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DC Unveils New Recruits

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Today, 9:39 PM. 0 comments

WASHINGTON, DC - DC's press room was a little more crowded than normal Wednesday evening, when the press gathered to welcome the DC Conspiracy's newest members to the roster following the conclusion of FAFFA on Tuesday night. DC brought out all of their FAFFA signees, including those who signed after Round 1. DC brought in quite a hall. Seated in order of when they were signed was DS Tony Stark, K Jose Cortez, OLDL Ranando Bush, OLDL Jordan Westin, OLDL Travis Jefferson, QB Jamarco Angermeier, RBLB Mark Blevins, WRDB Paris Schroeder, DS Preston Street, OLDL Josh Salas, QB Tommy Maddox, RBLB Jack Stones, WRDB Anthony McDaniel and WRLB Dexter Walters.

Owner/GM Adam Beyer first approached the podium from behind the row of players. Next to where he was seated is Head Coach Steve 'The Jerk' Martin.

Beyer: "Wow, what a difference a year makes. Around this time last year we were kind of bored; we didn't really play in FAFFA at all and just decided to concentrate on doing us. We did okay *crowd chuckles*. But we decided we can, and must do better. Washington needs some winners, and we're taking it upon ourselves to provide them. To borrow a term from our local political insiders we did a post-mortem after the Cup game and we reached a couple conclusions. One, we needed to improve some of our fundamentals- namely tackling. Two, while we had the talent to win the game we didn't have the experience Texas did, and we think that's what separated us. Texas was a great team who had been there before; we were a great team that hadn't been there before. So we decided to get back into free agency this year to inject some new blood and fix those areas.

Look to each side of me; there is more playing years assembled here than I've been alive. Multiple Cup games won and lost on this stage today. Obviously anyone who can math knows not everyone here can make the main roster, but everyone here can contribute to this team and in our minds will be considered part of our team, even if not on paper. When we get to camp we plan to leverage this experience and get our young guys to absorb every drop of it. In regards to our second area, I want to bring up a few of these gentlemen specifically. Jordan, Ranando and Jack, get up here."

*Westin, Bush and Stones each join Beyer at the podium*

Beyer: "We knew after some struggles with top running teams that we needed to get better control over the running game when we're on defense, which meant getting better tacklers. Our guys were great about flying to the ball, but weren't guaranteed to end the play there. These guys were some of the best tacklers in their positions available; these guys will end those plays. Bush is someone who should see plenty of time on the field right away. Jordan [Westin] is not quite on that level overall yet, but will be with the support we have around him. Jack [Stones] here is the future of our Running Back/Linebacker position and should seamlessly transition into the lineup as he grows and Corey [Palso] begins to need more rest time. We didn't get everyone we wanted, but we got a great roster assembled for training camp and are qui-

*Martin interrupts Beyer at the podium and shows him a message on his phone*

Beyer: "Ladies and gentlemen, this is as good of time as any to announce that we just confirmed a trade with the league office and our Cup opponents in Texas. One thing we did not fully do in FAFFA is bring in another top-quality WRDB. Well we fixed that. They aren't here tonight, but we are elated to welcome back former Conspirator WRDB Achilles Byron! Joining him will be OLDL Jon Hollingsworth, who continues to bring in the increased fundamental skills that we focused on improving. I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait for camp to start. Have a great night everyone."

*Beyer and Martin conferred as they left the stage. The assembled players began to disperse, some talking to the press, others with each other, and a couple left the room.*

The Delmarva Report 2/21/2018

Posted by Delmarva General Manager (Members) at Today, 4:28 PM. 0 comments

While awaiting their turn to make (or trade) their dispersal pick, Delmarva General Manager Garrie Morris spoke to an OIFL Network reporter onsite covering the OIFL dispersal draft. Morris was asked about his thoughts on how free agency finished off.

