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Unicorns; The Last of them
Topic Started: Jan 18 2015, 09:46 PM (1,810 Views)
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Unicorns on Noveltellus have existed since the beginning, and are thought to have been the first sentient minds on the world when it was created. There was a time when they were quite plentiful and lived in all places, raising the forests from the earth, and with their power, shaping the land the way it appears today. Over time, they began to vanish as humans and elves and other folk of the earth arrived, leaving them to their own devices. It is thought that humans and possibly even some elves, as well as some dragons began to actually hunt the peaceful unicorns, driving the species to seek seclusion in their forests, hidden away in Iaramira where they were protected, and even considered immortal so long as they stayed there.

During the age of the first Viral War, when the world was sickened and hurt, a great many Unicorns left their safe havens to try and save what they could- Their aid is likely one of the many reasons that many places are green to this day, and that the plagues were mostly wiped out. Their losses were innumerable, however, and it was thought that they would die off and cease to exist. Due to their raw, Origin-based Elemental and Natural Magic, as well as their continued effort to keep the world thriving, it is widely accepted as a Taboo in the present day to harm or kill a Unicorn- And also, the fact that there are between 65-90 unicorns total currently living in the entire world.

The Unicorns of Noveltellus are not the typically thought 'horse with a horn'. They are slight of frame, have cloven hooves, long manes, (Males often have a tuft of fur on their chins), bear silky fur tufts on their hocks ('wrist' and 'ankle'), and have a long lion-like tail. The most defining feature of course is the single spiral horn from their foreheads, which in some individuals is quite long. These horns are most often straight, but some can be tilted back or curved, a few have been known to appear like a bladed horn. Very few unicorns have more than one horn, as it is a very rare mutation. They have silky fur, and large inquisitive eyes. Their intelligence is quite vast, though they may still be polite and engage in conversations as if they have not yet figured a situation out.

There are some other types of Unicorn, such as the scaled 'Kirin' type. This type usually has scales covering almost all of its body, save for its mane and tufts and end of its tail, and their horns are often curved back and sometimes resemble wood, though gold or even spiral curved are also possible. This type is the most skilled at wingless flight, which is otherwise uncommon in the species as a whole. Winged unicorns, or Alicorns are the rarest form of unicorn, bearing large wings that are most often fethered, though sometimes can be half sailed or even rarer, fully sailed. They typically appear on the more common Unicorn body types, but sometimes appear on the Kirin types.

Unicorns live for an extremely long time, it is said that no Unicorn ever died of old age. While Unicorns are not a species that bonds to humans, they themselves are considered their own race (Not that Sentient bonding creatures aren't also races, they just are a different category, being half symbiotic with other races in their Impressions.)

It is speculated that a Unicorn could potentially stand as a candidate, but none have ever chosen to do so, being that they are powerful creatures on their own and secretive in general. This is an IC way of saying You cannot have a Unicorn Candidate. This was an OOC clarification of that.

Unicorns are capable of assuming a humanoid form, which can be quite useful for everyday life when not in the forests. These humanoid forms usually have long hair with a stripe of mane down their spines, a long tail, and usually a crystallized streak or oval on their foreheads where their horns would be. A humanoid Unicorn rarely has its horn visible, for reasons unknown. They are also capable of becoming Elves, which do not usually bear any such mark of what they are. Anyone who frequents Iaramira may have met a Unicorn and never known it. Hybrids between Unicorns and any other race are exceedingly rare- Not because a Unicorn has any problem with romancing another race, it is simply that their own kind is so few that to do so would limit their own kind. The exceptions to this occur when a Unicorn has previously lost a mate and already had offspring. The mortality rate of Unicorns in the present day is thankfully very low, so instances of hybrids are very unheard of, as are relationships.

Unicorns have many traditions involving their own magic, one such being a declaration of their love for another, which is done by taking a bit of their magical essence and their lives and weaving it into a crystallized pendant. The second is usually done for their children, bearing a small bead of power from each parent.

The Unicorns of today live in a sacred forest guarded by a Spirit Tree- It is said that the Forest is hidden, and the only way in is through some form of mysterious entrance that can change its position. Recently, a small handful of genetically diverse Unicorns left their Forest with a small seedling of the Spirit Tree to make a second haven somewhere near the Crystal City.
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