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Stan Kirby Bobble Head Night!

Posted by PhiladelphiaFounders (Members) at Aug 4 2018, 09:35 AM. 0 comments

Well the start of the season for the Philadelphia Founders has not been great. They have had a challenging schedule, and lost young star receiver B Fourtney. Injuries have plagued the OIFL already this season, but it hurts a team like Philly more. They are young, and don't have much depth. However, they are playing more sound football, and the team is beginning to gel! This week the Founders face a tough Chicago line, but the Founders hope to make their moves away from the line. They have focuses on turnovers in practice this week. Defensive Coordinator, Brian Dawkins spear-headed the practices this week. Being one of the best open-field tacklers to ever play the game, he showed the Founders defense how to flock to the ball. Turnovers create for exciting play, and may be the chance Philly needs to make a splash!

This week's game also hosts a special give-away to all fans in attendance. A special edition bobble head of star Quarterback Stan Kirby! This young star is sure to be something special, and this keepsake will be something fans can cherish for years to come! Philly is getting back to their gritty roots this week against Chicago. Emphasizing on hard hitting and turnovers. Can they pull out their first win of the season? Only one way to find out!

Week 1 Review

Posted by Chicago (Members) at Jul 19 2018, 09:44 AM. 0 comments

Chicago, IL - Week 1 Review

Evansville Victory:

After taking defeat after defeat from Evansville since our inception, it was sure nice to get a victory against them in week one this year. While we won the game there are some things we saw that need to be dealt with. Our offense played well the entire game but we had some missed plays that could have cost us the game. Holcombe was average at best in his first start, but it was his FIRST start and he came up against Evansville. So, with that we thought he did better than anyone could have asked for in that situation. I believe we have one of the best lines in the OIFL and they came away with the victory in arguably one of the deepest lines in the OIFL. I am happy with the way the team played and came away with the victory, but we have to move on to week two and prepare for New York. Evansville is a great team and we look forward to taking them on again later in the season. Not an easy task for us taking on two of the top teams in the first two weeks but we are up for it.

Roberto Albertini:

It was a tough decision for us to make as an organization to release Roberto Albertini. He put on a show for years in Chicago. He brought that love of football back to Chicago and the fans. Roberto Albertini gave us some great years. We are glad that he was a part of our organization for as long as he was. He led the team with pride and integrity. We wish him the very best in his future endeavors and he will always have a place in the hearts of our organization and its fans.

Colin Stotts discusses Terrors Week One win

Posted by TexasTerrors (Members) at Jul 17 2018, 09:02 AM. 0 comments

This morning Texas Terrors Head Coach Colin Stotts had a very short press conference. Below are some of the highlights.

On the Terrors performance in the first game: It really depends on the side of the ball you want to talk about. Defensively I think that was the most complete game I have seen this defense play in my time here. Offensively I think that was the absolute worst game I have seen from this offense since I have been here.

What changes can be made on offense: Actually acting like we know what offense is would help. We forgot how to throw. We forgot how to run. We forgot how to block. We forgot how to catch. We forgot how to run routes. The fact we had more return yards than rushing or passing yards is absolutely pathetic. Warren has a lot of work to do this week if we even want to pretend we are an actual football team. On the flip of that again, the defense was dominate and that will give us a chance until the offense decides to show up in a game.

At that point, Stotts got up and left.

Philadelphia Founders Season Preview

Posted by PhiladelphiaFounders (Members) at Jul 15 2018, 10:19 AM. 0 comments

It's been a very interesting off-season for the 2nd year Philadelphia Founders. They were able to acquire an Elite-Level QB in Stan Kirby in the Disbursement Draft. The young core they drafted improved a lot and are setting themselves up to become real professionals in the OIFL. Rich Braskett has come out of his Freshman campaign and really showed why Philadelphia has so much faith in him.

Young and promising B Fortney had an unfortunate injury in the preseason, but Founders Owner, Gunnar Granderson didn't let that deter his drive to drastically improve his squad. He made a very unpopular decision by putting young and talented Rich Brawn on the trade block. But Mr. Granderson has his faith in Rich Braskett and felt he could deal Brawn to make this team better. A deal at the last second came through that seemed to change everyone's opinion of Mr. Granderson.

The Founders acquired a stand-out offensive veteran from the deal for Brawn. Felix Porter will be wearing a Philly uniform this year, and gives their new Quarterback a real offensive threat to competing defenses. Plus, Philadelphia was able to acquire a young Lineman to grow and help protect their Franchise QB, AND Philadelphia was able to significantly improve their financial situation with this trade.

