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History, Elements & You, some gathering too!; [Lesson 1 | MANDATORY PLOT EVENT]
Topic Started: Oct 1 2017, 12:19 AM (474 Views)
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Omnicient Creator

Wyrmlingmaster Aterrimus to Wyrmlings
  • Ever since the shocking, early end to party activities a few days prior, followed so closely on its heels by a sting gone wrong in the heart of the city. Many of his students had valiantly run headlong into danger to help others in need, and while some had almost gotten themselves into pretty serious danger or even narrowly escaped technical legalities (As he'd heard about it, apparently one person who could have been arrested got away with it because they had diplomatic immunity). He shook his head. What a mess.

    The primarily black dragon tilted his head up as he walked to the Common Hall A, Group 1 classroom. From where he was, he could see the thick gray clouds that had been present ever since things had gone wrong way up there. He wasn't entirely sure Aeon hadn't done it on purpose, though it didn't seem like something she'd usually do. Maybe it had happened naturally.

    He found his thoughts wandering as he set things up in the class auditorium, and decided on some topics to add to the day's morning lecture. Due to the nature of how large and differently sized each dragon was, the classrooms themselves had accommodating 'seats' and desks for the various creatures. The seats were usually large comfortable cushions a dragon could sit on or lay on while still having comfortable access to their desks, or digital book readers. Next to these were spaces for riders and their own desks- The floor plan was also apparently highly customizable, as whole desk sets could fold down smoothly into the floor and be moved around.

    The orientation day a few days after hatching had been amusing to watch, as students were allowed to pick their seats and customize their preferred seating arrangements. He always felt it was best to hold seat picking and introductions during orientation rather than the first day of class because...well, aside from learning about each other, and goofing off, nothing really got learned.

    He had even had time to set up the large screen behind him before students arrived, which showed the cam of himself as well as the days topics on a screenshare of his computer, which like always, had notes and slides he used in teaching. The cam of himself was mostly for those in the back rows which were, for dragons anyway, spaced enough that it might be hard to see or hear what was going on without speakers and screens.

    When the wyrmlings did show up, as well as the curiously not yet bonded Centaurs (He was perplexed by the Time dragons bidding them to continue classes as if they'd bonded, but went along with it as much as he could). Once everyone was settled in their various seats, many having selected out some large breakfast pastries and a drink- Coffee, hot cocoa, or tea, depending on what one wanted- that were still warm and free. Atterimus did not like the idea of students learning on empty stomachs, and he knew some of these kids rolled out of bed at the last possible moment, and didn't have time to eat first.

    “Good morning, everyone. In light of recent events, I hope you've all been able to get some rest, because today is your first day of proper Wyrmling education. Now,” he paused, changing the slide to a more detailed entry of the first topic, “I felt that it would be a good idea to start off with some history of Aesulla's space program, since I realize that many here come from places unfamiliar with this, and thus are quite confused by what happened a few nights ago.”

    With that said, he went into the lecture showing pictures, historical video, and diagrams of how some of the things worked- which likely only the techs in the room understood, but really it was just because they looked neat. He explained that the Space Station was separate from the giant dragon looking thing, which was in fact Terminus' brother, Satellite, who had gone into space ages ago. Apparently he couldn't survive long in atmosphere for some reason so he'd been in space nearly his whole life, and therefore, had been a sort of planet 'guardian' more or less. Over time the space station had been built, and perfected with the innovation of artificial gravity, which made living in orbit in otherwise zero gravity possible long term for the colony team up there.

    It was harder for him to explain exactly what happened That Night, since it was still being investigated. He did, to the best of his ability, detail at least what was known. That thrusters had gone off suddenly, which had set off an apparent chain reaction in zero gravity of units striking one another, and one had gone off and crashed into the space station. One section of the ring had been destroyed, and so far very few survivors had been found in destroyed areas. Of those dead or missing, a few bodies had not been confirmed, but as they'd been those assigned to ships that had been seen hitting the atmosphere and exploding, that was likely the cause. Atterimus didn't go into that bit, though, and kept things fairly simple, without patronizing the wyrmlings or dumbing down what happened. It wasn't fair to the next generation to lie or play down incidents.

    When that segment of the lecture was done, he went over other historical topics that he had gone over before with the then-candidates, now riders, for the benefit of the dragons, as they hadn't been born yet. As with most histories, he started with the first hatching and the time leading up to it and some notable historical incidents thereafter, which most if not all the ancients knew about.

    Upon asking if anyone had any questions, he was most notably surprised to hear the query posed by none other than the Lomiran Prince- “Do you know anything about Inverted-Aura sickness?”. Atterimus blinked, and considered it. While the subject of the question wasn't conventional to the topic of history, it was technically something historic he hadn't really taught about before, since as far as he knew, the disorder was so rare it almost never happened in modern times.

    Aterrimus paused, clearly thinking, and perhaps the Prince may have felt his suspicions of such a thing not being real were likely, until the black-and gold streaked to red dragon flexed his wings and spoke, “I-A-S is an ancient disease found only in elves, and even in old times, it was very rare, almost unheard of, but that is likely due to its nature as being lethal before birth in most cases.” On his computer he was typing something up on the hidden side of his screen and then slid an image over onto the visible potion, with three diagrams, one of which most everyone was familiar with as showing the flow of aura and energy. It was also an image the Riders had seen when he'd gone over elemental basics in the months previous. The image next to it on the left though showed something with perplexing implications.