“Great! We brought in 14 more players last night. We are satisfied with our roster at several key positions. I’m happy at QB, though we might consider bringing in a young gun to develop behind Lang and Dilworth. Thrilled with OS and OLDL. I like who we got there and the quality of depth now on our roster. I think we landed two defensive specialists that could form a lethal one-two punch. They need a little more developing, but I think they could be forces like I once had in Tucson and like Brian once had in Tampa. We could use a third DS, someone to get a breather to Diek and Torres, and we will probably look to bring in a rookie for that role. My only regrets with free agency was Jack Stones and Juwon Mack slipping away. We were outbid on Stones by only a hundred thousand a year. I can’t blame him for signing with the team that went to the Cup last year. But it does sting that we will see him atleast twice a year. We were planning on bringing Michael Break in to compete with Stone and likely to back him up. Now the spotlight is on Break. He’s going to have some good running back veterans in the locker room this preseason (and maybe longer) to help prepare him. Depending on how the entry draft goes, we might bring in a RB to compete with Break. WRDB is my only concern right now. We don’t have any youth. That said, I believe Fleming and Makhoul will do great for us in 2018. There is a WRDB I like a lot in the dispers… hold on Sacramento is making their pick.”

Sacramento selects WRDB Justin Silverstein.

“Well never mind what I was about to say. If you will excuse me, it’s time to make a few phone calls and decide what our move will be after San Francisco makes their selection.”

The Delmarva Report 2/13/18

Posted by Delmarva General Manager (Members) at Feb 13 2018, 07:19 PM. 0 comments

General Manager and Co-Owner of the Delmarva Legacy expansion team held a brief press conference today. During this press conference he announced the team had signed nine players. Young DS Anthony Torres got the richest contract that pays him three million dollars total, over the course of four years. Veteran WRDB Stephon Fleming signed with the Legacy for one year, but will earn one million and currently likely pencils in as one of the team’s starting receivers. The team also signed two more WRDBs as well as five linemen. The General Manager did not name the rest of the signed players during the press conference, however did specify that the nine players will cost the team roughly three million total for the 2018 football season. Morris went on to announce that they are still talking to multiple other free agents, that he is just getting started and that the team could double in size by this time next week. When asked about if the team is seeking to make any trades, Morris said he has not made any phone calls, and isn’t planning on, however he will always take a call and hear another general manager out. Morris stated as of right now, the team will very likely stay pat with their current draft positions and draft the best players available that fits team needs. Before closing out the press conference, the General Manager announced that the team does plan on hosting a Clothier vs Morris intrasquad scrimmage prior to the start of the preseason. He stated that the organization will release further details at a later time, but this will be a “Fanfest” free event that will become a yearly tradition for the Legacy.

Christmas Press Release

Posted by PatrickSB (Members) at Dec 23 2017, 09:03 AM. 0 comments

Saturday 23rd December
Amazon Arena, Huntington, WV

CEO Patrick Schraeder-Bidwell approaches the podium as the rooms settles down.

"Thanks all for coming so close to Christmas, I hope you've all found the stockings on your chairs! I'd like to begin by talking directly to the fans. Thank you for your unwavering support this year! We've had, in my opinion, an excellent season and did well coming away with 5 wins for a second year franchise! With your support this team has developed brilliantly, even with my shrewdness in spending money on big contracts these last two seasons. All this, however has changed! As some of you may have heard, we have been in talks with St. Louis Rush administration and have acquired the spectacular RBLB Davion Strachan!"

Applause and cheers form the room.

"This is a big signing for us, as we enter the contract negotiation period, and will put some doubts over our strength at RB to rest. I will say, openly, that we have many players whose contracts are up for review and given the trade for Strachan there may be some changes to this roster. For one, QB Robert Auger has decided he will not be renewing his contract with us, joining Auger in chancing the Free Agent market are OLDL Howie Roth and OS Jordan Floyd. The final definite roster move is that of WRLB John Jackson."

Gasps are heard in the room.

