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The History of The Fall of Nondir; And The Rise of the Corrupt Emperor
Topic Started: Nov 27 2013, 08:16 PM (5,581 Views)
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The History of The Fall of Nondir
And The Rise of the Corrupt Emperor

You open a scroll, it is old, tattered, and some parts have burn marks obscuring the words forever, holes clear through the parchment it was written on. What happened in Nondir? How did the war begin, and why? Why was the scroll so damaged, anyway? And, at that, the information within so hard to come by? Shouldn't everyone know these things? Alas, the Emperor of Nondir has done much to eliminate such scrolls and books pertaining to his coup...

Many Ages Ago...

Back when Lomira and the other four cities, Iaramira, Aesulla, and Nondir were in the height of their growth, when the ruling titans of each were younger-- much younger than they are now, an age of peace was upon all. The long wars of the ancients was a thing of the past, though the titans bore the scars of that war still. The Emperor and Empress of Lomira at that time were not the riders of any titans, for their child had been young when she had bonded to Yggdrassil, and so, took the honorary role as leaders until such time as she could take the throne. Alistiana's brother, however, had not bonded to a titan. He had not bonded to anything at all, and many agreed he had ambitions that bordered on the less than peaceful side of things. A prince, but having no chance of ever ruling Lomira, he drew away from his family and friends. He had always been a bit troubled, the Prince Vicarous, but aside from being moody, had never been caught doing anything that could be considered truly bad.

Year after year, the Prince tried to bond to a dragon, any dragon, and though many initially drew towards him, they always backed away, so revolted by his aura that none would draw near to him, as if fearing his touch. It is however, worth noting that a Time Dragon hatchling once spent an hour staring at him from across the sands, a look of dismay upon her face. It is unknown if she was his true dragon or if she simply saw what was to happen. She later left the grounds and did not bond. No one saw her again after this point in time, and it is unknown what became of her.

After over a hundred years consistently of trying to bond, Vicarous became enraged, and violent. During the years just prior to that fateful hatching in Lomira, the Honorary Empress and Emperor were both found murdered, but no one could prove it was Vicarous. Mental dragons tried to see into his mind and heart, but according to them, there was only darkness within, but they could feel he had not personally done the deed, but it was inconclusive, with not enough evidence to prove someone not in the country at the time had anything to do with it.

And, after this point, Vicarous vanished. For years, no one knew where he'd gone until he showed up late in the candidate game in Nondir, his eyes cold, heartless, his aura blackened and deadly to any who dared seek it out. Around his ne------------- The page is burned here,...

--- Seemed to be the source of Torn here, too. Part of the page is missing. -- a clear darkness surrounding it. Vicarous had, through the entire hatching, not taken his eyes off the tragically rotting Celestial Titan Egg, his hands clutching his chest as if trying to keep himself from doing something. The eggs mother was nowhere to be found, and was none other than the Forest Titan, Sequoya's mate, Specter's egg. She had not been seen for at least two months, and was not seen ever again thereafter. It is thought that perhaps she fled in shame after her prized egg began to show signs of death.

When the Titan Egg hatched, there was little surprise in discovering the infant had become a Death element. The Titan, despite his condition, seemed joyful for the occasion, and, as far as this author can tell, was in the process of finding his bonded, his eyes locked on the one he wanted, and hers on his own....Until the Prince Vicarous fell on the infant, who was quite large even at hatching, holding onto the dragon until the bond was made. For those who were there, the sound of Illirian's scream brought tears to those who heard it, its despair unwavering and heart wrenching. Those closest to the bonding claim Illirian said something, something important concerning hi---- This part seems to be covered in blood. The words written after this point are a mix of ink and blood and the parchment is warped, but much can still be read. -- The young Titan after this was said to have had a dead expression, at all times, as if lost and broken, like a beaten, starved dog. After two years of mandatory training, Vicarous and Illirian left for a number of years, taking all the dragons born that year with them as was customary for a new titan to found their own city. However, Vicarous and Illirian did not begin the foundations of a city. They rallied an army, somehow convincing others to join their ranks, even as many dragonriders fled from them, choosing to take no part in the war to come.

When the war came, it was brutal, unstoppable, a wave of death rained down upon the bright, thriving forest City of Nondir, the trees wilted and died, the plants withered, and just when the people thought nothing could be worse as family, loved ones, women, children and men, innocents and soldiers all began to get sick or dying right away, where they stood, the booming of his steps were heard. The Titan was charging, head lowered, his massive horns reaching out to barge into the city, to trample it, to break it at its knees.

He had come during a hatching, a new titan egg was on the sands, and this ground whas where he struck first, killing candidates, wyrmlings, smashing eggs and killing the parents, but the Titan egg was the prize he sought, and this he crunched in his jaws, the infant dying before it was truly born. He challenged Sequoya, while Vicarous challenged the Emperor, Tenrerza, whos wife, as well as her dragon, and their only child on the sands, had died in the first wave. With nothing more to lose, Tenrerza threw himself upon the emperor in fair combat of swords. Vicarous however, was not one to fight fair, and he killed the Emperor with death magic.

Illirian's battle with Sequoya was, a people reported who survived, apparently, a sight no one could ever forget. The Forest Titan tried desperately to reason with Illirian, but it is said the dragon said nothing, his eyes unfocused and as vacant as the eyes of the dead. It was over in a matter of minutes, Sequoya had moved to avoid stepping upon a hospital, when Illirian's jaws closed on his slender neck and snapped it, then dragged the corpse into the inner ring of the city where it was dropped without ceremony, where everyone could see it. It is unknown who or when, but apparently the Titan was buried in Nondir, in the inner Ring, which, to this day, is still as green and alive as it was before the Death Titan stormed the city.

Every person who had gone to the hatching when Illirian was born was slaughtered, that is, if they had not bonded to a dragon. From candidates to the audience, aside from those already bonded to dragons or dragons themselves- All were slaughtered and killed. Alistiana's own husband was killed, leading her to send her son away when he was born...The entire Nondir royal family was slaughtered, as well as those of nobility residing in Nondir. There are no survivors known, though it is thought at least one was taken prisoner and it is rumored one Elf got away, though no one knows where they might have gone.

In the time following the total takeover of Nondir, the vast forested land with its giant, massive trees began to die. The great magic that flowed through the land suddenly permeated with death and rage caused the ancient ageless trees to crumble and fall, one by one, until nothing but a rocky desolated ground remained, sands forming from mysterious forces. The Fae folk who once lived in harmony in these forests and through Nondir itself seemed to fade into obscurity and silence, perhaps they too have perished, or linger on, still, and sleeping, awaiting a day when their forests could once again begin to grow.

Even as this tale is written, my blood staining my words, and many attempts on my life to destroy this report later, I fear I am the last survivor, aside from prisoners and that one candidate who may still have gotten away. I will entrust this scroll to my dragon, to take far away, to keep it safe, even after I die.

The scroll is signed in rustic red, likely more blood than ink at this point...

The Empress of a Lost City,
Arosahael, of Mental Titan Silence

It appears that the author of this ancient scroll died, and was attacked many times in the process of gathering enough information to write down. Maybe you should put this scroll away before someone sees you reading it... Where are you, anyway? how did you get here? You don't remember why you went out, but you appear to be in your room now, but the scroll is gone! You remember what it said, but nothing about why it is no longer in your possession...You're not even sure you remember the name of the scroll's author's dragon, now that you think of it. A titan, you think, but what?...You should go back to sleep...
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