    The image was the same type of diagram, but instead of the aura flowing outward and around the person, it was constricted and illustrated darkly with harsh backward turning arrows back into the drawn elven shown, forcing all the elemental and soul, aura energy back into and recirculating inside the body to such levels that it became painful for the bearer, and created a sort of 'voided' or inverted, inside out aura that repelled all living things. “As you can see, IAS sufferers had to bear an aura that was quite literally inverted. This is why most did not survive long enough to be born, because the aura itself becomes too difficult to bear. Those who do survive have a kind of chronic pain and were thought to have moderately short tempers, likely due to stress and often being ostracized. It is...a very regrettable situation to be in, I'm afraid..."

    The wyrmlingmaster flipped to some other slides and continued, "History tells us that these individuals were often forced to keep to themselves, as their mere presence causes others to be unsettled in their presence. Not even animals can bear being close to them, or family. I have heard that most who did survive ended up leaving society entirely, one way or another.” He didn't elaborate exactly how they left, as such was fairly grim. Some of those had simply left to live in the wilds until they died alone. “The disorder was eliminated over a long period of time, partially due to sufferers willingly becoming infertile. Mind you this was 'more common' tens of thousands of years ago. Over time, the instances of it became fewer and fewer between. Modern instances are unheard of, and all but a couple total ever have passed away within about twenty years. Anyone surviving longer is very, very rare. Only one individual has survived longer than a hundred years...” he took a breath and thought about this.

    “These individuals also are incapable of bonding, as being linked to their minds and souls and auras is terribly painful, and it is thought that such would be lethal to those that bonded. As you may already suspect, Prince Zemal, Emperor Vicarous is one such individual. I do not know how he managed to live this long, it was assumed he left like many do. I suspect his born element had something to do with surviving, as with most in the direct Lomiran Royal line, which is Life.” He paused because some in the room gasped, and he waited for people to settle.

    Once he'd allowed them to settle down, he pointed out the third aura type, which they likely hadn't seen before either. This aura type was the opposite of the inverted one. “It is worth noting that in instances of twins, where one individual has an inverted aura, the twin will either have that or the opposite. The opposite is much less distressing. These auras produce so much energy that they enlighten others. For them it isn't a disorder so much as a boon. Examples include Empress Alistiana, who as we know, has the ability to share her energy in seemingly endless amounts. This trait has been passed on to most of the Lomiran Royals through time. As far as I know, the only one who didn't was Vicarous, likely because he and Alistiana were twins. Rather unfortunate, really...” he commented, looking to Zemal, hoping he answered the question sufficiently.

    Following this, he went over the basics of elements of those present in the room and went around discussing the various interesting things about each of those. Following instruction, he let them go to work on independent or group studies, depending on what they preferred. Following this class, they'd go to get lunch, and then their unique classes that went in depth on the studies they'd selected or been selected for- Such as the technology centered classes on programming and mechanics, or those who'd selected to learn field medic courses etc. Following that, their physical education assignment that day was being covered by a guest from Lomira, which was all noted down on the schedule he'd passed around to them that morning.

  • post your wyrmlings reacting to the class, what they studied during independent section of the class, and then write whatever class they went to after lunch (You can write about what they did at lunch too if you want.) Ending the post should involve going out to the grasslands near the hatching compounds where the obstacle course is nearby. There, they will meet Ballard.

    edit: You don't have to do these details for /every single/ wyrmling you have! You need to post with all of them but you only have to detail out the whole thing once, as I know that would get tedious for some folks with multiple wyrmlings! You could include a mention of their thoughts in the detailed post if you wanted also. There will be plenty of time to post all of them during Silver's Gathering event also so don't fret~

    Try to keep details from Jackins' event to a minimum since we don't know how that ends yet! As always, bonding creatures like Tragendire go to their own sort of 'day care' 'classes', so any creatures obtained in the event won't have to be mentioned unless you already got one*)

    10-3-17-to-10-10-17* plenty of wiggle room here if we need more time.
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Anviel Veyanir and Spirit/Air/Water Misuto
Tag: Open
Word Count: 1,537 words

Anviel. There was that beautiful voice, echoing softly in her mind, clear and-

Anviel, it repeated, a little louder now, and she felt a thin wing brush against her face. The elf opened her eyes, met with the sight of a dragon, her dragon, glowing against the darkness of the room. It still felt like a dream. The new rider reached forward, running her hand along the dragon's glass skin as if to prove to herself that it was real. The elf pulled herself up, sitting on the edge of the bed and rubbing her eyes. Misuto nuzzled her, and stepped off a little to the side. The elf slipped off the bed, and made her way over to the closet. She wasn't going to forget to dress for lessons like she had for the Hatching. Between the Dark dragon they shared their quarters with, and Misuto's mist aesthetic, it was never very bright anymore. Anviel didn't mind, but it still took some time to get used to.

"I would've normally been up earlier. It's been crazy these past few days, the space station thing, then whatever happened with the smuggling..."

"It's quite alright, Anviel. We still have some time before we need to be in the classroom."

"Where's Genzai?"

"He already left for his own classes. He didn't want you to have to worry. I know you wanted to say goodbye, but he understands."