Does this make Philadelphia and Gunnar Granderson a legitimate squad and franchise? Did the risky deal for Brawn payoff? Will the OIFL take Philadelphia and their owner seriously now? The aggression from Philadelphia is undeniable. However all these other questions have yet to be answered. The story line for 2018 is evident. What was thought to be a joke in the league, may now be formidable. This season will be much more exciting than anticipated in Philadelphia. One thing is for sure. the fans of Philadelphia now have something to look forward to watching on the field. Mr. Granderson made many mistakes his first year owning the OIFL expansion team. Were these lessons learned? Or were they just bad habits beginning to be realized? Time will tell. For now, let's kick off the 2018 season!

DC Readies for the Regular Season

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Jul 13 2018, 02:44 PM. 0 comments

WASHINGTON, DC - The Conspiracy announced their final roster moves heading into the regular season, as required to meet the league deadline to reduce their roster to 28 players.

A last minute trade with London slightly shook things up. The Conspiracy sent OLDL Felton Poley to London in exchange for RBLB Miles Schweiger. DC had been shopping Poley, and with the number of linemen on the DC roster was considered a possibility to not make the cut due to his age and tackling ability compared to the others on the team.

Schweiger is thought to have been in a similar situation; a capable player in a crowded position on the Monarchs roster. With London on the market for additional linemen and DC characteristically looking to stay young on the back end of their roster, the move made sense. The move also saved DC from having to pay the cut penalty for Poley, giving them a financial incentive as well.

The loser in the trade on the DC roster was veteran RBLB Joe Brockson, who signed a 'prove it' deal coming into camp. While he had an adequate camp and pre-season, the DC front office decided to go in a younger direction when the opportunity arose. It is believed that Brockson would be welcomed back with open arms if an injury were to occur and he is still available.

Brockson was arguably the biggest name to be cut in this last round, but not the only one. K Jose Cortez, one of the league's chief elders with 18 years experience, was also on the cut list, as was veteran DS Preston Street, QBs Tommy Maddox and Jamarco Angermeier, and WRLB Roy Lovelace.

DC goes into Week 1 to face off against the Wisconsin Warlords, led by QB Jason Stackhouse.

Pre-Season Review

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Jul 12 2018, 02:43 PM. 0 comments

As the pre-season comes to a close, I wanted to take a look at how the young players grew during this pre-season, and how that could impact their respective teams. Some teams had a lot of players show improvement, while others had only one or two; some improved quite a bit. Naturally the younger teams are the most likely to benefit from these benefits. Whether it really helps the team out or not though depends on if it was enough to secure a spot on the 28-man roster for the players in question.

First, let's take a look at the team-by-team breakdown...

BALTIMORE (6 hits) - OLDL Wade Michael, OLDL Matt Metzger, WRDB Sam Engelberg, OLDL Terrence Hatala, K Keith Dunker (2)

Thoughts: Its always nice for a team to see multiple starters grow, as Michael and Metzger did here. Hatala's growth also contributes to a pretty solid line forming in Baltimore for the season. Engelberg is important for the long term so any growth from him is good to see for the Breakers. While Dunker did well by him with two hits, it might not be enough to supplant Robert Andrews. I'm guessing Baltimore would have preferred one of the others hear got that bonus hit.

CHICAGO (12 hits) - RBLB Dyen Johansen, RBDB Neil Jensen (2), OLDL Moe St. Germain, K Werner Brielmeyer (3), WRDB Brandon Graham, QB Jim Holcombe, QB Robert Sighnifolini, WRLB Larry Burtchaell, OLDL Eric Deblinger

Thoughts: Seeing a stud like Brandon Graham continue to get better in the pre-season is a plus for the Blues. The biggest gains came from Brielmeier, but he may not make the roster. However, it could help him land a job elsewhere. St. Germain gives more strength for their line (I'd be surprised if Deblinger makes it past the cuts to join him though). Holcombe continued to show he is ready to take over for Albertini under center, which could be big for Chicago. Jensen is a player I'm sure they wanted to improve and he did. The other players I doubt will see the field much, but could stick around and be important players in the future.

