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Countries of the Current Zones; Now with more info!
Topic Started: Apr 13 2015, 12:01 PM (593 Views)
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*The info here, with few exceptions, was once on the character template thread, where it was harder to find. I'm moving it to this thread! This information is therefore not entirely new, though a couple things will be spruced up since the site has evolved from its origins in 2012!*

Countries & Cities of the Current Zones


Those born in Lomira are surrounded by a mix of Elemenatal magic as well as technologies, though technology here is imported from Aesulla and isn't at the same stage of priority. Elements and technology are hand in hand, and most people are familiar with how to use the basics at least- Keep in mind this is a futuristic world, and even in Lomira, technology flourushes, but is not as grand as it is in Aesulla (Or rather, as it is often imported, is usually Aesulla's technology). The basics in this day and age are computers, phones, internet, T.V, hovercraft vehicles depending on age, and so on.

Being born with elements is (slightly) more common here in humans than it is elsewhere (And much more likely in Elves), Elves are quite common here, too, and are the majority of the population. The people, humans included, who live here from birth are known to live far longer than any other people, aging past adulthood seems to be put off for a grand time as well, likely due to the presence of their Titan of Life, Yggdrasil, who is the daughter of the Celestial Titan, Selhanzilael. She is also the first born mortal Dragon, and as such, faith here is quite strong. Living in the birthplace of Dragonriders, where Selhanzilael made her home for a time, evidence of her existance is well documented, and therefore, there is no need to contest she existed and that the dragons were created by her.

It is said somewhere in Lomira there is hidden, far from the eyes of mortals and dragons alike, the Tree of Life. It is most likely hidden somewere in the private quarters of Yggdrasil, who shares the name of the tree. It is thought that there is some connection between the tree and the Titan, and few people are privy to such information.

Country: Myrinthia, Capital City: Etharius

info soon!

Country: Trawynne, Capital City: Iaramira

In Iramira, the city itself is quite flourishing, and while it is made up of a living forest and trees beyond belief, that doesn't mean it has no forms of technology at all. True, the majority of people here are Elves, but humans do live here too, and with mortals in an advanced society, so too comes technology.

With the help of the elves and nature itself, a balance has been found. Here, in this city of trees, one is just as likely to find a movie theater or other modern thing like a mall as they are in Aesulla or Lomira. It is true however, that the city itself is deep in the heart of a thick forest, and getting there by land is hard and full of danger. Lucky for most folks, trains and planes and dragons exist. The city itself is built into massive trees that mold their interior hollows to the specifications of the people who designed the homes- Usually elves or forest or nature dragons shaping and communing with the trees. These hollows do not cause harm to the trees in any way, even after furnishings, piping and electricity is wired in. It is a delicate balance, and a lot of hard work to get right, but in the end worth it, leading to a breathtakingly beautiful city of trees and light. The City is also protected by a massive 'barrier' that is not visible to the untrained eye- This barrier is made elementally by Losalka and keeps the city and country protected from the cold, inhospitable weather blowing in from the poles. In winter, the city of Iaramira is even kept warm and springlike, while the outer country is allowed to become wintry, but not nearly as cold as it would be naturally without the Titan's protection.

The forests are directly protected by the Nature Titan Losalka, who created and protects, and watches, through every tree. This makes hunting the remaining fifty four or so unicorns left in the world insanely hard, though even to this day, one occasionally goes missing. (It is the ultimate crime to slay a unicorn, as they are sentient people, and even evil people shy away from harming them, though it is unknown why. Very few dare to kill them and are usually found soon enough.

The people here are the most gifted with pure elements of nature, both humans and elves alike, likely a boon from Losalka. It is extremely unlikely that an Elf born in Iaramira or the country around it would be born without an element. Humans have a higher chance of an element here as well.

Faith is held close to heart in this land, for the elves uphold the ancient ways, and sing of the tales of olde, as if they were there themselves when the original war was stopped by a creature that came down from the heavens above. Considering how old elves get before they choose to stop existing, it is likely stories from families have been passed down from the original event.