Anviel slipped on some proper clothing, brushed her hair, and walked with Misuto to the classrooms. The two of them had chosen a spot in the front and off to the side, where it was easy to see and a bit out of the way. Misuto settled onto her cushion, while Anviel took a better look at her desk. She flipped through the books she'd been given, casting a glance back to Misuto. Did you really have to share all your elements? Give us all this homework? I'm sure you could've passed for just a Spirit.

Misuto conjured a light breeze, and playfully directed it towards her rider. Only the best for you, my dear Anviel.

The elf groaned, and turned her attention to the breakfast in front of her. She had some apple juice and a muffin, which she picked at a little. Misuto had something similar, although more appropriate for her size. They waited, patiently, for class to begin. Today, they'd be covering history. Misuto was eager for the lesson. Undoubtedly, she'd be familiar with much of what was discussed, particularly the first hatching and some events thereafter that she had perhaps even been a witness to. However, some things were always lost over the aeons, and others were changed. It was at times sad to see- some things, however, were perhaps better left forgotten- but always fascinating.

The lesson began. It was a wise move to discuss Aesulla's space program first, something that was undoubtedly on many's minds after what they had seen on the television during the party. Anviel, having grown up in Aesulla, was at least somewhat familiar with the history, and had passed some of that on to Misuto. Plenty of the information, however, was completely knew, although Misuto suspected that they perhaps were not expected to understand some of the more technical things that had gone wrong.

Then it was on to history, at first old, familiar things. At times during the lecture, Misuto would speak mentally to her rider, adding commentary or at times details that had been forgotten. With the reminders, of Anviel's own memories were coming through, flashes of lives before, often so subtle that Anviel herself did not notice. When they reached more recent history, the time period after the Viral War, Misuto listened much more intently. What caught her attention, however, was what was missing. She wasn't surprised, nor was she disappointed. It made sense. It was only unfortunate that it had to be that way. The class went on, and soon came the questions.

Anviel was puzzled to hear the Prince's question. That hadn't been mentioned in the lesson at all, as far as she heard. Misuto immediately lifted her head in Zemal's direction, her body stiffening. Anviel was one of the people who gasped upon hearing Emperor Vicarious's name, while throughout Aterrimus's explanation, Misuto's expression was one of deep sadness.

Anviel, almost immediately, reached out to her bonded, who'd been able to answer many of her questions so far. If Vicarious was supposed to be incapable of bonding, if it was supposed to cause such terrible pain, then why the hell was he allowed on the sands in the first place?

Misuto met eyes with her rider, lowering her head. That I cannot answer.

The class transitioned into independent study, and Anviel pulled up her digital reader to look over the books. Misuto stood up, stretched, and walked over to Anviel's desk. She sat down, leaning over her rider's shoulder to take a look at what she was reading. It was from the Spirit textbook, a page on passing through solid walls. It was a skill Anviel had already seen Misuto use several times, and one of the abilities that Spirit dragons were very well known for. Anviel had never really met a Spirit dragon before she bonded to Misuto, and at some point, she had actually believed it was a sort of passive ability rather than something they had control over. She'd almost thought that Spirits were just always partially incorporeal.

You're reading that to learn about my abilities, Misuto noted. They're too new for you to utilize them yet. The book has good information, but perhaps you'd like my own commentary on it.

"Of course, Misuto," Anviel said, shuffling a bit to the side to allow her dragon to read.

For the rest of the class, they discussed some of the more basic Spirit abilities, such as the ability to pass through certain solid objects. After that, it was lunch. Anviel and Misuto found a nice spot outside and ate. They talked, more about Anviel's family and the weather.

You haven't met too many of the others, have you? Misuto asked.

Anviel shook her head. "Not really... I didn't talk to too many of the other candidates. My roommate was one of the centaurs, not one that bonded."

You met Zadasiron and her rider, and the priest, he who bonds to Ambrosolariel, Misuto remarked. You will meet the others soon enough. We will work with them all in the time to come.

Next were the classes after lunch. Misuto and Anviel had been placed in a class with many different elements. It was a class for the Ancients, with less guidance, giving the Ancient wyrmlings the opportunity practice their elements much more independently than typical wyrmling classes would allow. The dragon and rider pair entered the room, with Misuto flexing her wings, seemingly pleased with the arrangements. There was plenty of space, and targets to practice on. She picked a still target and stationed herself and Anviel there. Before beginning, however, she watched the doorway, waiting and watching to see who would come through. There were still many old friends she had yet to greet, and she hoped she'd soon get the opportunity to do so.

Misuto sent a blade of air towards the target, testing just how sturdy it was. She paused for a moment, looking at what she'd done. Her air blades were not as powerful as she was used to- that was only to be expected, being so young- but she was still able to estimate the strength of the target. Satisfied, she began to test more advanced techniques, mixing her elements and trying each of them independently at well. She had quite a variety of different breath weapons as well as other offensive abilities, without even getting into those that involved calling upon other forces. Some of those abilities would likely not be tested until she was in actual battle, but that wasn't much of a problem. She was already familiar enough with the process, and would not call on spirits for the purpose of practice.

Throughout the class, as she tested her elemental abilities, she stopped to answer Anviel's questions or explain certain techniques to her rider. If anybody else spoke to her, she'd also have been happy to talk.