D.C. (12 hits) - QB Mark Kingseed (2), OLDL Eliot Quickmon, OLDL Harry Tomlinson (2), OLDL Germarion Schulz (2), OLDL Jordan Westin (2), DS JeQuavion Lawrence, K Stephen Smyka, WRLB Roy Lovelace

Thoughts: A big thing here for DC is that almost all of these hits went to players who will make the final 28 for them, so they will see the benefits of these hits. The biggest impact this year will come from Quickmon, Tomlinson and Schulz. Quickmon's further improvement solidifies his move to the starting lineup, and Tomlinson and Schulz went a long way to securing spots in the rotation for a group that was relatively even matched. The continued development of Kingseed, Lawrence and Smyka is a good omen for their future.

DELMARVA (11 hits) - DS Ja'Quan Diek (2), QB James Marple (2), RBLB Ralph Breshears, RBDB Leonard McKenzie (2), OLDL Howie Roth (2), OLDL Skip Svarth, OLDL Tom Bradford

Thoughts: It looks like a fairly safe bet that all of these players will make the final 28, which is good for the young team. Marple's growth bodes well for him taking over for Dilworth in future years. Diek's growth further strengthens the defense on the back end (McKenzie and Breshears also possibly). The young running backs will now be better able to contribute off the bench, which could be important for the Legacy. Svarth's improvement may have given him a job, but it's possible he is still on the bubble. The other linemen are pretty safe, thanks in part to their growth here. Roth may find himself in the starting lineup next week.

EUGENE (5 hits) - OLDL Mark Heisler (2), QB Nigel Lamb, OLDL Randal Bohannan, DS Cuan Nordine

Thoughts: Cuan Nordine just might have done enough to stick around as the 4th DS (if they choose to keep a 4th). Heisler's growth will help out the team and his pocketbook when he hits the market. He has become one of the league's most talented young linemen. Bohannan is a player I'm sure they want to see continue his growth, as is Lamb. No major jumps here, but the growth was generally in the right places.

EVANSVILLE (5 hits) - RBLB Amaro Zilanawala, OLDL Robert Heller (2), QB Gary Persinger, WRDB David Dunavin

Thoughts: Evansville needs for their youngsters to be able to fill the sizeable shoes of their current starters in the future, and this helps. Zilanawala should get some good playing time this year in the backfield. Heller's growth will help him fit right in with the rest of the line. He might not see much time unless injuries hit but he has a bright future ahead. I doubt Persinger makes the roster, but Dunavin certainly does and should be able to step in when he needs to.

FORT McMURRAY (15 hits) - OLDL Suren Myers, OLDL Traveon Beck (2), WRDB Renny Taylor (4), OLDL James T. Mayes III, OS Dale Andrews, QB Ken Phillips (2), RBLB Ojasafey Hrimnajh, OLDL Robin Bogart, OLDL Wydarius Baskin, OS Mark Kist

Thoughts: The Fatmen gained more than any other team, but will it all help? Taylor certainly will when he comes back from injury; his growth could mean a lot for the team. Two-thirds of the starting line grew together which the Fatmen had to like. I doubt Baskin makes the roster but the other linemen here likely will. I think Kist makes the roster over Andrews to backup OS Mark Taylor. Phillips tightened his grip on the backup QB/heir apparent role and Hrimnajh just might get some playing time off the bench. Overall, not bad at all.

FORT WORTH (7 hits) - WRDB Larry Graper, OLDL Dale Harding (2), OS Omotade Adeniyi (3), WRDB Renzo Polato

Thoughts: Adeniyi is turning into an excellent OS, however its debatable how big of a role he can have behind Darren Silverstein. Unless Silverstein opts to try the market next year, Adeniyi's best value may be as trade bait. With recent injuries Harding's growth takes a slight edge off the pressure on the line. Graper and Polato are both young guys the United have to want to develop well, so they'll take one hit each on these two.

HOUSTON (6 hits) - WRLB Tyrell Baran, OLDL Mister Metz (2), OS Martin Frank (3)

Thoughts: Frank came over from Evansville and made a case for being a solid investment, as he earned two more hits after getting one with the Squirrels. This will help him do well as a rookie starter. Metz is an interesting project and could develop into a solid lineman if given the time and attention to do so. I'm not sure Baran makes the roster with his need for growth still on defense, but this didn't hurt his chances.