"Don't worry, he's here to stay - only this season we will be moving him full time to play RBLB, playing alongside Strachan! Thank you all for coming out, I wish the fans, players and staff all a very Merry Christmas!"

Coach Oppenheimer Statement After Sharks' Season

Posted by Sharks (Members) at Dec 17 2017, 02:10 PM. 0 comments

Coach Oppenheimer holds a press conference after the conclusion of the 2017 Season:
"Look, last season was a sh*tshow. We should have won twice as many games as we did. All the blame falls on me because I didn't really make gameplans for my team so our guys were just kind of running around like they were playing backyard football. It's a miracle that we even won six games. But we are going to rebuild this offseason and next year the SHARKS will be back. I can promise the fans:
This won't happen again. Get ready for a great season."

DC Comeback Falls Short; Terrors Win Cup.

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Dec 11 2017, 03:50 PM. 0 comments

BRINKHAVEN, OH - The DC Conspiracy's bid to win their first OIFLCup fell just a little short on Sunday, as the Texas Terror overcame a DC comeback attempt to take home the Cup with a 57-52 victory.

DC came out noticeably nervous, and struggled offensively which led to a 10-0 hole at the end of the first. That first quarter proved to be the true difference maker; DC never would hold a lead in the game. In the 2nd quarter the DC offense came to life and put a respectable 24 points on the board, however Texas matched them to go into half still up 10. While the pace slowed a bit, the back and forth continued into the 3rd quarter, which saw DC down 17 but knocking on the door.

The 4th quarter is where the comeback bid kicked into gear. DC brought it back to within 10 on an Adam Kruse touchdown. After a failed onside kick attempt, the defense held to a field goal, and DC got back to the end zone to bring the deficit down to 6. After a second failed onside kick Texas answered back with a touchdown, but did not succeed on a 2-point conversion attempt. DC answered with their 3rd touchdown of the quarter to bring the score to within 5, and then got the break they needed when the next onside kick went DC's way. DC ran the clock down on their final drive of the game and got down to within 5 yards of the end zone, but a pass break up on 4th and goal kept DC off the board. Texas then ran down the remaining 20 or so seconds to seal the game.

"It was heartbreaking to get so close and not complete that last pass," QB Adam Kruse confessed to the post-game media, "but we played our hearts out, nearly pulled off a miracle comeback, and can leave here proud. Then we hit the gym and get ready to come back. Now that I've tasted this I'm going to be hungrier than ever to get that Cup."

"I gotta give it up to Texas. They controlled the line of scrimmage, made the running hard for me," noted RBLB Corey Palso- who was voted the Most Outstanding Player. "They have great players and a great game plan. They play pretty similar to how we play, they just did it better today. We'll be watching film this off-season and come back stronger than ever. This is a great group and for the most part we're all coming back, so we'll have at least one more year to grow and gel together."

There is not much roster turnover anticipated in DC; most of the core players including the whole starting lineup are under contract next year and DC does have the franchise tag it can choose to apply. The two biggest names are RBDB Jonas Mouton and WRDB Rasheide Benefield; it's expected one of them will receive the tag. A couple players, most notably Palso, are potentially showing signs of aging going into the offseason, but no one looks like their tank is empty yet. The biggest battles will be who plays what role, as younger players continue their ascensions and catch up to the vets. If Benefield stays, he could be one of those as he began taking game time from former All-Star Alex Emmons as the year went on.

Texas players and coaches talk about OIFL Cup

Posted by TexasTerrors (Members) at Dec 6 2017, 03:45 PM. 0 comments

Texas coaches and players talked to reporters throughout the day as they prepare for their showdown in the OIFL Cup against the D.C. Conspiracy. One topic that they could not escape from was the loss last year in the OIFL Cup and that the team remains winless in the two previous championship tries. Head Coach Colin Stotts quickly put that line of questioning to rest. When asked Stotts shot back with Last year has no bearing on this year. If you look at the team last year and you look at the team this year, they are not the same team. If you think they are, then you do not know what you are talking about. Until today, the last time this team discussed losing to New York last year was the very first day of training camp. We watched the game again, then we through it in the trash. What happened last year has no bearing on this year. In fact what happened last week has no bearing on this week. One player that played on both OIFL Cup losing teams is Markelle Cox. He responded much more calmly saying, One thing I have learned is every year the team is different. So while the organization may have lost last year, this team did not. And no matter what this team does this week, next year will not matter to what will be an entirely new team.