That class session was soon over, and Anviel gestured Misuto over to show her the schedule. Next was physical education- Anviel was already in the proper outfit, thankfully- which was being hosted by someone from Lomira. Anviel was quite familiar with the obstacle course and surrounding areas after her many months of candidacy- the dwarf seraph, of course, being her most vivid memory among the many visits. She led Misuto up to the area, the pair happy to walk alongside anyone they might've been talking to during their previous class. Misuto paused to take in a deep breath of the cold air, and looked over the grasslands. They could see for quite a while.

"We're not quite there yet," Anviel said, hardly needing a moment to catch her breath after the long walk over. She held out the schedule and pointed to the location it specified. "Just a bit further now."
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Cupcake Queen
Wyrmling Floral Twig

With the current events being what they were, Twig still attempted to start his first day of classes with his head held high and in high spirits. There was still confusion surrounding the events of the party, and while he didn't completely understand the gravity of the situation, he still knew that it was bad. But he had wanted to start his lessons on a positive note, and had opted to throw himself fully into his learning. He was still concerned, of course, but he didn't want to be distracted from his education. Besides, perhaps his lessons would clear up the confusion surrounding the events. In any case, he'd gotten ready for the first lesson bright and early, having actually stayed in his assigned room for the first time since they had been assigned. He'd been quiet, so as not to disturb his roommates, and had been one of the very first to arrive to class.

He'd opted, when seats had been assigned, for one in the front of the class. He was very small, after all, and he wanted a good vantage point for everything he was to learn. Sure, there were screens so that those not in the front could still see and hear, but the front was more hands on, and easier to take everything in, instead of focusing on the screen. He wanted to learn absolutely everything he could, as fast as he could, and he knew that the closer he was to the front, the less distracted he would get.

The mood of the lecture had been, while informative, less than cheerful. He was grateful for the lesson, as it cleared up quite a bit of what had happened at the party, but he did hop that not all the lessons were as dreary as the current one. The history portions, he was more than fine with. But being brought back to what had happened just a few days prior was somewhat hard. Not only because it was upsetting to him, but because he picked up everyone else's emotions regarding the subject, and wanted to cheer everyone else up. He knew he couldn't, not at the moment anyway, as they were in the middle of a lesson, but he felt that perhaps he should make his presence known to any who may still be emotionally distraught in his free time.

And then the question came from the prince. The question itself had taken him a bit off-guard, but the answer shook him further still. Though it did make a certain sort of sense. He knew who the Emperor was, as everyone did, and he had not failed to notice the lack of people around the man. To be honest, he'd been drawn to him himself, but he'd been foiled every chance he'd gotten to find a way near him. The odd feeling he'd gotten from Vicarous could easily be explained by this IAS, and that just made him the more determined to get near him. One couldn't change another's aura, especially in they had this inverted aura, but... well, he just felt even more drawn to make an attempt at approaching the Emperor.

The rest of the class passed swiftly, and he found it somewhat difficult to concentrate on the subject matter. For someone as empathetic as Twig, he found it quite easy to be snared into the IAS topic. Given that his mind was so consumed with the topic, he was somewhat (okay, very) relieved that he had opted to study healing and field medicine. It would be the perfect field to look into the topic, though he decided the first real day of lessons was probably not the best time to look into it. He shelved it in the back of his mind, however, to try and find some more information in the future.

His independent studies completed, lunch eaten, and lessons concerning the field medicine and healing out of the way, he made his way to the grasslands, where they were instructed to head for the next lesson of the day. It was an exhausting day already, and he had no doubt that he would fall asleep immediately once bedtime hit. Falling sleep during dinner may be closer to the truth, but he would push himself through the meal and focus on the company of his friends. There were others already gathered for this lesson, and he was actually somewhat happy to not be one of the first for this lesson. He wasn't certain what they were there for, so he was just as happy to blend in with everyone else until they were given their direction.

(Word Count: 776)
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Chalcedon Lesson One 1
Crystal/Earth Prince Chalcedon
Word Count: 692

The Crystal/Earth lifted his head and looked around his room.

Am I late? Immediately, he knew that he was wrong. It was quiet, almost eerily so. A quick check of the computer he'd been given confirmed his suspicions. Chalcedon had awoken more than an hour before the first classes were set to start. There was extra time, and so the young Crystal prince pulled open the closet door. There was a mirror against the wall, large enough for him to see most of his body. He looked at himself in the mirror, and slowly, most of the crystals on his body, excluding the amethyst underneath that made up most of his body, began to fall and clatter to the floor. He brushed them to the side, pushing them into the closet. He didn't have any need of clothes, and it was a good a place to store discarded ones as any.

Then, the old crystals moved out of the way, Chalcedon began to grow a new set. He completely understood how it was happening, seeing as it was his own power, but it was fascinating for him to watch nonetheless. The crystals formed in the grooves the old ones had left behind, starting slow and growing quicker and quicker. Today, he opted for a uniform silvery-white, a pleasant contrast to the amethyst of Chalcedon's main body. He wasn't vain- he wouldn't have been so nonchalant about the crowd's reaction to his hatching had that been the case- but there was something... well, fun about picking different colors. Besides, it utilized his elemental skills, and it was good to practice. Perhaps using that instinctive skill would help advanced elemental techniques come to him more easily.