HUNTINGTON (12 hits) - QB Bob Maino (4), WRDB Rex Kuntzelman, WRDB Miquel Simpson, OLDL John Osley (2), DS Paul Boyd (2), K Karl Koepke (2)

Thoughts: This could be big for Maino, possibly enough to take over the starting role from BJ Rayburn. The two young wideouts are both players I'm sure they are counting on for the future so their growth is welcome. Koepke likely doesn't survive cut day despite his efforts. Osley might just have worked his way into the rotation as a rookie, and Boyd's growth could be important for the Bucks' defensive backfield, especially if injuries occur.

INDIANAPOLIS (9 hits) - RBLB Raynor Baz, QB Don Kelly, WRDB Ralph Deitrich, OLDL Jemarius Sullivan (2), DS Tom Haslett (2), QB Pat Sweeney, WRDB Otto Karenten

Thoughts: Sullivan and Haslett showed the most growth this pre-season; Sullivan might have secured a roster spot with his growth and Haslett helped himself to be the top DS off the bench. I'm not sure if Kelly and Sweeney make the 28, but both are young QBs worthy of developing. A lot likely hinges on the Racers' long term plans for the position (Hiruma is in a contract year). Baz's growth is important to the team; 1 hit might not change the game for them but the better he gets the better it is for the Racers. Deitrich and Karenten both have a decent chance to make the roster, thanks in part to their growth here.

LONDON (7 hits) - QB Hector Zuazo, RBLB Chris Murdock (2), WRDB Andrew Crocchio, WRLB Carlos Tolosa (2), WRDB Ferdinand Cassio

Thoughts: I dont think Zuazo make the loaded roster. Cassio and Crocchio will both start the year on the injured list. My guess is Crocchio could stick around after, but Cassio is likely cut when the Monarchs are able. Murdock's growth was welcome and will come handy against the more run-heavy teams on their schedule. Tolosa is a prospect they should be glad to see develop.

LOS ANGELES (4 hits) - WRDB Ron Hasselbrock, DS Jim French, WRDB Donald Avery Hall, OLDL Thomas Stoss

Thoughts: LA didn't have a ton of young guys to develop, but they got something out of the ones they had. French will need to work more on his speed but this helps, and he has the coverage skills. Hasselbrock and Hall are both important to their long term future so development here is helpful, and Stoss should be a solid contributor off the bench for the Matadors. They didn't get many hits, but they will all count.

NEW YORK (3 hits) - WRDB Ike Chavayda, WRLB Julian Felder (2)

Thoughts: New York is in a similar place as LA when it comes to their young guys. Chavayda will be a good asset off the bench. Felder may or may not make the roster. He has potential, but this is a tough roster to crack. It will likely depend on how many specialists the Mean Machine want to keep on the roster.

OHIO (7 hits) - RBDB William Lee, OLDL Jerry Ladd (4), K Steven Green, OS Bud Hagler

Thoughts: I'm not sure its enough to make the roster, but Ladd really helped himself here. If he doesn't I wouldn't be surprised if someone tries to sign him to a favorable long term deal and grow him up. Lee continuing his growth is a real good thing for the Commanders, and Hagler should do a little better now if he needs to come off the bench. Green does not make the roster.

OMAHA (1 hit) - OS DuQuavion BrownLee

Thoughts: This further helps BrownLee to be a strong specialist off the bench when Cohen needs a break. While they only had a couple guys able to grow in the pre-season, I have to think they were hoping for a little more here.

PHILADELPHIA (6 hits) - QB Dennis McKinley, OLDL Paul Alkaranafil, OS Gary Barrett (3), DS Andy Plewa

Thoughts: I'm not sure if McKinley makes the roster, he could be good trade bait though. Alkaranafil is a good young prospect to keep around. Plewa's contract might keep him on the roster, but I'm not sure his talent warrants it despite the improvement. Barrett made a strong case for himself, but arguably OS is their strongest position so he might get squeezed out also. If so, this could be an overall let down for the Founders.

PORTLAND (12 hits) - DS Brad Ross (2), WRDB Balon Arryn (3), OLDL Mike Weissbeck, RBLB Sam Phillips, WRLB Josh Parker (2), WRDB Bert Marovich, OS Monte Harkins (2)

Thoughts: Arryn's growth could be big for the Pioneers, along with Josh Parker's. Brad Ross continues to grow into his starting role which is also important. As the top backup Harkins' development could matter a lot if something happens to Clothier. Phillips and Marovich are good to see improve, but not as important for the near-term. Weissbeck I doubt makes the roster.