Speaking of Markelle Cox, Coach Stotts believes Cox is the reason this team is where it is. Cox is the consummate professional, Stotts said. He was asked to take a completely different role this year and he did so with grace and class and the guy just has the best work ethic around. On top of that he has been Brooks biggest fan and has served as a mentor to Martin Hanson and Carmen Affinito. Defensive Coordinator Drew Eldridge believes that All the defensive success this year boils down to Markelle Cox. I have always thought he was an underrated defensive player because he was so damn good on the offensive side of things. This year has shown, the guy is just damn good at what he does.

Defense is not the only place there has been changes this year. The offensive side of the ball has a more varied identity. Offensive Coordinator Warren Kenneth completely changed the offensive scheme this year. It was something I tinkered with last year said Kenneth. He further explained, I opened it up a bit a little here or there last year. But this offseason with the addition of Crawford and the growth of our wide receivers, I decided to try something new and add a new wrinkle to the tried and true Terrors identity. Shaun Bollings said he thought they were given the wrong playbook in training camp but that Coach Kenneth simply asked us to trust him. It took us until about week six to really start figuring it out said Bollings. But once we did, I think we provide a matchup challenge. We now feel we can still line up and pound it down your throats but we can also spread you out and throw it all over the place. And more than likely every possession we will do both.

Markelle Cox acknowledged that a window may be closing to win the title but that it is really only closing on a few players. He stated, To me, the greatest thing about this team is it is not going anywhere. While players such as myself and Leonard Schneider and King James Boston and Gary Hoffert may not have many more years left, the roster is full of guys that will be here a long time. Cox believes it is weird and great to think about and he knows that when he does retire, the Terrors will still be competing at a high level. For the first time in my career I see this team with depth now and depth in the future Cox said. Nostran is playing up to his abilities and then there is McLeod right behind him. You have Crawford running the ball but there is Hanson and Affinito right there behind him. You have Calp and Piene and Christoff and Mack but there is Weinstein and Hollingsworth right behind them. You have Bollings and Whittington and Williams and Byron but there is Peck and Farda and Domenech right behind them. You had Kalp and Pilarowski but there is Reese right behind them. You have Hoffert but there is Arzola right behind him. That kind of depth and future I have never seen in Texas.

And while players such as Cox can remember the past and be hopeful in the future. They know the OIFL Cup is the biggest game this year. In true Terror fashion Cox said The OIFL Cup is the biggest game we have on the schedule. Until the next game. We cannot let it get bigger than what it is. As for their opponents in that game Bill Christoff says D.C. is like looking in a mirror. What we do, they do When asked how you beat a team that is a mirror Christoff said You do what you do better than they do what they do. Cheesy but true. Coach Stotts added I cannot say it better than Bill just did. That shows he is listening. After laughing a bit Coach Stotts concluded by saying I want to congratulate D.C. on a great year. They are a phenomenal team and the OIFL Cup is going to be a slugfest. I wish them luck. Just not more luck than us.

Can Texas exercise their OIFL Cup demons? We are close to finding out.

DC Advances at Home

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Nov 27 2017, 12:57 PM. 0 comments

WASHINGTON, DC - Following a first round bye, the DC Conspiracy played host to the Evansville Fightin' Squirrels, one of the league's elite franchises. The Squirrels were coming off a hard fought home victory over an Omaha squad tougher than the #6 seed would suggest. They entered DC with the goal of eventually returning to the OIFLCup- a place the Conspiracy have yet to reach- and did everything they could to take the next step on their goal. DC is trying to reach the title game for the first time, and taking the field without franchise face Corey Palso knew they had to leave it all out on the field to move forward. The result of the two forces colliding produced one of the greatest games ever witnessed in the Oculus Center, as the DC Conspiracy rallied at the end of a back-and-forth contest to triumph over the Squirrels 54-51 after 3 overtime periods.