The start of class was approaching, and Chalcedon made his way to the classroom. He stopped for some time to take a look at the weather- oh, how he'd longed to see the sky while he was still in the shell- before continuing on. He had chosen a spot in the very back of the class. He was one of the largest dragons of the hatching- of course, behind the sub-Titans, Orphiel, and the like- and he'd have hated to block the other wyrmlings from seeing or hearing the lesson, even with the screen. Satisfied, Chalcedon settled down, and the lesson began shortly thereafter.

He listened intently to the lecture, particularly the parts about old wars and military tactics. Already, he understood that there was nothing glamorous about war. Those around him while he was in the shell, many of them veterans of the brutal Nondir graduation, had taught him that much. But it was, in his eyes, a sad truth, a bitter reality that he, as a future warrior of Etharius, would someday have to face in person. It was wise- and indeed, he felt it was his responsibility- to learn as much about war as he could. How it was fought, how it was one... How to save more lives.

The question about IAS confused Chalcedon, at first, and began to make more sense as he listened. Immediately, upon hearing that Vicarious was afflicted with it, he began to feel sorrow. For the false Emperor, only a little; his real sympathy went out to Illirian. The Death Titan was his uncle, Chalcedon noted, and although it didn't affect the depth of his sympathy, it did make Vicarious's condition seem more personal. Is that condition what he uses to justify everything he's done? There wasn't anger. It was just... something to think about.

The day passed, and Chalcedon found the remainder of the day's studies to be quite fascinating. After his final academic class of the day, the young Crystal/Earth prince made his way up to the obstacle course area. He hadn't yet seen the area, and it almost took his breath away. So much grass, it's own sort of subtle beauty... Chalcedon hadn't had much of a chance to see the world yet, but what he had so far had impressed and amazed him. He took in a deep breath of air, only barely feeling the breeze on his tough exterior.

Now, he waited.
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Xensu Lesson One 1
Fire/Viral Xensuneos
Tag: Open
Word Count: 1,201

A lot had happened in the past few days. The smuggling incident and whatever had happened in space were important, sure. But Xensu's mind had been on what had happened at the party. She hadn't seen much of what had happened, really- a few odd flashes of light for the most part- but she definitely knew what it had meant. A needle had come right for her, only a narrow miss. Xensu doubted that it was Conquillettiddia herself- she probably would've wanted to do so herself, but Xensu suspected the Plague Queen was too cautious to risk a crowded party like that- but it was definitely a Viral. The fact that they had been so bold raised frightening implications.

So Xensu had to wonder... what would she do if she ended up face-to-face with Con?

No matter what, she didn't want the Plague Queen's needle putting anything into her. But refusing that "gift" would, without a doubt, reveal Xensu's true colors. Her only option at that point would be to fight. As far as she was concerned, she had a better chance against Con than the average dragon. Xensu, as a Viral, was immune to most diseases, and unlike many dragons, she would actually know what she was facing. If it came to fighting, Xensu would be able to use her Fire element... or call for help. The Plague Queen was very obviously a Viral, but then that might open up Xensu to suspicion at well.

She'd have many choices to make.

Xensu hadn't been out of the shell for very long at all, and already her mornings were dominated by those sorts of thoughts. She had been up for hours, and there was still time before class started. She took a long shower, ending it only after she saw it was getting very close to the start of class. The Fire didn't wait for Vespa this time, quickly spotting a small group of wyrmlings and following them to the classroom. She wouldn't be alone for even a moment. She arrived in the classroom, and settled down with a bowl of breakfast pineapple at her desk, which was towards the front of the classroom, and took a look at her schedule. She'd been hoping that she wouldn't be identified as an Ancient, in case Con was closely following what was going on. Unfortunately, the others had noticed- the Spirit dragon Misuto was the one who had told the hatching attendants towards the end of the hatching. Thankfully, it seemed none of them, with the exception of Amneros and Oknarel, recalled Xensu's second element.

Class began, and Xensu listened intently to the history lesson at the start, as well as the explanation about Aesulla's space program. Many of the older events covered in the history portion of the lesson were vaguely familiar. She herself had not been present at many of them, although she'd had these lessons before, and worked with other Ancients that had witnessed them in person. It was more like Xensu was being reminded than she was being taught, although there was still a certain distance in her mind between her and the history she was being told.

That was, until they got to the Viral War. Xensu knew that it had to be coming eventually, but that didn't stop how nervous she was to hear about it. It was impossible to hind her obviously Viral features- the extra pair of limbs, the needle. When Xensu saw old pictures of Virals, she could see herself in them, plain as day, and it was almost difficult to fathom that other dragons didn't see it in her so plainly as well. Just act normal. she reminded herself, sprawled nonchalantly on her cushion, her needle-tipped tail plain as day. She resisted the urge to hide it, fearing that such an action would only arouse suspicion. You're paranoid, she told herself. Immediately, then she reminded herself, But that's how you survive.

Survive. Just last a little longer, earn their trust, show them. Avoid Conquillettiddia. Then maybe they'll see.

Too hopeful? Maybe.

It seemed to be forever before the history lesson was over, and at long last, Xensu relaxed. It was followed very shortly after by Prince Zemal of Lomira asking something about some type of sickness. Xensu paid special attention to that, but it seemed that it was related exclusively to someone's elemental aura. She hadn't really thought much about Emperor Vicarious since she'd hatched, although she understood what he'd done. If his condition, IAS, was his motivation for force-bonding with Illirian and taking over Nondir, that was very interesting. It didn't excuse his actions, but Xensu definitely felt sympathy for him. Turning to evil ways because he was shunned from society, over something he couldn't control... She didn't agree, but she understood.