RUIDOSO (14 hits) - QB Benjaymond Cannon (2), OLDL Lorimandre O'Neal (2), OS Scott Howden (3), DS Weng Lim (3), QB J'Mar Rickerson (2), OLDL Dick Seipt (2)

Thoughts: Weng Lim was one of the two biggest gainers, but might not make the roster. Scott Howden tied Lim, and certainly will (and if trade rumors bare fruit might take the starting role). Cannon and Rickerson both made cases to be on the roster, this battle could go on for a while. My guess is Seipt doesn't make the final cut, in part because O'Neal developed as well as he did.

SAN FRANCISCO (3 hits) - OLDL Leslie Schneider, WRDB Bob Hauver (2)

Thoughts: More gains from the big rookie Schneider are helpful. Bob Hauver made it known he plans to grow well into a long term role on the Sharks. Not a lot of progress here, but what they got counts.

SACRAMENTO (5 hits) - RBLB Jack Jones (4), DS Larry Yergeau

Thoughts: Jack Jones doesn't fit the offense amazingly well, but his large improvement opens up a lot of options for the Rampage. Yergeau making gains could matter a lot if a starting DS goes down. They have to be happy with the results they got on these two.

SAN ANTONIO (6 hits) - QB Bendrick Allinson, OS Stefan Cavaluz (3), WRDB Quan Knoy (2)

Thoughts: Cavaluz's growth here could just mean this is OS Momon's last year in San Antonio. Knoy has a lot of talent, so this could help him develop it for the future. Allinson's growth will matter both for his future, being a free agent after this year, and possibly the Rattlers' as well. The key is convincing him to stick around long enough to take over the reigns.

ST. LOUIS (5 hits) - DS Waylon Wind, K Tony Maloloyon (2), WRDB Andrew Cajka, OLDL Carl Duncan

Thoughts: Maloloyon's development will help sure up the kicking game for the Rush, which could play a big role in their season. Wind is an important player to grow as a starting DS. There defense may benefit a lot from that. Cajka and Duncan won't make a big difference for St. Louis. I wouldn't be surprised if the Rush sign replacements for them.

SEATTLE (12 hits) - OLDL Bruce Hayden (2), OLDL Dan Nair (4), DS Hans Boldt (2), RBLB Clark Staley, Jr., WRDB Jim Tusing (2), OLDL Jose Cardoso

Thoughts: Nair is the big individual winner here, which could get him on the field a year sooner than expected. Hayden's growth brings him up a level in the league if used right. Stlaey should have earned some playing time with his performance. Tusing is a ways off from contributing both ways, but could switch to OS and make a nice career for himself. The others didn't change their prospects much from what they were after camp. I'm not sure Boldt makes the cut.

TEXAS (10 hits) - WRDB Juwon Mack (3), OLDL David Prettenhoffer (2), OLDL Wilfred Laurence, QB Larry Campos (2), OLDL Jon Snowden (2)

Thoughts: Yeah, because the Terrors really needed good gains on several of their young guys. Juwon Mack is a guy who could now start for several teams. While Snowden likely will be cut, the other linemen help give Texas a shot of youth to develop for the future. Campos' future in Austin likely depends on if Texas is concerned about having to replace Nostran in a couple years or not.

VANCOUVER ISLAND (9 hits) - QB James Bordain (2), RBLB Isidoro de Orta, WRDB Bob Bergeron (3), OLDL John Borrisen (2), OS Brad Harris

Thoughts: James Bordain continues to have a bright future, which is important to the Blitz in the long term. de Orta and Bergeron won't be important to Vancouver for years (barring injury of course), but their growth is nonetheless welcome. Harris could take over at OS at anytime and do well now, and Borrisen is worth keeping around and growing more.

WISCONSIN (8 hits) - WRDB Ken Wortman, RBLB Foxwell Harris (2), WRLB Troy Bedford (2), OLDL John Loftin (2), OLDL Dale Harrell

Thoughts: Loftin may well have earned a roster spot, though Harrell probably cannot say the same for his line-mate Harrell. Wortman made a good case for playing time, maybe even cracking the lineup, but Bedford could have something strong to say about it. Harris is looking like their best RBLB for when they need one.

A lot of great things for a lot of teams this year. Having gone through all of that, here are my thoughts on who got the most out of this year's pre-season.


Chicago Blues - The development of Graham and Holcombe could be huge for the franchise going forward. St. Germain's growth is another that could be quite helpful.

