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Centaurs; People of the Grasslands
Topic Started: Jan 18 2015, 09:46 PM (3,393 Views)
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Chieftess: Water Nlaroh ♀ { Akhal-Teke Black coat, white hair and tail *Image is just a black Akhal-Teke* }

Chief: Ice/fire Aptuxan ♂ { Akhal-Teke Cremello, cream/white mane/tail, faint stripe }

Past-Chief: Spirit/Shadow Cahlerid ♂ {Past leader, Rather large Black Friesien }

Sub-Chieftess Lightning Azarahl Nlartuxan ♀ {Arabian-Zebra}

Sub-Chief: Prince Ahmduer Fire ♂ { Kiger Mustang , Ref2 }

Family of leaders:

Epsazor:♀ Spirit/Water Young adult ♀ | ( Akhal-Teke Silver, youngest sister of Cahlerid)

Idazon: Lava/Metal Black Arabian/Akhal-Teke , ♂, {Nlaroh's younger brother}

Naleh:♀ Water/shadow Reverse dapple Roan , ♀, Nlaroh's twin Sister,)

Edasel: ♂ Fire/Metal Black/white socks + Blaze Nlaroh's Brother. Also Idazon's twin)

Elosah:♀ Ice/Air, Gypsy Vanner , Cahlerid's Sister

Ukatiil: ♂ Shadow/Light Black streaked white Elosah's son

* * *
Please do NOT measure your centaur characters in hands. Please Use feet and inches, for both top of equine shoulders and also at top of humanoid upper head.

Historically, the Centaur people existed alongside elven folks and even humans. While they may look like some magically made hybrid, on this world, they may even have naturally existed. Many origin stories exist, and no one is sure of which one is true, and as far as a Centaur is concerned, they don't really care. Existence is enough for them, after all. At some point during a long ago war, possibly the Viral war, some number of them went into hiding- Where, no one really knows. What is known is that they, alongside some other races, were thought to have gone extinct long ago. Recently, a large group was found living along the furthest shores of the Osymnus Inland Sea, beyond Lomira and Iaramira, in the country of the Crystal Titan.

The Centaurian people are, as a whole, known for being an intelligent race, as well as for being great warriors. (And yes, they are in fact, great at archery.). As a general rule, Centaurs do not like being called horses, or treated like one. They will allow riders, under certain circumstances, usually between friends or other relationships. Like humans and elves, dragons and unicorns or any mix of any two sometimes pair off, Centaurs also are not unknown to be in a relationship (And can also hybridize with) any of them, though it is somewhat less common.

That said, Centaurs are able to learn humanoid forms much like those of unicorns, though are usually most comfortable in their original form. And, like Humans, Elves, and some other races, a Centaur can and have in the past stood as candidates for dragons or phoenixes.

The Centaurs of Noveltellus come in all colors horses come in, though true white such as 'albino'*, cremello, cream or other True White horse-coats are inherently RARE. Likewise, Lipizzaner horses are not white but gray. Centaur also come in many other non-equine colors/creatures, including but not limited to other grazing animals, sometimes even having some level of physical difference. (Non 'horse' Centaurs (Color or physically) are quite rare, though, especially IC and character making, we will specify when we're accepting them.) The typical Centaur will look physically like some kind of horse, from the typical to Clydesdales to..Pretty much any kind of horse. Miniature pony types seem to be very rare but not unheard of. The same can be said for short Centaur- They are almost always taller (From hoof to head) than even elves, and are quite rarely of similar height. Also, like unicorns, once in a rare while, a really big one will be born, somewhat in the 'titan' vein of the world.

*No true albino horse has ever existed due to lethal white syndrome, but albino Centaur can happen, but are considered a mutation and therefore the color would need to be purchased in the shop!

The upper, humanoid parts of the Centaurs are not like what you might think- Rather than suddenly having bare skin, they have a short but soft fur covering their humanoid forms, while their equine half has a bit longer fur. They have a slightly sloped face, much like elves, and they have similar ears as well, though they can tilt and rotate their ears to hear better.

