or pinned up.

    4. Hair color and styles are universally accepted, so long as they can be made to be pinned up if the style is long. No color is disallowed. Some Countries/Cities (Aesulla primarilly) have a heavy majority of odd hair styles and colors. So long as it is kept out of the way, it will not be a problem. Similarly, Tattoos, or other physical mutations or additions are also allowed.

    5. Candidate/wyrmling medallions/pendants showing their class rank must be visible at all times. (Having your ID is a must as well.)

    6. Uniforms must be kept clean at all times. The physical training uniform (Camo uniform) is permitted to be stained but must be laundered after each single use.

    7. Intentionally sabotaging a fellow candidate or Wyrmling is against the rules.

    8. Entering another candidate or Wyrmlings room without permission is considered breaking and entering and will be severely punished.

    9. Injuring, attacking, and fighting with intent to cause harm is not permitted. Depending on severity, punishment will ensue for the offending party. Laser tag and paint guns and 'nerf' gun battles don't count...unless they get out of hand.

    10. Underage drinking and recreational use of drugs is not permitted- The latter goes for all Candidate/Wyrmlings. Frequent tests for alcohol and drug use are conducted without warning. (Legal adults are 21 for humans and centaur. For elves, for whom age is relevant, 100 is typically when they are cognoscente of their own decisions. While still seen as 'young' as elves, having lived a hundred years has its perks.)


  • 1. Dress Code violations: Failure to show up in the correct uniform for non physical activities results in being sent to your room to change. There are no exceptions to this, save for physical injury in which a uniform is not suited. Failure to properly dress fast enough may result in anything from detention (Which includes extra chores) to being temporarily suspended without pay from the candidate program.

    2. Attitude to higher ranking persons, including but not limited to Wyrmlingmasters, Assistants of the latter, higher ranking officers, Wingleaders, ect. will result in punishment (Same as dresscode punishments)

    3. Actions against another Candidate or Wyrmling, such as those in 7, 8, and 9, can result in anything from detention to being sent home on dishonorable discharge. Said members, depending on severity, will also be put on temporary leave of being allowed to participate in future hatchings for x number of years. Some may even be permanently banned, or even arrested and jailed. Breaking and entering, for any reason from no reason/pranks, to robbery or murder will almost always lead to a candidate being sent home or arrested. If it is carried out by a rider already bonded, house arrest (being not permitted to leave the Academy Complex except for lessons with an escort) is often the punishment for the least severe instances- the more severe, the higher the punishment.

    As detailed in the complex information below, the Complex has excess cameras (Visible and otherwise) in place. There are also Illusion dragons on the grounds- And you would never know it. Very little goes by that is not known about.

character actions IC can lead to these punishments. Said punishments should be considered IC only and are not aimed at the owner of said characters OOC.

Candidate/Wyrmling Vouchers & Supplies Issued

Included in your info packets are keys to your new rooms, your things have already been moved to the new digs! But, along with keys, Candidates/Wyrmlings will notice items in their rooms and vouchers in the packets for some pretty awesome stuff, paid for by the nobles to support the next generation.

In it you will find vouchers to be exchanged for items /required/ for the Candidate/Wyrmling lessons and classes at the academy:

  • 1. 1 extra durable Humanoid Laptop- the latest model and technology- coated in dragons glass! even throwing these things is more likely to hurt yourself than break the computer,

    2. 1. super deluxe growing technology laptop for Dragons/Phoenixes*(have digits on their wings and can use computers as well as a dragon)
    - may be traded in for a humanoid one if the dragon/Phoenix has mastered a humanoid form. (If unbonded, only one of these vouchers is in your packet, since you don't deed both, unless humanoid form has been mastered.)

    3. Fully paid books for Candidate/Wyrmlings grades beginners to advanced classes, as well as audio files of said books, narrated by some famous person on Novel for topics ranging from Candidate lessons and bookwork to eventual elemental studies for bonded/unbonded dragons(and riders)

    4. Free access to the kitchens- food cards provided for both riders and dragons. We know how much some of your dragons will end up eating, so worry not. (Candidates are like college kids, they also tend to eat a lot, we're sure.)

    5. Humanoid and Dragonsized packs for carrying your supplies. (Dragon packs replaced over the course of learning to compensate growth)

    6. Various writing instruments and basic class supplies. We're not sure if anyone really needs the glitter glue, but it tends to amuse us anyway.