The independent study session she dedicated to reading over the Fire elemental textbook. It was a fairly straightforward element- with a vast variety of applications, sure, but not nearly so complex as elements like Mental or Spirit could be. Besides, there wasn't much else that Xensu could study, besides looking more in depth into the history they'd discussed. She couldn't remember on her own all the intricacies of utilizing both her elements. Reading and gathering information, what was learning to most dragons, reminded Xensu how to use her abilities.

Lunch came and went. Xensu had elected to take classes on field medicine. It had seemed like an odd fit, perhaps, being a Fire. But it wasn't uncommon for dragons with non-healing elements to take classes and become field medics, even if they were planning on becoming fighters. What Xensu learned about anatomy, biology, and the spread of disease could be applied to her Viral element. Already, she was beginning to remember little by little. The knowledge that came to her through the hive mind helped, but the Plague Queen's information was mostly about diseases, many of which could be brutal. That was... useful, and Xensu would use them if she had to, but she knew her abilities could be used for so much more than that. She wanted the world to see it... in time.

That was a dream to chase another day.

Her final class of the day was over, and Xensu exited the building. There were already people outside, and that was good. The young Fire flapped her wings and took to the skies, following the path of other wyrmlings up to the obstacle course. Flying was something that came easily to her, in part because of her small size compared to some dragons, and she suspected in part because of experience that carried over from past lives. She settled on the grass in a group of other dragons and looked around, seeking someone, anyone to talk to. She spotted Twig, her cousin in this life, and lingered just a little bit away. She didn't want to bother him, but she felt comfortable having him nearby. She looked around a bit more, seeing if she could find anyone else. Xensu had spoken with Shiruba briefly at the start of the party, and she was hoping she'd get the chance to speak to more of the Ancients soon enough.
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Maksim and Bolero Lesson 1
Tag: Zemal
Word Count: 809

Wake up, love. You're already late. I'll remind you, before you complain, that this is the third time I've tried to wake you. I think you ought to really try and make an attempt to get up this time.

"I don't care if I'm late," Came Maksim's muffled protest from his pillow. "I'm with the prince. No one's gonna care when I get there."

That's not how this works, love. Besides, I believe Zemal already left. If you don't hurry, you're going to be the last one at lecture. We don't want to stick out like a sore thumb.

That thought, more than anything else, roused Maksim to open his eyes. He was buried beneath three layers of blankets, all of which were pulled up nearly past his head. His hair was mussed, and his motions were slow and groggy as he pushed himself to his hands and gave a huge yawn. He didn't need to call for Zemal to know that Bolero was right, either. He couldn't hear his friend moving around in their shared room. Had he really left without him? That bastard. Zemal wouldn't have done the same.

He tried to wake you as well. You slapped his arm. You don't remember?

He didn't, of course. Maksim could sleep long and hard when the desire (or need) struck him, and the last few days of freedom hadn't been spent very wisely despite Bolero's good advice. He'd always considered himself something of a night owl, and early wake up calls didn't really agree with him. There was no convincing anyone that he required special exceptions, either. No one considered laziness a disability.

He sat up in bed and rubbed at his eyes. He let them fall shut again as he mindlessly drug his fingers through his hair, taming the little knots and weaving it mindlessly into its usual plait. "How late am I?" He yawned. He could feel Bolero pausing before she gave her answer, which worried him. "Bolero?"

You'd do well to hurry. Put on something quick and we'll try to arrive in quick order. We might still be able to be tastefully late.

"Shit," Maksim groaned as he swung his legs over the side of the bed. He wouldn't have time to properly comb his hair or shower before he made an appearance, and that made him irritated. Still, that didn't mean he had to go dressed in his sleeping clothes. He took his time choosing an outfit despite Bolero's gentle prompts to please hurry, and by the time he and his dragon arrived, Aterimus was already deeply into his lecture. There was no subtle way to enter, and so Maksim settled for walking quietly but with purpose, dropping himself in a seat next to Zemal and firing up his tablet while Bolero curled herself up in an empty couch.

"You should have tried to wake me," Maksim hissed at his friend, flicking through e-mails until he pulled up the lecture. He could already feel himself growing bored: Formal education had never really been something he'd been interested in. There was far too much sitting and listening for it to be really interesting, and besides that, he didn't much care about the current topic of discussion. Who wanted to talk about an undead madman, anyway? What, were they supposed to feel sorry for him? Maksim wrinkled his nose and flipped over to an internet browser.

"Boo hoo," He muttered mostly to Zemal under his breath. "Tough life. Give me a break." He snorted and sunk down into his chair as he settled in for a couple of hours of online shopping and messaging. He pulled up his messenger program to send Mistoff a quick message. In class. It's boring. :C Talking about zombies. Miss me? ;)

The lesson went by in a haze. Maksim couldn't say that he pulled much from the lecture, but it was the lessons which followed which truly interested him anyway. He allowed Bolero to choose where she wanted to go, and, as if to punish him for lagging behind during the lecture, the dragon insisted on doing some additional, independent study. While she claimed an interest for Maksim to learn more about history (and gain a deeper appreciation for her reincarnated siblings), getting him to focus was a struggle. Maksim's mind drifted often, seemingly without his control, and by the time they were ready to walk to the second part of the lesson, Maksim was extremely frustrated.