DC set the tone in the first quarter, as they wanted to make it known that they would not be one-dimensional without Palso, and took a 7-3 lead on the legs of RBDB Jonas Mouton. In the 2nd Quarter QB Adam Kruse added a touchdown strike to OS Tommy Fairchild, but Evansville got on the board twice to bring the score to 14-13 at the half. The 3rd quarter saw Evansville put up two touchdowns compared to DC's one- Mouton's 2nd of the day- to go up by 6 headed into the 4th. That is when the real fun began.

DC opened the 4th the first field goal from rookie Stephen Smyka, who would play a major role in this frame. There is a term in the OIFL called being "Tuttled", in reference to Hall of Fame WRDB Perry Tuttle, who was known for almost single handedly beating teams in big games, especially in the final moments. If the term can ever be applied to a kicker, it might be applied here. Smyka was far from alone in the winning effort, but he played a big role. In addition to the field goal to open the quarter (which was answered by an Evansville touchdown) Smyka followed up Kruse's first rushing touchdown of the night with a successful onside kick, then soon after kicked the game-tying field goal from 41 yards out to the delight of the sold out crowd of 26,000.

Evansville got the ball first in overtime and opened up with a touchdown from Pennington to WRLB Doc Garrett, which the Conspiracy answered with Mouton's 3rd touchdown run. Kruse returned to him in the 2nd overtime with a 2-yard touchdown pass, which the Squirrels managed to answer. The tide changed in the 3rd overtime, when DC's defense managed to hold the Evansville offense to a field goal. DC got the ball back, and on 4th down at the 7 yard line decided it was time to end the game and went for it. The gutsy call paid off big as Kruse took a naked bootleg all the way to the endzone and ended the game with his 2nd rushing touchdown of the night.

While this hard fought win will go down as one of the biggest in the history of the franchise to this point, there will be little time to celebrate. The 4th seeded St. Louis Rush went into New York and upset the top seeded Mean Machine, meaning that DC will be hosting its first OIFL Conference championship game when the Rush come to town. This is DC's 2nd straight trip to the conference title game; last year they lost to the Mean Machine in New York. If they can make it past the Rush, they will move on to the OIFLCup to face the winner of the West Conference game between Texas and San Antonio. Tickets are available now, but going fast.

DC Announces Contracts, Fan Appreciation Night

Posted by DCConspiracy (Admin) at Oct 24 2017, 09:05 PM. 0 comments

WASHINGTON, DC - Washington's premier indoor football team, the DC Conspiracy, announced today that Sunday's game against the Ohio Commanders will be an official Fan Appreciation night. As part of fan appreciation night, each ticket holder will be given a voucher for $20 off a $50 order on the Conspiracy's online team store, and season ticket holders will receive a numbered miniature football which will be used for a post-game raffle. Everyone will also be able to purchase the footballs for $5 each. The raffle will include over $30,000 worth of game-used merchandise, footballs, playoff ticket vouchers, area dining and shopping vouchers and more. All proceeds will go to hurricane disaster relief efforts in the Southern Continental US and Puerto Rico.

The first 1,000 fans to enter the stadium will also be given access to Oculus headsets for the Conspiracy's unique "In the Game" experience. This will be the first game where the headsets are made available to fans outside of the Oculus zone, which was limited to 50 people at a time. The headsets provide a Virtual Reality on-field experience linked to small cameras worn by coaches, players, or referees allowing fans to experience what those individuals experience in real time. "We love the In the Game experience, and now that Oculus has continued to improve their technology and we've upgraded the internet capabilities of the Oculus Center we look forward to bringing the experience to more of our fans this next game, and on a regular basis in future years.