    7. E-lesson-roms for homework programs

    8. Tutor vouchers for difficult elements.

    9. Sets of uniforms for various lessons and formal events, including standard class, durable fabric for physical lessons or elemental practice, and dress-suit uniforms for the most formal events (Such as graduations, traditional ceremonies, funerals, etc)

Standard uniforms for:

  • 1. Candidates: Typically White with a pendant stating year and symbol for the city/country hosting the hatching. This candidate pendant is less intricate than the Graduating pendant (Which also has year/country). Candidate pendants are a little less fancy and are smaller, more like a token to help identify them as a candidate.

    2. Wyrmling: Uniforms for bonded in-training (or unbonded dragons/ect) riders and dragons are black, wearing an in-training pendant/badge. The trim on the uniforms for wyrmlings differs by country, but is usually gold for lomira, deep green for iaramira, silver/bronze for Aesulla, Red for nondir, or dark to vivid royal purple for Crystal city

Each city has its own embroidered faint patterns, from intricate lace swirls like threads of life (Lomira) to faint leaves(Iaramira), to faint interlocking gears (Aesulla), to sharp twisted patterns (Nondir), silvery crystal patterns (Crystal City)

  • 1. Lomira: Tree of Life with roots around a crystal, and some roots making a circular frame of the pendant
    2. Iaramira: Symbols of elements of nature, stylized fire/water/earth/air forming the frame with a seed in its center
    3. Aesulla: A gear of gold inlayed with platinum against a silver and crystal circuit-board, stylized.
    4. Nondir: A dragon skull and rose thorns/vines, with wilted roses, forehead of skull has a cracked crystal
    5. Etharius: vivid to Medium to bright aqua cerulean crystal with stylized dark gothic unicorn lower right, with stylized dark phoenix in upper left corner, forming a circle

Graduated/Formal uniform colors for riders/dragons are as follows (And are the national colors for each country capitol):

  • 1. Lomira: white and gold trim, elegant but sharp
    2. Iaramira: a deep satiny green with emerald and blue trim
    3. Aesulla: a silver and bronze outfit with gear-like patterns in the buttons and thin trims of gold done up like circuitry
    4. Nondir: black and silver with (thin) white and red trim/edges
    5. Etharius: a sleek sharp, deep royal purple-almost but not quite black and gold trim and buttons. In the right light, these uniforms would look quite regal/sharp, as well as hold attention

Wyrmlings only:

Lesson Supplies also includes a list of books for each individual dragon, since they are not all the same elements each year. Apparently someone thought ahead at some point and there appears to be books for every single element AND dual element- anything more than dual though seems to be covered with extra books. Looks like the upper classmen wyrmlings were serious when they compared the Wyrmling Lessons to college!

For those dragons (un)fortunate enough to be born Celestial, they are given a special book for celestials and the entire elemental book set on audio and in paper and digital copies, as well as the well wishes of their peers. Celestial dragons are given more time to complete their work and access to all elemental dragon tutors at any time of day. Celestial tutors will also lend aid in any way they can, as well as mental dragons helping to tie down the massive amount of knowledge of all sixty plus elements. It ain't easy being a Celestial.

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Hatching Grounds & Academy Complex Info

Below you will find a general map of the Hatching Ground Complexes.
Most hatching grounds use this blueprint, though some may vary in some details, such as some are built into caverns which were rounded out. Candidate and wyrmling housing is generally close by, with a separate institute of learning nearby, which varies from place to place. Though not indicated on the map, there are entrances all around the outer edges of the grounds, usually one very large one for the titan of the city to enter, and many others ringing the grounds at intervals for the regular sized dragons or people visiting dragons in the biomes. Magical forces of nature control the climate within the grounds, so no matter the temperature outside, the inside will always be warm, but not too hot.

There are elemental areas to suit most needs of parents, and enough materials to be found to make suitable nests for any eggs that might be laid, even from non similar parents. From forges to magma and cooled lava, to ever-frozen ice fields and crystalized areas, there is no shortage of places even the most picky of dragons can find to nest. The audience rings the topmost balcony on either one or both sides of the grounds but well away from nesting dragons on the cliffs and hundreds of platforms, which ring the entire side of the elemental biomes. The cliffs and platforms are where Airs and other dragons who typically nest high up may go is usually built to be safe enough for riders of said nesting dragons as the platforms have raised walls and are safe enough for a rider to make a temporary home at if they choose to stay at their Dragon's side. In some Hatching complexes, the common audience can have seating fairly high up, but is not too close to any brooding dragons. This audience platform on some complexes can be behind and slightly above when it does exist, though most grounds have only one main audience tier on the other side, separated by the middle of the grounds, though there are private seating areas above the nesting platforms in one area that may be for riders who wish to stay near the dragons but do not wish to be on such precarious perches with them. The audience can see all the grounds from either balcony.