Young Kickers - There's a couple rookies who really helped themselves in camp and the pre-season, and might have earned some jobs with other teams for the regular season. Some current kickers might lose their jobs this week.

Fort McMurray Fatmen - The Fatmen got more improvement from the pre-season and it might all go to use; some of it was for a couple key players to boot.

QB Bob Maino - Maino might have positioned himself to take a starting job this year. Even if not, one is surely in his future.

Texas Terrors - Just about all of their key young players got at least two bonus hits. Nothing they needed, but it certainly helps them out going into the future.

QB Bendrick Allinson - While he is probably riding the bench this year in San Antonio, he should be well positioned for a big payday when free agency hits after the season.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share below!

Philadelphia Preseason PReview

Posted by PhiladelphiaFounders (Members) at Jun 24 2018, 04:17 PM. 0 comments

The Philadelphia Founders are set to begin their 2nd Preseason in the OIFL. They have the same plan for this preseason as last year, but a much more focused idea on execution. The Founders have a young team, and are planning to headline them in the preseason games. The Founders are looking to discover their core players for the future, and these two preseason contests are a great experiment to see which players are not afraid to reach out and grab that brass ring. Let's take a look at some of the position battles going on in Philly before the season begins.

RBLB - The OIFL seems convinced Billy Brawn is the future in Philadelphia, but Rich Braskett is determined to prove otherwise. And how will these two stand-up against the man who led the team in carries last season? There is no way Ted Gervasi will go quietly.

WRDB - Deondre Revalee and Trevon Sanders seem to be the starters at first glance. But the young, B Fortney is Hell-bent on taking a starting spot!

OLDL - James "Snacks" Jones is a lock given his talent and salary. But with a crowded linemen section in the locker room, how will the rest of the spots shake out? Will Philly use the strategy of another football team in town and substitute often to keep legs fresh and avoid injuries? Or will a couple of young guys seize the open opportunity and trail blaze a new stronghold to protect the Founders new Franchise QB?

There are a lot of questions for this 2nd year team. After a tumultuous first year, can the Founders bounce back strong and show how much they learned?

5 Things to Watch in the Conspiracy Pre-Season

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Jun 2 2018, 07:01 PM. 0 comments

As training camp comes to a close, the DC Conspiracy are now getting ready for the next stage of their preparation for the upcoming season. Here are some things for fans to think about as the team moves into and through the pre-season.

1) One Round of Cuts In; 6 More Still to Come

DC announced their first round of cuts shortly after the moratorium. These cuts were mostly the obvious ones; the people brought into help the team through training camp. The obvious remaining players on the bubble are DS Preston Street, K Jose Cortez, QB Tommy Maddox, QB Jamarco Angermeier and WRLB Roy Lovelace. If those five get a pink slip, that still leaves one to hand out among a fairly strong group. The competition for that last roster spot could be pretty intense. Barring injury, the player most likely to earn a spot is Lovelace.

2) A New Era About to Begin?

When DC inked a contract with RBLB Jack Stones, it became quickly obvious that he represents the future of the team (the trading of RBLB Grant Ward removed all doubt of this). But could he also be the present? RBLB Corey Palso has been a star for DC ever since his arrival back in 2012, consistently performing at a top level. However, observers during camp noticed that as the days went on, Stones appeared to hit the holes a little harder than Palso. He also showed he could compete with Palso as a receiver out of the backfield and had a similar impact defensively to the multi-time all-star. Could Stones supplant Palso in the lineup this year? Either way, DC might just have one of its best backfields ever. Given past players like Alex Anderson, Jr and Pauly Dozer, that is saying something.

3) The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

QB Adam Kruse's top pass catchers will look a little different, however to DC fans they will not look THAT different. DC traded away WRDB Cornell Sarvas and OS Tommy Fairchild. Though they were prized free agent acquisitions and both set records for the team in their two years here, they were also showing signs of age and costly members of the roster. In their place, DC brought in a new face- OS Vernon Tyler- and a familiar one- WRDB Achilles Byron. With retaining WRDB Rasheide Benefield, who responded to his new contract with a great camp, the team's receiving corps could bring back old memories while making some new ones.

4) Can Tyler Live Up to His Predecessors?

While on the subject of Vernon Tyler, he has some good company to live up to. DC's previous starting Offensive Specialists- Fairchild and Marcus Cribbs, were both All-Star caliber players in their time and among DC's top all-time pass catchers. Tyler has the tools; among others he's possibly the fastest player DC has ever had. The question is how well he can build chemistry with Kruse and the other DC receivers.