It didn't take him very long to find Zemal, and he caught up with his friend with the hopes of at least walking with him. "I hope your day was better than mine," He grumbled by way of greeting. "She had me studying."

You needed it, Maksim. You cannot always avoid things just because you find them unpleasant. This will help you. You'll see.

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Lysander and Ambrosolariel Lesson 1
Word Count: 908

Remember that you don't have to attend today if you are truly not feeling well. The lecture is being recorded. You could stay and rest, if you so desired.

"I want to attend. I should be there with everyone else. It's not right for me to stay behind. Besides," Lysander took in a deep breath and smiled at his reflection in the mirror, tired and thin though it was. "It'll be good to get up and around. I'm eager to see all of your siblings," He chatted on, hands shaking only a little as he fastened the clasps on his robe. It was a simple thing, typical of his order, high-collared and pale white, narrow through the waist and wider at the sleeves. Other people might have thought that a frock would be uncomfortable, but Lysander felt quite at home with it on. He took a deep breath, and then smiled down at Daisy's reflection. "How do I look?"

I'm sure she thinks you look wonderful. Anyone who saw you would be in ready agreement. Should I call someone to assist you down to the lecture hall?

"I'll have you and Daisy. That's all the help I'll need."

She still took his breath away every time he saw her. She was like the light of the heavens itself, gleaming with the colors of a sunrise, gentle and soft like the blossoms which bloomed so readily from her scales. To look at her was both a privilege and humbling. He didn't deserve her, he thought quietly to himself. And, as usual, she turned her head to gently touch her muzzle against his cheek.

There is no one in this world more deserving than you, my cherished one. Don't weep. There's no need to worry anyone. Let's walk together.

He walked with his hand against her side, not so much because he needed the support (although it was greatly appreciated), but because it felt good to touch her, to have a physical reminder that she was here, she existed (not that he ever doubted; He knew the scriptures better than anyone), and she was his. Well, not his. Ambrosolariel couldn't ever truly belong to anyone, but what he meant was--

Yours, She murmured to him as they entered the lecture hall. She joined him near the front, preferring to stay beside him than lounge in the back with the other dragons. It wasn't that she held any disdain for them-- Quite the opposite, in fact. But just as Lysander was enamored of her, she was enamored of him. Being close to him was comfort, and she curled her body around where he sat. He'd grown stronger since being with her, and though he might never be well, he at least lived more comfortably than he had in years. She was grateful for that. Now listen. He's about to begin. There are still plenty of things you and I don't remember.

Lysander heeded her advice. He'd always been a scholar, and being in a lecture hall was like being home. His fingers few across his tablet, tapping in notes and commentary in neatly organized folders. He faltered when the discussion turned to Vicarous, however, and he reached out to stroke Ambrosolariel as he allowed his mind to wander.

He was likely one of the few people who'd been able to speak with him one-on-one lately. The resulting discussion hadn't gone at all as planned, and that only made him feel more torn than before. He knew that there was pain in Vicarous's life, and that it hadn't been fair. Perhaps they should be gentler toward him. The Celestial did, after all, preach forgiveness, and--

Vicarous made his bed, my love. His situation was most unfortunate, but this does not excuse what he has done. There shall be no forgiveness for him. There is no answer for his atrocities but justice. That is not my job. She turned her head to watch him, and crooned when she sensed his grief. Do not mourn for Vicarous, my love. All of us are ever in a circle. It will turn again, and when he returns to us, he will have a chance to make good on the atrocities he has committed. Just not now.

He still couldn't shake his feeling of disappointment and sadness as the lesson ended. Lysander allowed the rest of the class to filter out before he got to his feet, again leaning on his dragon to assist him out of the hall. Ambrosolariel didn't speak: She didn't need to. She knew exactly what her rider was feeling, after all. Lysander had difficulty reconciling his forgiving and gentle nature with the sort of justice they both knew Vicarous must receive. Thankfully, the lessons which followed might prove to be a worthy distraction.

Lysander was always interested in the healing arts, and though he'd never had a talent for it himself, his medical knowledge coupled with Ambrosolariel's natural talents meant that healing training was a worthy pursuit. They spent the afternoon that way, studying and practicing, bringing Ambrosolariel's flowers into bloom and examining their uses. By the time the lesson finished, Lysander felt sufficiently cheered and ready for what was to come next even when faced with the daunting walk across the training grounds.

You may always sit astride, Ambrosolariel reminded him as she walked alongside, keeping her pace slow so as not to hurry him. You know that I wouldn't mind.

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Aloran and Renezneth Lesson 1
Word Count: 643

You are enjoying this more than you thought you would. There's no harm in that. Why are you distressed?

It was true that Aloran's bonding came as a surprise. He hadn't meant to linger so long in Aesuella, and his wanderlust had been difficult to ignore. Renezneth was patient with him, as always. The dragon was nothing if not courteous even at his young age, and eagerly provided Aloran the space and time to adjust he so desperately needed. Centaurs were not used to being rooted so completely in one spot. He longed to lose himself in a place free of buildings and people, to be out in the world, listening to its secrets as he had been content to do for many years before. Still, he'd always been fond of scholary pursuits, and this suited him better than lavish parties. He could sit quietly and take in everything around him, and when he lost interest in the lecture, he could lose himself in his own thoughts.

