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Tragendire; Beasts of Aesulla
Topic Started: May 24 2015, 04:47 PM (792 Views)
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*See below for info on 'leaders'.

Titan Polaris ♀ Ice/Glass/Aurora
Soyokaze ♂ Air/Forest

*Tragendire are a sapinet & sentient species of elemental creatures. Like dragons and Drachenhunds, they are social and seek to bond with other creatures, most often humans, elves, or other general residents. When raised in groups, typically the largest and smartest (as in, individuals with both traits) will end up being the most respected within the group, usually one male and one female. Element is not usually taken into consideration when group leaders are picked. Like with most elemental species, sometimes (very rarely) a Titan Tragendire will show up. Typically, they bear three elements (of which they have one main skill from each one)*

Info & Biology

Tragendire are elemental, sentient creatures that somewhat resemble bears. Despite their appearances, they are in fact not bears, nor are they related to them in any fashion. Their personalities are not typically bearlike, either. They are somewhat bulky in build, though to be honest a good deal may be their fur too. They have both a sleek frame and also somewhat boxed bodies, powerful limbs that end in a set of five very sharp claws each, and strong jaws. Along their backs, Tragendire have manes, these range from short and scraggly to long and luxurious, thick fluff, their 'styles' vary wildly between individuals. Tragendire heads are boxy, with a sloped muzzle most reminiscent of a polar bear, though they often have sabor-like fangs- typically these fangs come in short or long variety, but once in a while a 'double' fanged sort will show up- having one long set and one short set, either both on the top jaw or one set on the bottom. The fangs are almost never on the bottom growing upward in any case, and are a rare fang type. Their bite can be devastating, and short of a glass or titanium dragon, they can even break through dragonhide and deliver a strong bite.

Where Tragendire vary a lot in physical form is oddly enough, their tails. Over time, several types of Tragendire tail have come to be known, and even within those groups, variations exist. There are nearly tailless ' bob-tailed '- which are the most uncommon, a 'feathered' bobtail (which refers to the silky fur trailing off the slightly longer than normal bobtail), a semi-short chubby looking tail, a long thick tail, a long semi thin tail, and plume tails. Sometimes mixes of these different types appear. The only real unusual or 'rare' tails are the truly small bob-tails and entirely tailless. Interesting enough, some Tragendire even have goatees! This seems to primarily show up in male examples of the breed but can sometimes appear on females. Long plumes and extensions of the mane even sometimes grow down the length of the tail. Given that most of these traits seem to just show up, no one type of Tragendire is more rare or common than another (And really, there are no actual 'breeds' like Dragonhounds, aside from noting what tail type it is.)

Tragendire are considered adults within about six months to a year, give or take, depending on individual mental and physical maturity, but also reach their full grown height in their first six months. The absolute smallest at the shoulder a normal Tragendire can be is about 3'7 (Uncommon), while the maximum is 7'3 (which is still uncommon). *The average height is between 5'7 and 6'9* The truly rare 'Titan' form is usually not above 8'6, while the very uncommon 'dwarf' form is always 1'9-2ft tall. (The size normal Tragendire are born at!) These are fluke instances and not normal, and they are very uncommon.

Due to the high variance in tail length, an average total length is not entirely down to a science.

Posted Image
Posted Image


Tragendire are omnivores who strongly prefer meat. They cannot survive entirely on veggies, but can survive on entirely meat or a mix of the two. They enjoy all kinds of meat, some seem to prefer fish over red meats, and some prefer poultry. All kinds of fruits and veggies are fair game to these great beasts! They tend to eat quite a lot in one sitting and fast for a while (with some snacks in between). It has been noted that they are capable of eating just about everything a human can- including chocolate and fried foods, though much like humans, they can also become overweight very quickly. They are not stupid, and will not eat another bonded creature normally. (though if said creature becomes excessively annoying, that creature is in danger of becoming a snack). Sometimes it can be difficult to keep a Tragendire from getting into food that isn't theirs, but such behavior can be trained out with enough patience and care- especially if one starts young!

It should also be noted that non sentient bonded creatures could potentially end up on the menu if the Tragendire is not trained very early to ignore them and that they are absolutely not food. They do not, however, see Centaurs as a potential meal source (Or horses, really). Given their resemblance to bears, however, some Centaur may be initially wary of them, as there are great bears in the wilds of their homelands who do indeed hunt down horses and centaur from time to time. (The wild variant of Tragendire in the forested lands in Ealya could also potentially be dangerous, but not typically.)