In a humanoid form (That is, in the form that does not have an equine half) Centaurs have their same hair/mane, tail, fur, face shape, ears, and are usually taller than elves are but not as tall as their regular forms. Their fingers, (Like in full centaur form) have nails that are somewhat 'cloven', (Like a hoof, split into four fingers and a thumb, somewhat like ancient horses with toes had.) Their toes are similar. They often have condensed markings, but usually these markings are limited to the markings on their humanoid half and front limbs of the equine.) Their manes typically run most of the way down their spines. Humanoid forms need to be purchased in the shop!

Whether they have long or short hair, they all have a mane that starts at the base of their skull and travels down the spine of the humanoid half, and a ways down the equines spine. This mane can be left to grow as long as they wish or trimmed short. Some individuals even have natural mohawks, which sometimes continue into the mane. Dual colored hair, tails and manes are not unheard of, not unlike Fjord horses. Centaurs enjoy styling their manes and tails and hair, and since they are a very social race and need one another's help to maintain much of their own needs, they tend to be a kinder people in general. Likewise, when Centaurs go places, they almost always go with at least one or two others of their own kind.

The below image is not entirely my own work. It was made using hubedihubbe's centaur size lineup, placed on my own size chart compared to a person (Probably an elf, being 6ft). The heights have been adjusted for noveltellus Centaurs.

This should make things a little easier for people when making noveltellus centaurs with correct heights.

Minimum height for Centaur: 5’0
Maximum height for Centaur: 10’0* (’titan’ Centaur may be up to 13’, this is almost unheard of)

*Centaur are most commonly at least 7-8ft tall from hoof to head, anything shorter is quite rare. In fact, the Shetland (or other tiny pony centaurs of 5'0ft) breeds are extremely rare. Anything taller than 8' is considered uncommon, with 9-10ft being quite uncommon (typically more for the shire/Clydesdale/Frisian ect breeds). 'Titan' Centaur are usually 13-15ft tall but are so unheard of, they show up maybe once in four generations.

Similarly, non horse bodies are almost unheard of, and while possible, height is case by case basis.

Posted Image

Please write Centaur height in profile as total FEET tall, from hoof to top of head. IE do not use HANDS. (IE, write 7'9 ft to top of head, ect. not hands or inches.
Traditionally, Centaurs live in large herds, which they call tribes, but will accept either term. One herd is usually made up of many families, several hundred live in a single herd- sometimes a thousand. And, while they do have towns and static homes, many groups are natural wanderers.

One rather interesting ability that all Centaur have is the ability to 'hide' what they are by appearing to others as an actual horse or other equine animal. This change is physical, but the actual shift in forms looks seamless and actually hard to directly look at, allowing a Centaur to flee and change without you directly realizing what you saw, though the shift back is just as mentally trippy. (Their horse form is a real, physical form. They may allow you to ride in this form but will vehemently reject any notion of a bit of any kind, as not only are they cruel to centaurs, but also to all real horses too.

This works well enough, though some Centaurs are not capable of so easily hiding due to their color or patterns or type.

Centaurs can live for hundreds or even thousands of years, competing with the likes of Elves, but physically age roughly the same rate as a human does up to adulthood, where they again age like elves (physically aging such as looking old is decided upon willingly like it is for elves, as well as choosing to die if they have lived quite long (Willing this to happen). Pairs mate for life, unless one dies or the pair somehow are unable to get through their differences. (This doesn't mean they don't still date or things like that until they find their 'one', though.) When born, unlike humans, centaur infants (Colts or Fillies) are capable of walking and holding their heads upright soon after birth. Their gestation period is, as one might guess, longer than humans or horses by some months, but at least the actual birth is easier due to the non erect standing hip bones. Twins are rather rare, though not entirely unheard of. Triplets even more so, which is quite hard on their bodies. Candidates are usually between 13 and 28, though up to 40 is technically accepted.

Centaurs are typically as tall as the type of horse they represent, but can sometimes be taller (At the equine half, that is.) Their humanoid top halves are typically the height of the average elven torso, added to the height of the equine for the total height at the top of the humanoid half's head.).