Country: Ealya , Capital City: Aesulla

Characters born and raised in Aesulla for example, will KNOW how to use technology as this is the highlight of their homeland. Their homes are brimming with the cutting edge. This RP site itself is set far into the future- and likewise it has super technology. If you are from Aesulla and you don't know how to work a computer, then you are not from Aesulla. Anyone born here will have learned higher technologies in school as a requirement. One simply cannot survive in Aesulla long without knowing anything- just knowing how to use a phone is not going to save you here. There is actually a pretty equal residence of elves and humans here, despite all the technology. It's simply part of their world, why not embrace it?

The presence of the Technology Titan proves to be an intellectual boon for those born and raised in Aesulla. Being smart is commonplace- quick, calculating minds flourish, which is probably why the place is a bastion of technology. It is so commonplace for the people of the city to have higher intelligence and educations that they excel in schools and testing. Given that higher educations here are at low cost or even free as public schooling, it is no wonder that the people are, as a whole, far more educated which leads to more jobs. In terms of population, Aesulla has more people than any other country. Their medical sciences and hospitals and doctors are also quite advanced- One could become functionally immortal by replacing parts that degrade over time, even to the point of downloading one's brain into a cyber brain. Cosmetic mutations are also commonplace, as are fashions, fads, and other things that can be bought. It is not at all uncommon to see folks with tails or wings or scales or other cosmetic splices.

Aesulla is a bustling, busy city, it is massive beyond imagining. There are places where things aren't so great even here, though, for in grand cities there will always be gangs, and probably drugs and slums, and other sorts of low dealings going on, but even so, such things are worked on and the peace keepers do their best to keep it under control. These are few and far between as there are programs in place to help the homeless. Such programs, such as guaranteed jobs, medical help, and homes for anyone who needs one is a top reason why there are very few actual homeless people in Aesulla. Those who are homeless are those who choose to be, either because they live somewhere in the outskirts of the city or in the outer country where it may be possible someone does not grow up knowing they have the right to request aid. (Sometimes criminals running from the law end up homeless as requesting aid could lead to them being caught.)

The outer rings of the city are vast farmlands, which harness and use not only the waste made by farmed animals (such as manure and methane gas ) but is fully environmentally friendly- Science had long ago discovered ways to prevent pests without using toxins and without eradicating species. The produce and meat farmed here in Eayla are often shipped to other countries, as they are capable of growing most anything- It is said they even have seeds from the lost continents and raise edible plants that once grew there, even farmed animals from it.

Faith in Aesulla is about the same as it is most everywhere else, given that the origin of dragons is known by all to be a fact. What many Aesulla folks do, however, is help separate the facts from the stories that pop up from time to time. They are a fact based society and their belief in something omnipotent hinges on what they can prove actually happened.

Country: Skaraeda, Capital City: Nondir

Those raised in Nondir fall into Four groups- Those who live as best they can, with what they can get, (And often families have at least one person who is devoted to being a theif to help them get by). There are even those in the slave markets, as well as extremely to poor to the point of homeless. Those in the mid-class, who still have a probably condemned homes but make do with jobs, or have a somewhat good home and actually own a business [or their parents do/family does, and those living in the nobles circle.

Nondir was only taken over in the year 64772 A.C. In a land of dragonriders and elves who live a very long time, this was practically yesterday- characters FROM nondir need to take into account that the war has not been going on for too long. Most Human residents born here know only the war if they are young,(The eldest may remember a time before), but most Elves predate the war. Those in the nobles circle are those loyal to Vicarous, the Emperor who took over. With Illirian as his slave, the Titan can do little to help anyone.