Of the 'lesser' bonding creatures across the world, Tragendire are probably the bulkiest. Originally tamed from wild kits long ago, Tragendire were genetically enhanced in Aesulla and given an intelligence boost, as their great size makes them perfect companions for a dragonrider to take into battle or travel with. (A dragon can't always be with you, after all, and if it needs to go somewhere else, better to have a big, strong, intelligent companion than be alone!). Due to their strength, Tragendire have been favored for the ground forces in Aesulla. Should the Neutral city ever go to war, specially bred and enhanced breed variants have been bonded to for a special ground force made up entirely of Tragendire Riders.

For regular bonding, typically a human/elf/other sentient being will be introduced to a group of kits from a litter. Usually, these kits are about a month old and no longer reliant on their mothers. Unlike hatched bonding creatures, Tragendire do not need to bond immediately upon their birth. (They do not imprint on their parent group right away). When they are about a month or so old, the group is brought to a gathering- such is typically scheduled in advance for folks who wish to bond to such a creature. Sometimes the kits are bought (a down payment to attend the bonding event and a full payment if you bond), and sometimes they are free to those who want them- Such as at celebrations for candidates during the hatching years when Aesulla hosts the dragon bonding.

Usually, a tragendire chooses the one it bonds to, though sometimes they can be persuaded by food (Such as when a handler owns several of them and keeps some of the brood). Tragendire choose a person with whom they share a compatible mindset with- Or, so they hope. It doesn't always work out, but most of the time it does. Uncared for Tragendire have been known to abandon their first bonded owners and are capable of reforging just as strong a bond with someone else- So owners beware! When a bonding takes place, both minds become open to one another (Though each can block some things out to and from one another if they need to.)

Similar to such creatures as Gryphons, Tragendire do not appreciate an owner who has bonded to too many other creatures. a Tragendire will tolerate their owner being bonded to a dragon OR a phoenix. To a Tragendire, a crowded mental space can lead to them becoming irate- The more creatures minds interlocked, the more crowded the mind will feel to a Tragendire. They can become annoyed by the antics of small creatures, and if it goes on too long, may take out their aggression physically- which can end with a snack for the Tragendire. Therefore it is wise to be careful how many creatures one bonds to. They may tolerate a couple dwarf things in addition to another 'large' lesser bonding creatures, such as a drachenhund, Nondirian Wolf, or Pangarian Cat. These as well as a gryphon may begin to crowd most Tragendire so owners be cautious.

They may also become jealous, in which they feel their bonded doesn't care for them enough, (Such as feeling less important due to their bonded's need for more creatures. They do however, hold respect for more powerful creatures (IE dragons, gryphons and Phoenixes)

*Messenger birds do not count as a bonded pet* and therefore are not really considered worth a Tragendire's time to be jealous of.


Tragendire can potentially come in any known element, (Exceptions being: They cannot be: Seraph, Celestial, Viral, Radiation, Technology, Arcane, or Culinary (*For a limited time this also includes Mirror and Inferno) outside of events hosted by an admin.)

Power-wise, their sheer physical strength and size combined with whatever element(s) they might have puts them elementally stronger than drachenhunds, but not as strong as gryphons onwards. (They are also therefore stronger than dwarf of all types). Dual elements aren't uncommon, but triple elements are nearly unheard of outside of the rare 'Titan' Tragendire.

Typically, a Tragendire will have one (1) special elemental skill per element it has, and sometimes has a combined single ability in cases of dual or triple elements. For example, a fire Tragendire could have the basic fire breath and one special skill, such as heated fire claws or makes embers. An example of a mixed element special skill, a fire/sand could mix their element and breathe an unrefined quasi-glass (just molten sand that burns and probably is sticky or hardens, but not the same as true elemental glass). Their elemental power is far less powerful than that of the above mentioned creatures, and their skills are less refined. (Tragendire can't exactly bend their elements like dragons, phoenixes and gryphons do, for example.)

In battle, aside from elemental power, a Tragendire can be seen as a threat to dragons, even while being only a fraction of their size. Tragendire can rear up on their hind legs and even walk briefly (much like a bear) to use their forelimbs for shredding. They are also excellent climbers, their claws capable of locking into the flesh and scale of dragons. Some Tragendire, such as Air elementals are capable of leaping further than one might expect- enough to land themselves somewhere on a dragon and take hold. Like wolverines, the beasts are hard to remove an vicious in battle, especially to dragons who are wounded and grounded.

Interestingly enough, unbonded Tragendire that are quite clever have been known to learn humanoid forms.
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