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Welcome to Osiris, one of the four "sinker" regions in NationStates! Please endorse our Pharaoh,

Gathered within the texts of this forum reside a creole of individuals hailing from different regions, philosophies, and backgrounds. Our goal is to establish a game-created region that is fair for all who enter and full of excitement and fun.

We are here for the future. We are here for Osiris.
Welcome to Osiris! Today is , Hail Osiris!
Welcome to Osiris. We hope you enjoy your visit.

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Welcome to Osiris!; FAQ located here!
Topic Started: Mar 5 2012, 05:43 PM (1,596 Views)
Cormac's Love Slave

So, you've just refounded your nation, back after a while off nationstates or reviving a once treasured puppet, and ZOMGI'MNOTINLAZARUS. That's right, you're not. You're in Osiris, and here's everything you'll need to know about our, your, region:

1. So, why not Laz?

Because it broke. It did. It got to an huuuuuuuuge size and had to be put on a crash diet of nations. And so Balder and Osiris were born.

2. So, why the name?

Osiris is the Egyptian God of the Afterlife, a position Balder holds in Norse mythology. The admins decided these were fitting names for new sinkers.

3. Sinkers?

Ah, yes I should explain. A sinker is a game created region that isn't a feeder. The feeders are the Pacifics: East, West, North, South and The. The feeders are where brand new nations are created into. Three of the sinkers, Lazarus, Balder and Osiris (the best game created region), are where restored nations, such as yours, are spawned. The final sinker is The Rejected Realms, where nations that are ejected from other regions go to.

4. So, I'm here. What now?

Take a look around. There's plenty to do. Be sure to Apply for Citizenship so that you get to vote and make your voice heard. We've got a cool collection of Spam games in the Temple of Set and our very own roleplay forum as well as a separate forum for Osiris' take on the popular Game of Thrones series.

There's a discussion forum for more serious chat, and our temple of culture is home to our very own gameshow: PUNishment.

5. Looks cool. Got a chat?

We do. It's right here, or at #osiris on the esper IRC network. We're a good bunch, and make sure to blame Mahaj if anything goes wrong! :D

6. Chat and spam is ok for when I'm bored, but what if I want a position within the region, something official?

Well Osirs has it's own legislature, the Sepatarchy, with elections every 3 months or so. Our Vizier of Foreign Affairs is also always on the lookout for more ambassadors to send to regions. Sign-ups located in the Temple of Anubis.

7. War?

In Roleplay yes. There exists no actual war function on Nationstates but the Osiris military, the Medjai Guard, runs missions and protects the region - and has fun too! You can apply to join the Medjai Guard here.
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Nice welcoming letter. :)

And i agree, it's all Mahaj fault. :P
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