Here are some colors that natural horses can come in as well as different breeds:

Colors and some face markings of horses

Different Horse breeds and body types

More colors

Quick Guide to Horse face markings
Quick Guide To Horse Leg Markings
small, sorta silly horse coat guide on pixel horses
Hands to feet/other converter
*Please use feet and inches in profiles! this converter will help with that.*

Elementally speaking, Centaurs are actually a little better at controlling natural elements than humans, and even somewhat better than elves. Many are known to be skilled at 'bending' elements, usually those found in nature. As far as currently known, Technology element has thusfar not been known to have appeared in this race, or any other race besides Dragons. A fire element can and would be hurt by fire. IE, They are not immune to their own elements as a general rule. Having a bit more control of an aspect of their element does not mean they cannot be harmed by the element, though they can create their own element. Created elemental fire would not inherently hurt their own hands, but lighting a stick on fire using it, and then touching the resulting fire would result in a burn.

*Being better at elements than humans and elves puts them still less skilled than unicorns and dragons and phoenixes. They do not have the same raw ability that dragons and unicorns do, which is why they can be candidates. Once a Centaur bonds to a dragon and over time obtains the bonded element(s), the original one will likely not be as good as the new ones, which are enhanced by the dragon, unless of course, the bond is the same element(s).

Centaur last names are always made up of a combination of their parents names, in example, Ahmduer's parents are Nlaroh and Aptuxan, his last name is Nlartuxan. Each individual centaur, save those with siblints, has a unique last name due to this. Family names do not exist in the traditional sense, save for giving one their last name to note parentage.


Though they are not rare as a people, being just discovered again will make them a bit more limited. Check the accepting list (Or the RP shop!) to find out if any slots are open. The current Centaur being made all hail from the same area beyond Iaramira/Lomira's zone in the Crystal zone, but they will absolutely be able to travel wherever they want to, including hatchings and participating with most events. Likewise, all Centaur characters will originate from the same original herd/tribe at first- Later on the tribes may branch out.

Right now all Centaur Characters share the same home region: Home Region Myrinthia Plainsland (Outer lands of Etharius City)

The characters made now need to adhere to the plot currently underway, Shadowsteppe Starting from the linked post ongoing. This plot is specific to the centaur characters being made currently and is important to read to see how the centaur were unveiled!

The leader, Nlaroh, has made negotiations with the City, Etharius- (Empress Synivox and Crystal Titan Araselnasaa). The details are as follows:

*The Centaur people of all tribes/Herds have access to the city as equals, as such they have and retain all rights that humans and elves have.

*The people of Etharius, from Leaders to beggars must respect the land and learn to work as one with it

* The city must be built with the Centaur people in mind- buildings must be made to a point where not only humans, elves, dragons and unicorns are comfortable but the Centaur as well.

*The Centaur people retain their ownership of the outer Grasslands and forests, but are willing to share it. In trade for use of their land, Centaur peoples will be paid a tithe, and or allowed to live in the city at reduced cost.

* The Centaur people will provide hsitory, maps, ways of growing crops and raising farm animals in the grasslands, especially during the harsh winters which the people may not have been prepared for.

*Etharius will provide the Centaur people with access to history, goods, trade routes, maps, and transport to other places of travel at request, for reduced cost (Or free depending on what the subject is). The City will handle trade and aid in shipping products.

*The Centaur whom have chosen to side and ally themselves with Etharius and the war effort will send a group of centaur to Aesulla to stand as Candidates, and give a number of soldiers to help protect the city. These Candidates and potential future Dragonriders are ambassadors of the Centaur race- Their behavior and attitude will shape how the other races view them. Only the best of the best have been selected to go to Aesulla, though how they act while there (Such as bringing shame to the Centaur people as a whole) could not only get them in trouble with the Wyrmlingmasers, but with their Leader, Nlaroh too! In Aesulla the acting leader for the Ambassador group is Idazon, Nlaroh's oldest brother. It is important that the Centaur chosen to go be on their best behavior, since no one has seen their race in a long, long time.

The Centaur who are not part of the war will distance themselves from the main herd, and it will be made clear they are not allied to the war efforts, as the lands outside the city still belong to them. They may wear some token such as a feather in their hair to designate them as non-war allies, and it would be considered a war crime to pretend to be of this faction, (such as falsifying faction to avoid conflict or aiding in a counter attack ect). In other words, it will be made clear who is and is not fighting with Etharius. Nlaroh will also allow any Centaur who does not wish to join the war to split off and form their own herds and tribes.


Fun fact: Centaurs traveling to cities are issued a more comfortable modern 'horse shoe' that is better than the old iron shoes and contours to the ground a bit more. Shown here
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