There are also areas of straight up sand for those who wish to use it. The Sands are also seen as a crossroads for dragons and hatchlings to pass through without irritating each other for the moot part.

The Candidate Impression area is where Candidates will sit and await the dragons to approach them. Typically on the hatching day, a white, comfortable cloth is set out over this entire area, to help keep the fairly warm sands from burning too much on rears. Also, no one likes sand in uncomfortable places. In this general area, there will be places where Candidates can get up and walk around while waiting- dragons can take up to 24 full hours to hatch and that's a long time to be standing or sitting. Food carts, bathrooms, and even bookshelves and game shelves may be found against the wall here. It may be a sacred day, but that doesn't mean you gotta be bored during the hours where nothing is happening!

The Candidate & Wyrmling housing complex are fully furnished and have everything the rooming parties will need, including state of the art computers, beds, closet space, two bathrooms per apartment, and so on. Each apartment for candidates consists of enough space for two separate rooms, a living room, and a kitchen, as well as an office space for both. Wyrmling housing has the same, but is MUCH BIGGER.

The complex is extremely cozy, and has easy access to the hatching grounds with the hall between the two covered by a roof. This hall is very large, and has exits along one side for even full grown Earths to head out from. On either side of the corridor nearest the hatching ground are staircases leading up into the audience stands--Dragons are welcome, but it is requested they have humanoid forms. There are places for non humanoid dragons to view the goings on, too, on the bottom floor (Same floor as the hatching takes place).

To ensure safety of the Candidates/Wyrmlings/ pairs, there are cameras situated all down the halls, especially focusing on the doors to each room. These cameras are arranged to the point where if a candidate sneezes, someone knows about it. The cameras are not present inside the rooms, but the whole rest of the complex is covered in them. Unlike science fiction movies, there are very few angles they are not focused on- and most aren't even all that obvious.

Candidate's are told and made to understand that they are always being observed, all crimes are punished. There is also a curfew, which differs between days of the week and cities hosting the hatching. A candidate may spend the night at any other candidate's place, so long as they do not leave the building after the curfew. Candidates will be warned twice and given some form of punishment on the third offense of being out after hours.

As for being caught doing other illegal activities in the hatching grounds, warnings are less likely and immediate action is usually taken. Candidates are watched more than they likely realize off campus as well, particularly in Aesulla where technology is the main calling card. If a candidate thinks they're getting away with murder...They really aren't.

Camera crews also are present to record the events and broadcast them worldwide for all residents of the continent to view. (Such as families who couldn't afford to make it!)

Candidates will be happy (or unhappy!) to learn that they will be on televised broadcast.
Academy Complex:

Posted Image

Hatching Complex: (Note: The hatching area is not to scale with the wyrmling housing area- It is MUCH BIGGER. Multiple titans can reside within the hatching grounds! Below is a simplified version and general idea of the average hatching zone)

Posted Image

Learning Halls:

Posted Image
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Candidate (& Wyrmling Housing district ) Info

Posted Image

Below was a generic layout I fiddled with after messing with floor-plan generators and looking for generic apartment floors. Given the walk is pretty darn far, there is a 'people mover' automatic moving floor in two directions. It will pause when a sensor detects a person or dragon approaching to get on before continuing, in either direction. It moves quick enough to get people and dragons from point a to b quite fast and can be a little disorienting at first. There are places to brace ones feet and handles to hold onto to keep people from falling over, as well as seats for elves and humans.

With dragon sizes varying from little florals up to celestials, the Wyrmling housing is assumed to also vary. Since candidates pair up in roommates, whichever of the two gets the bigger dragon breed will decide the room size. (Candidate housing is the same but scaled down to normal room sizes. )

Wyrmling (And Dragon) wings (rooms) also have optional elemental specific additions to rooms which are brought in after eggs are laid and elements are jotted down, to make each individual rider's 'personal space' (Their own rooms, not the shared area of the home) more suited to the dragons element.

Posted Image
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