The Conspiracy hope to continue their winning ways, as they are in the midst of a 10-game winning streak which has included victories over top opponents like Los Angeles, Evansville, London, Baltimore and most recently Ruidoso. Ohio will be another test for the Atlantic division leading Conspiracy. Ohio has played strong all year, and also has some impressive wins this year. DC currently holds a division tie-breaker over London, though the two teams split their regular season contests. Currently DC is one game behind New York for the top seed in the Eastern Conference, however since New York beat DC in Week 3 the Mean Machine will need to lose of their final three games for DC to be able to take the top seed.


Several Conspiracy players are working their way up the team record books this year. Here are some things to watch over the final three games.

QB Adam Kruse - Kruse could set a new team record for touchdown passes with 18 TD's over the next three games. Kruse is not likely to set any other season records this year, however the combined stats of Kruse and Kingseed would make for a sure record-breaking year. Kruse also continues to grow his career records in all major areas.

RBLB Corey Palso - With 292 yards Palso would set a new season record for rushing yards. He is not likely to set new season records this year, but will extend his career records in rushes, rushing yards and rushing touchdowns.

WRDB Cornell Sarvas - Needs two interceptions to tie Blake Blaze for the career Interceptions record (assuming Blaze has none the next three games).

OS Tommy Fairchild - Fairchild would need 17 receptions for 173 yards and 5 touchdown receptions in the next three games to set team season records in those areas.

OLDL Erik Brooks - Brooks would need 4 sacks to break Stan Harlan's season record of 16 sacks, and one defensive play to set a new defensive plays season record.

OLDL Jason Faber - With one more sack Faber would break Stan Harlan's career sack record (the current record is 39 sacks).

DS Blake Blaze - Blaze is three PBUs from breaking the season record held by Marc Farris. He currently is tied with Cornell Sarvas' 5 INTs from last season, and would hold the sole Interceptions season record with one more pick. Blaze currently holds the career records for PBUs and Interceptions.


DC announced several contract extensions at their press conference:

QB Adam Kruse - 2 years/$1.1M, fully guaranteed.
RBLB Corey Palso - 2 years /$1.475M, fully guaranteed.
WRDB Alex Emmons - 2 years/$1.6M, fully guaranteed.
DS Blake Blaze - 3 years/$1.6M, fully guaranteed.
WRDB Rashiede Benefield - DC Applies the Franchise Tag

Rumor has it that negotiations are ongoing with OLDL Trevor Bruttenholm and a long term contract for Benefield.

These moves ensure DC's core roster will be intact through the 2019 season.

Arizona benches Matos over contract dispute

Posted by vgorilla80 (Members) at Oct 5 2017, 03:13 PM. 0 comments

Due to a contract dispute surrounding next season, the Arizona Jackals have announced the benching of starting quarterback Pete Matos. The 12-year veteran is in the final year of his current contract, which pays him $200,000 a season. Matos had put up impressive numbers thus far in 2017, passing for 1,838 yards with 26 touchdowns and just 5 interceptions while completing 63% of his passes. The full details are not known at this point, however the rift evidently stems from contract negotiations between the team and Matos' agent for 2018 and beyond. Eze Ekebi, who was beaten out by Matos in an open competition for the starting job early in the year, will inherit the starter's role beginning in this week's game against San Antonio. Ekebi is in the first year of a 3-year contract.

Most of the parties involved - particularly Jackals GM Dan Bogurske and Matos himself - have not commented on the issue. Head Coach Julian Reese only had the following to say: "I don't get involved with contract negotiations and stuff like that. That's beyond my responsibilities. We don't know whether or not Pete's going to be here next year, that's all the information I have right now. We know that Eze's going to be here, so we want to see what he can do over these last 5 games. We're giving him the keys to the car, so to speak."

The Jackals are currently 6-5 and in third place in the Southwest division.

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