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2006 Foster, Jessie 03/28/06; Las Vegas (Canadian girl)
Topic Started: Oct 2 2006, 08:27 AM (8,532 Views)
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Full Name:
Jessica Edith Louise Foster

Gender: Female
Race: Caucasion

Age: 22 years
Date of Birth: May 27, 1984

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel

Most Notable Markings:
Jewelery piercing
right eyebrow

Weight: 120-130 lbs
Height: 5’6” – 5’7”

Jessie has beautifully straight, white teeth.
They are very noticeable with her big, huge smile.
Jessie has no known tattoos or scars, but has a pierced right eyebrow and she sometimes wears a dainty nose ring. Jessie also has several piercings in her ears.
Jessie has beautiful long blond hair.
She wears it long and straight, long and curly.
Jessie will also wear her hair up.

Cheerful Disposition!Personality Characteristics:
Jessie's lifelong naturally optimistic enhtusiasm and cheerful disposition has made her a VERY popular young woman and favourite friend among her peers.She was a popular kid and teenager, also. She is a favorite sister among her siblings.

Academic Background:
Jessie went to pre-school at the United Church Preschool when she was 4 years old. She went to K-7 at Lloyd George Elementary School, Kamloops, B.C.Jessie was in French immersion until she finished Grade 6. Jessie will have some elementary fluency in speaking French as a second language. She attended Grade 8 -10 at John Peterson Secondary School , Kamloops, B,C. and completed grade 11 and 12, graduating with Honors from John Diefenbaker High School in Calgary Alberta.

Work Experience:
Jessie has had several jobs stemming from her teenage youth to young adulthood. During her high scool years Jessie has worked as a babysitter, a restaurant waitress and as a retail clerk at Blockbusters Movie Rentals.

Leisure and Relaxation Activities:
Jessie loves to naturally sunbathe under the sun, but she also goes to tanning salons. Jessie is also capable swimmer.

Jessie is very sociable and loves visiting with friends, watching movies together, going out dancing. All the activities normal for a young woman. Jessie loves music and enjoys being acquainted with musical artists and performers.

Jessie enjoys travel. Jessie's post high school graduation trip into the United States was her first foray into international travel. The past year Jessie has visited Florida and New York and lastly Nevada, where she disappeared.

Dietary Habits:
Jessie is a healthy conscientious vegetarian. On occasion, she will eat chicken or turkey. Jessie loves to eat natural organic food . She also loves Sushi, and she makes it homemade from time-to-time.

Time line
Jessie Foster disappeared after March 28, 2006

Peter Todd, Jessie's former boyfriend states the last time he saw Jessie Foster was on April 03, 2006. When she packed her belongings and left never to be seen again. Jessie's family have not heard from Jessie since March 28, 2006.

Jessie Foster lived with her former boyfriend Peter Todd for one year in this $500,000.00 North Las Vegas house shown on bottom of page.

Investigators have stated Peter Todd has no visible means of income.

Investigators state Jessie Foster's telephone records indicate she and Peter Todd exchanged calls every hour over a long period of time. Investigators believe this implies a working arrangement to facilitate prostitution.

Published: Friday, April 21, 2006
Ethan Baron, The Province

Jessie Foster was convicted in Las Vegas of soliciting for prostitution in June 2005. Last September, she was charged with four more counts of that offence, investigator Mike Kirkman said. Her Prince Charming was married to a convicted prostitute and he had been found guilty of spousal abuse. Associates of Foster told Kirkman that Peter had beaten her up and that they'd seen the bruises. "I think you can draw your own conclusions as to what he may be," Kirkman said. "In English, it's called a pimp." Peter is the only person police know of in the Las Vegas area to question in connection with Foster's disappearance, Bedwell said. Peter told The Province he has no involvement with the prostitution business and that he never physically abused Foster. "I don't give a s--t what the h**l they say about me," Peter said. "When I met Jessica Foster, she was a hooker.

Witnesses describe observing Todd's many heated arguments with Jessie Foster.

Investigators state recent Medical records reveal Jessie Foster was beaten so badly she had to be hospitalized.

Jessie's Parents become concerned when they do not hear from Jessie after March 28, 2006.

Jessie's parents file a Missing Person Report with North Las Vegas Police Department.

North Las Vegas Police investigate and find no evidence of foul play in Peter Todd's house. North Las Vegas Police classify Jessie Foster's disappearance as a Missing Person Case.

(Timeline of Jessica Foster's disappearance)

February 2005
Left Calgary and moved in with her mother in Kamloops while working at a golf course and restaurant

April 2005
Travelled to U.S.

May 2005
Moved to Las Vegas

November 2005
Jessie returned to Kamloops B.C., picked up her car and drove to Calgary to visit family.Jessie returned to Kamploops and stayed with her Mother until the morning of December 25, 2005.

December 2005
On December 25th, 2005 Jessie flew back to Las Vegas, Nevada.

March 24, 2006
Jessie spoke with her Mother 2 times on the telephone.

March 27, 2006
Jessie visited a dentist to have a wisdom tooth extracted. Prior to doing the procedure the dentist issued a medical pain pill prescription. It is not known who the dentist was or whether Jessie completed the medical procedure as intended. It is known that Jessie had the prescription filled on March 27, 2006.

If you know anything about this or the name of the dentist please report your information through the Contact Us page.

March 27, 2006
Jessie left a voicemail telephone message for her stepmother

March 28, 2006
Spoke to her sister on the phone; last time family heard from her

What happened to Jessie Foster between March 28 and April 03, 2006 and thereafter?

