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Drachenhunds; Info stuffs!
Topic Started: Jan 18 2015, 10:40 AM (2,777 Views)
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Drachenhunds originate from a wild cousin species of draconic origins. While they can be found in the wild, they are not tame and not as intelligent as those raised in the care of Humans/Elves/Other sentient races ect. They come in a few breeds, but in most elements that can be found in the world, with few exceptions. (Exceptions being: They cannot be: Seraph, Celestial, Viral, Radiation, Technology, Arcane, or Culinary (*For a limited time this also includes Mirror and Inferno) outside of event hatchings hosted by an admin.)

Within the species, several body types have been bred, which will be detailed below. Drachenhunds, much like their names, resemble a canine-dragon cross. Their origins are a little unclear, but it is possible they came from crossbreeding of titan dwarf dragons and elemental Nondirian Wolves. These original hybrids were capable of breeding with other hybrids. It is thought that their different types find their beginnings in the original family lines that started their breed. Despite their distant relation at this point (As it has been countless generations past original wolven blood) Drachenhunds do not typically behave like canines, though trace elements of this behavior may be seen. (Wild born ones often form packs, for example.)

Their behavior as a bonded though can also lead them to functioning well in groups, with leaders chosen based on intelligence and strength.

The intelligence of a Drachenhunds is on par with human/(and other sentient races) ability- they are sentient, and can speak. A single person can bond to quite a few, and while they are a sentient creature, people who are 'breeders' of specific types simply keep several of that type. When a female goes into a courting run, it is more likely she will pick an established male that she likes, or even is an established mate. (monagomous pairs are not uncommon for such creatures) More often than not, this is another hound a person has bonded to, or one belonging to someone the female's bonded knows.

The Drachenhunds themselves do not consider this demeaning to them, as they are also interested in bettering their own breeds, and are also quite loyal to their handlers, generally agreeing with their plans. No force is used in breeding- if the Drachenhunds do not like each other, it's a no go. Females may also choose to have a courting run involving other breeds if she so chooses. A bonded handler is unlikely to deny such a request, even if it means the resulting offspring may be more likely to be mixed breeds. (Though there are some shady handlers out there, so it is technically possible that some might deny it and house a female with only options of her breed, but this behavior not mainstream or tolerated by the public or other 'breeders'.)

A Drachenhunds can be bonded to as well as a Dragon/Phoenix, but no more than two if bonded to either of the latter. If a person is not bonded to either, a pack of up to ten may be collected by a handler. These creatures do well with other bonded creatures, and are extremely well behaved, though they are fiercely protective of their bonded and may attack a person or creature if it attempts to hurt the handler.

In young groups, pack ranking order is almost always decided by intelligence and strength, with one male and one female bearing these qualities often hatching first. (in hatching events, eggs from many breeders are brought together, so the resulting packs hatched for candidates are not related to one another.)

Temperament-wise, Drachenhunds can be as varied as people and any other sentient thing. They do all possess a streak of deep loyalty for their bonded companions in most situations outside of abusive handlers of course and will most often seek a person who suits them or is like them. IE: It is very unlikely that a mean spirited or nasty minded Drachenhund will bond with someone who is aligned with good. It is however more likely for the reverse to be true, when not quite aligned personalities happen. A good at heart Drachenhund might bond to an evil person, either in hopes to help them or because they feel this person is alone and needs someone to help.

Drachenhund Types

All Drachenhund Types have horns, tail blades and some kind of spinal ridges/manes which are unique to each individual- no two being identical save for twins. These details have been purposefully omitted from the basic reference images, as including them would show individual traits, rather than traits of the type in general. All types can appear as any element a Drachenhund can be as well as any colors, unless otherwise stated.

All Type Size Comparison: Size Chart
Note: the pudgy type in the foreground no longer exists, and this is older artwork I hope to replace.

Common or Mixed
  • This type of Drachenhunds is the most typically seen- They have no specific defining features as they often come from several generations of impure pairs, generally however they fall into a few common traits. They often have a long, sloped muzzle and perked ears, and a mid to long body. They are most often found as working class as well as casual, body guard or companions. However, these mixes can also have various traits inherited from other breeds, so it is difficult to specifically pinpoint what counts as a common. It isn't nice to call them mutts, because as sentient beings this hurts their feelings, but in comparison to how dog breeds tend to be quite mutation oriented over time, the same can be said of Drachenhunds.