Aloran lightly tapped his pen against the open page of his book. He didn't really care for taking notes on a laptop as so many of his other classmates did. There was something pure about the smell of paper and the sound of it as it crinkled between his fingertips. He slowly turned a page, his pen moving in quick strokes to sketch some of the dragons around him. There will only be more of this to come, he finally thought back at his dragon, lips pressed together. The novelty will soon wear thin.

Give this time. It will do you well to learn some patience. Try to use some now. You might be grateful for it later. We will not always be confined to the city. There will be other opportunities later. For now, this must suffice. I'm sorry that you must suffer it. You needn't do it alone. I'm beside you.

Yes, Aloran quietly replied to his dragon. I know.

It had taken him some time to come to terms with his bonding. To attract such a dragon was an immense honor, and any other circumstance Aloran would be proud to know Renezneth. Even now, he was warmed to the idea of working beside him. Together, there was much they could accomplish. One day, Renezneth would grow into an impressive creature. Perhaps he would not be the largest or the strongest, but Aloran had never wanted glamour.

You discredit me, Renezneth quietly interrupted his thoughts. I am attractive as well.

Yes. That was true.

The lecture wrapped itself up, and Aloran sighed as he stretched his legs. He was unused to spending so much time in his humanoid form, but stairs and lecture halls were not easily navigated by hooves. They'd tried to make the area as comfortable for every race as could be done, of course, but hard surfaces and hard hooves didn't often mix well together. He stood with a slight stretch and allowed Renezneth to choose what their training would be for the day. The dragon knew better than anyone else what he would need, and he was nevertheless unsurprised when the Crystal opted for combat training.

Watching him work was a thrill, even at this young age. Renezneth had a noted talent, graceful despite his size and athletic. He mastered basic techniques quickly, and Aloran could sense the dragon's slight disappointment when their session ended. He could have gone on for much longer, and Aloran would have been happy to watch him. He had to admit, however...

You're looking forward to what waits ahead, aren't you? Renezneth asked of his chosen as they walked to their next lesson.

"Plants suit me," Aloran replied simply, conversationally. "Swords do not. Plants are more subtle. Malleable."

His dragon fanned his wings, something like a thrum sounding in his throat. I hope you're right.

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Ballard to Class

He had been waiting patiently for the class to arrive for the past hour and a half, content to sit in the grass, stretch his wings, and take in the sunlight. There were few opportunities for such small pleasures in such a great city, and though he had the ability to go elsewhere on a whim, he preferred to stay near. There was energy here, the cause of such was difficult for him to ascertain. There was something changing, something big. It resonated in him like a song, shook him from the tip of his tail to the prongs of his antlers. Even now he could feel it like static, but the harder he reached for it, the more faraway it felt. Frustrating.

He kneaded his claws in the grass, digging great furrows. A wide assortment of plant samples were arranged around him on tables, presented in a semi circle with Ballard at its center. From this position, he would be able to watch over the youngsters without worrying about someone making a mistake or straying from the lesson. He had seen the hatchlings, and as much as he adored young dragons, he felt that some of them might try his patience. Thankfully, that was something he had in abundance.

The great dragon lifted his head as he sensed the approach of the class. They trickled in little by little, and he rested his gaze thoughtfully on each of them as they came. So much ancient energy here. It burned inside of them-- Could they feel it? Did they remember? Or was it lost to them, locked behind closed doors until such a time that a memory triggered a key? He might have to ask later. For now, he was the master, and they were his pupils. He even recognized a few of them, including Misuto with whom he'd spoken to earlier. He acknowledged her arrival with a deep bow of his head. Did she recognize him? He'd been in a different form, then.

Ballard heaved a long sigh through his nostrils as he allowed himself to lay in the grass, hindlegs tucked neatly at his side. His tail curled around his hindquarters, dream mist fluttering slightly in the breeze. He stretched his wings before he settled them along his back, and at last, he began to speak.

Hello, young ones. It's an honor to be before you today. I have much to teach you in a short amount of time; What you learn here I hope shall be invaluable to you. Though we stand now surrounded by technology, it is good to remember the wonders of the natural world and be learned in their powers. Never forget that the planet is powerful; There is nothing which we build that can compare. He turned his head left, and then right, motioning to the tables spread around him. Come and sit near me. Allow me to explain your task.

He didn't rise from where he lay, and instead simply stretched out his neck, nose tipped downwards as he looked down upon his class. Before you are samples of various medicinal plants. You might recognize some of them from your preliminary training. I have also included samples of some rarer varities, which have been labeled for your pursuit. Many of these plants grow along this very course, and so I have tasked you with this: He stood then, slowly and carefully. The dragon shook the grass from his coat and turned his head to peer back over his shoulder. Find me the plants listed for you. You will each require three samples of Silverleaf, Rainflower, and Gallowsweed. Return to me when you have completed your task. Be aware that these plants look similar to other, more common varities: Do not be fooled. I would begin your searches near the rocks, where Gallowsweed likes to grow.

He looked back over at his pupils, obviously expectant. When no one made any immediate movement, he stretched out his wings and uttered a single, commanding bellowed call. Go!

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