The Emperor is an elf, but the population is highly mixed, quite a lot of humans and elves, many of them unwilling to leave, who hope for a better future, or else, financially bound and unable to escape Nondir, as most means of moving out are impossible without signing up for the dragonrider program- And a proper one only recently started there again. The people and riders of Nondir seem to exhibit a strangeness, those born after the takeover (mostly humans) will notice they are more agile, and more likely to be immune to illnesses (Or simply don't die from them once they have them, which can be miserable) and curses, and while they experience a slightly longer life, this is due only to them being harder to kill. Many people living here are born with odd gifts of perception, though this is somewhat awkward for many- seeing as many spirits hang out in nondir. Those born prior to the takeover still retain their elemental gifts from the Forest Titan Sequoya, though the still living essence of his power seems to exist and still flourishes only in the nobles circle. As such, it is in fact currently mostly humans that end up with the odd gifts of Nondir, since they age faster.

The people of today can go longer without food or water, but it doesn't mean they don't suffer for it. Their base survival, endurance, or will to survive is strong- which seems odd considering their Titan is Death, but still, it seems to be the way of things. Faith here seems strained but ever hopeful, though many scorn their faiths in prophecies ever since Illirian was born. They were told in Nondir that the return of the Celestial Titan would come- and so an egg /was/ laid. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, it perished and hatched Death instead. Many believe they wronged their faiths in some way, that they are punished for not realizing the long lost Vicarous was present at that fateful hatching.

The actual city itself is the only real inhabitable place in the country, and that's saying a lot. There were once more towns and more people in the outer country, but many have perished over time due to the harsh drought and sudden death of the forests here. It has become a veritable wasteland in most places, though a few small towns exist, hanging on to the threads of what little remains of the forest. Nondir, with its many city rings, is divided by class order, with the most poor folk living in the lowest rings of the city, and those common folk lucky enough to have a moderate income manage to live in the mid range rings, while the most prestigious, most loyal and dignitaries of Vicarous, his personal guard and royalty in general live at the very top ring of the city, which strangely enough is still green and lush.

They, the people, were told in prophecies that the return of the Celestial Titan would come- so when such an egg /was/ laid, and died therafter, it broke many people into questioning how true the words of prophecies were. Many believe they wronged their creator in some way, that they are punished for allowing the young emperor Vicarous to stand upon their sands, he who was shunned by every dragon in every hatching he ever attended, scorned by them as a tainted soul.


During the last hatching in Nondir, (Year 64926 A.C), a major earthquake struck and destroyed much of the city. Many people died, the destruction was immense. While the destruction was devastating, it opened an opportunity that could not have happened otherwise. During the three years following the hatching, due to law and technicality of the truce and ceasefire in the war, the other three countries (Prior to Etharius' founding) were able to send help and rebuilt much of the city, even demolishing the existing slums and rebuilding the homes there to be suitable. They built as many as they could, and as dragons were involved in construction, the lower tier of nondir is now rather nice, though it is uncertain how long it will last. Many slaves were freed during this incident as well and were written off as perished on the paperwork. The upper mid ring was also rebuilt- The only ring that was not upgraded was the very upper top tier and the Emperor's Tower, which suffered only slight damage for whatever reason.

In the year 64930 A.C, two months to the new year, the center of Nondir was broken open as the long mostly buried corpse of Sequoya rose up from his grave and broke the grounds that were built above him, including Vicarous' impossibly tall fortress and towers, the entire Royal quarters and so on. Completely demolished. As of currently (64931 A.C-onward) attempts to rebuild are going much slower, as Nondir declared outright war on much of the other countries. Not even Aesulla is lending aid, save to those in the lower districts.

Homelessness and poverty still exist in Nondir, but at least the homes are less broken and there are more shelters now. How long this lasts is not known, but it may at least last long enough to help those who had nothing. Since there is now electricity and more or less current computers and access to a cross-national internet connection, there is some hope in Nondir. Even so, there are still dangerous people in Nondir, greedy, twisted souls who take what others have, so it is still possible to be homeless or a slave in Nondir.

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