    Some kindhearted handlers even give the eggs out to those who seem most in need, and as such, this 'breed' has quickly risen to the most common type found and bred. They are good companions- most often having an even temper, they do well with even young children, but like any Drachenhunds, will protect their charges to the death. These creatures have become bodyguards and saviors for those living in Nondir. They are quite well behaved with their own nests.
  • Drachenhunds of the more muscular type fall into the 'bulky' category. They are somewhat common and most often used for working class, as as well as casual, body guard or companions. With thicker, but somewhat pointed or boxy muzzles, thicker tails, and boxier bodies, they are built quite strong and often end up as the pack leaders in older groups. They often have larger, thick horns, and their tail blades are fairly diverse, ranging from axe-like to blade like, or even both, some even having thicker tail blades formed more club-like. Side and dorsal spines are also common.

    This type also does a lot of work with security and police. Despite their large frames, they are known to often be faster than the Common mixed breed, and even intentionally act as if they can't move that fast. This lures criminals into a false sense of security- When one of these decides to give chase, you probably wont outrun it. Loyalty is at an all time high in this breed, as well as intelligence. This breed is actually well known to be one of the most strategic, though the Royale is still top of that list, these come in second place.
  • The Swift breed of Drachenhunds is, as one might deduce, known for their speed. They are long in body, built for speed above all else. Light weighted frames with large space for lungs and very long, narrow tails, light tail-blades usually thin and katana-like. Their horns are often aerodynamic and thin, their dorsal ridges usually being long back scales tapered and concave, facing backwards toward the rump and usually end before the tail. This breed notoriously has the longest tail, as well, for its body size.Though again, the Royale is still yet faster and longer in tail.

    This breed is most similar in body frame to that of grayhounds, though they also sometimes resemble cheetah proportions. They have slightly above average metabolism and need to eat often to recoup their energy once it has been spent. Unlike either earth animal though, the Swift breed can run for an extended period of time and has endurance to last many miles.
  • This breed has been bred and honed for generations by the royal family in Nondir. Long thought to possess blood of the original hybrids, or even possibly true dragon blood, this type of Drachenhund is the strongest, fastest, and largest. They are also known as the smartest. Their build is a mix of traits found in other breeds. They are well muscled but also lean, their faces strong but also sloped and almost pointed. They are very sleek and can have most any kind of spines or ridges along their forms.

Other Physical Traits:

  • Drahenhunds may sometimes express callback genes to their wolven predecessors in the way of fur. Usually this fur is a coat along the spine and down the tail, 'caped', in which it exists only along the upper body, maned, which appears along the head and neck and down the spine, tufts along the tail and wrists/ankles.

    The rarest are nearly and fully furred bodies, which may sometimes happen but is difficult to breed for.

    It is said that Drachenhunds that have fur at all, no matter how much or even just spinal and tufts, are those who bear stronger bloodlines to the original hybrids. This may actually be true, as Royale Drachenhunds seem to have fluff fairly often.
  • A very rare callback to draconic origins, and most often seen displayed within the Swift and Royale breed when it happens at all. A few of the original wolf/dwarf dragon hybrid Drachenhunds back in the day actually lacked wings, with only a few back then having them. It is not known why wings are so rare, but they are genetically linked, so they may grow more common over time. A pair of winged Drachenhunds is more likely to have a clutch that has hatchlings with at least one winged offspring.

    It can be very surprising when a winged common shows up, and these are sometimes referred to in Nondir as 'the poorman's dragon.' despite intentional winged ones being very expensive*.

    Wings may be of any type of real or imagined wing type.

Breeder-Hosted hatchings & 'Sales'
  • Because Drachenhunds are classified as Sentient beings, they are not bought and sold as pets might be. Eggs themselves may be purchased for a hatching event, in which the breeder is paid to bring an egg to the event, and people seeking to bond pay a fee to attend, the price of which varies depending on what breeds are present at the event, with rarer sorts valued higher than the more common types. A similar practice is done for many other bonding creatures, except Gryphons, who are a race of their own. This practice is most common for dwarf dragons, Drachenhunds, Tragendire and Pangarian 'elven' cats, and *******.

    In some places, such as in Nondir, where life is difficult, Drachenhunds understand the plight their bonds are in, and accept that sometimes, to make enough money to get by, eggs or private hatchings (In which one or two eggs are presented to only a couple people) may need to be done to get money so they can survive on such funding, and there are people willing to pay a decent amount of gold to obtain certain traits of Drachenhund.

Elemental Power
  • Drachenhunds are decently skilled with their elements, most often having a breath weapon and typically one unique skill within their elemental domain. They are not the most powerful elemental creatures, but they are strong, and rank closely or even top Tragendire. Descended from Fae-touched elemental wolves as well as Dwarf-Titan dragons (and possibly actual dragons in some cases) has put them ad a decently powerful elemental strength. Alone, one might not have the power to stand up against a dragon, but a pack of them working together could ravage a downed dragon or flightless dragon if they are careful.
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