5) Did the Team Tackle its Weaknesses?

When DC did it's end of year dissection, one area they determined a need to improve was with bringing down ball carriers on defense. It was very evident the team set out to fix that. The team brought in several players who are improvements over other personnel, and rank with the top of the league as tacklers in their position. Aside from Stones and Byron, the team also brought in multiple strong-tackling linemen; Jon Hollingworth, Harry Tomlinson, Ranando Bush and Jordan Westin. Key players like Erik Brooks, Jason Faber and Eliot Quickmon also made their tackling a focus in camp, giving DC a group as good as any at bringing down ball carriers.

Aside from tackling, DC was lit up in the passing game in the OIFLCup. Was this a once-in-a-lifetime performance by Texas, a case of nerves from DC, or a weakness that really needs fixing? All of DC's Defensive Backs focused either on getting quicker, covering better or tackling better, so that should pay some dividends, but we'll have to wait until kickoff to get an idea.

Delmarva Report 4/15/2018

Posted by Delmarva General Manager (Members) at Apr 15 2018, 03:10 PM. 0 comments

Rosters have been unveiled for the first annual Clothier vs. Morris intrasquad Legacy fanfest scrimmage. A draft was held at Legacy team headquarters to split the team into equal halves with Schneider and McKenzie being the first picks of each intrasquad team.

Team Clothier:
QB Montrel Dilworth
RBLB Roger Schneider
RBLBRoland Young
RBLBJerry Bullock
RBLBRandall Smith
RBLBTim Shepherd
WRDB Stephon Fleming
WRDB Jackson Matthews
WRDB Nat Nash
WRDB Domingo Domenech
OS German o'Campo
OLDL Juan Cairo
OLDL Len Czarniecki
OLDL Skip Svarth
OLDL Art James
OLDL Don Craven
DS Anthony Torres

Team Morris:
QB Bill Lang, Jr.
QB James Marple
RBDB Leonard McKenzie
RBDB Kevin Ludeman
RBLB Ralph Breshears
WRDB Alquan Wund
WRDB Karl Makhoul
WRDB Melvin Bailey
WRDB Michael Guiel
OSJordan Floyd
OLDL Wilbert Atkinson
OLDL Gordan Duffield
OLDL Howie Roth
OLDL Tom Bradford
OLDL Jim Kettelle
DS Ja'Quan Diek
DS Bryson Roman-Ayers

Kicker Billy Babcock will kick for both squads as he is the lone kicker on the Legacy roster.

Clothier Calls Out Champs

Posted by DelMarVa Coach (Members) at Mar 14 2018, 05:27 AM. 0 comments

March 14, 2018
Frank Perdue Memorial Arena - Main Lobby

A crowd of reporters gather around the DelMarVa Legacy podium. Cameras strobe and flash as head coach of the Legacy, Brian Clothier, stands before them eating an enormous chicken sandwich. He's taking big, gluttonous bites and chewing with exaggerated chomps.

"The Legacy Chicken Sandwich. Just one of the fantastic concessions fairly priced at Frank Perdue Memorial."

Clothier puts down the sandwich and dabs at the corners of his mouth with a large white paper napkin.

"The Free Agent Free-for-all is over. Both, the dispersal and entry drafts have come to a close. Mini-camps are about to begin, and soon enough, the preseason will start. The first true test of this new team. And that's why I'm here, to test these guys early."

Clothier adjusts his tie and points to the OIFL Cup Champions wall banner that shows every championship helmet from the first Cup to present.

"I'm here to formally request the New York Mean Machine and Texas Terrors meet the Legacy on the field for preseason match-ups. I know what you're all thinking, 'He's biting off more than he can chew!', well if that were true, I wouldn't be where I am today with the successes I've had. In fact, I venture to say New York and Texas wouldn't have their Cup championships had the Tampa Bay Marauders stuck around. The Marauders would be playing for the One on the Thumb."

Some laughs escape from the press pool.

"You could say these two teams owe me for vacating my former dynasty to begin a new legacy. I cleared the way for them to make their Cup trips. Now it's time to pay up. Meet us on the field and show this new team what championship caliber teams look and play like. And, maybe we'll show you something too."

Clothier picks up the enormous sandwich and takes another oversized bite before walking away from the podium and back toward the players area.

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