Jessie Foster has not used her cell phone or accessed her bank accounts since March 28,2006.

May 27, 2006
Was Jessie's 22nd birthday. Jessie's family did not hear from her on her birthday.

If you have seen Jessie Foster and have any information that may help us locate Jessie Foster please report your information through the Contact Us page.

Pics on site....
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Friends head to Vegas in search of daughter: Young woman went missing six months ago

The Daily News (Kamloops)
Thursday, October 5, 2006
Page: A5
Section: City & Region
Byline: Jason Hewlett
Source: The Daily News

Four years ago Brenda Rose lost a son. Now she's helping her best friend find a daughter.

"I had a son who died. If I could do anything to bring him back I would," Rose said.

"What happened to us was bad but at least we have closure and know where our son is. Glendene doesn't and it's driving her crazy."

On Oct. 13, Rose and Glendene Grant travel to Calgary to sort through a storage unit belonging to Grant's daughter, Jessie Foster. The hope is there will be some clue as to why Jessie vanished in Las Vegas more than six months ago.

The women fly to Vegas on Oct. 14 with more than 2,000 posters and the determination to talk to anyone and everyone connected to Jessie's disappearance. The duo plan to spend four days in the city.

Rose said Grant was there for her when her son, James, 17, was run over while riding his bike on Pinantan Road in 2002. Accompanying her friend to Vegas is the least she can do to return the favour.

"I want to find some peace for Glendene. She's never going to be able to stop or rest until she knows what happened."

Jessie was last heard from by her older sister on the night of March 28. She went to Las Vegas a year prior to her disappearance for a vacation, extended her trip, and eventually decided to move there.

Grant said she believes Jessie is being held against her will and has been forced into a life of prostitution.

Before her disappearance, family members received a text message, e-mail or phone call from her on a daily basis.

The last person to see Jessie was Peter Todd, the pimp-boyfriend she lived with in North Las Vegas. According to Grant, the two had a rocky relationship, consisting of fights and yelling.

Todd was separated from his wife, a prostitute, who threatened Jessie on at least one occasion, according to reports.

Grant said sorting through Jessie's things will renew her energy for Vegas.

"Who knows what's there. She knew what was going on even if we didn't," she said.

Once in Vegas she will talk with Todd's neighbours. She wants to know when the fighting occurred and when it stopped. Other stops include newspaper offices and TV stations.

"I have to do something so I know I've done it all," Grant said.

© 2006 The Daily News (Kamloops)
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This is an article from the Las Vegas sun website:

April 21, 2006

Tom Gorman on when parents learn their missing daughter was a Vegas call girl

Las Vegas call girls are not likely to tell their moms and dads what they do for a living. It would break too many hearts.

Jessie Foster's parents learned the hard way, from a private eye. He was hired after Jessie disappeared from a North Las Vegas home with all of her belongings.

And now they are numbed by fear that she is in danger, or is dead.

Jessie left her Canadian home nearly a year ago, around the time of her 21st birthday, for what her parents thought would just be a whirlwind tour of the states. She ended up in Las Vegas. With her good looks and casual conversation, she turned eyes and easily made friends here.

In short order she moved in with a fellow named Peter Todd, a 39-year-old Jamaican national who lives in a half-million-dollar tract home in a swank North Las Vegas neighborhood. A neighbor said Peter has driven home some fancy cars - a Jaguar, a Land Rover, a BMW.

Jessie told her parents - Glendene Grant and Dwight Foster, who have been divorced for years - that Peter was a trust-fund baby. He had enough money to take care of her so she wouldn't have to work, she said.

Jessie used to call her father every week, and her mom even more often. She text-messaged her big sister almost daily.

The last time they saw Jessie was over Christmas, when she went home to visit her dad in Calgary, and her mom in Kamloops. She sounded happy and looked good. They asked her to think twice about returning to Las Vegas, but she wouldn't be stopped.

In late March, Jessie's phone calls stopped. Her parents called the fellow she had been living with, Peter. He said he last saw Jessie on April 3. Next thing he knew, he said, she was gone and so was all of her stuff.

She hasn't used her cell phone or her credit cards since late March. Her bank accounts haven't been touched.

Jessie's mom filed a missing persons report with North Las Vegas police on April 9. And for the past two weeks her parents have waited for news, filled with growing dread.

In the absence of any signs of foul play, police don't spend too much time looking for adults just because they haven't recently talked to their families. But the cops did talk to Peter Todd.

Peter told an investigator that Jessie was a prostitute, according to the missing persons report. A local private eye, Mike Kirkman, had learned the same information, and told the parents. They were heartsick.

Police talked to Peter again this week.

I called Peter on Thursday. He was coy, and sounded a lot more concerned about his own skin than Jessie's.

"I have no idea where she is and I told police that," Peter told me. "She always leaves. Yeah, I'm worried, but now I'm worried more for me. I had an interview with the cops yesterday, as a 'witness.' What am I a witness to? I've got this investigator calling, making it sound like I had something to do with it, or that I'm going to be in trouble."

I asked Peter what he knew about Jessie's lifestyle and how she made money. She couldn't get a legitimate job, he said, because she doesn't have a Social Security number.

Peter said that by examining all the action on Jessie's cell phone, it should be obvious what Jessie did for a living. But he wouldn't elaborate.

I asked bluntly, was she a prostitute? "If she was, that was her business," he said. "Her dad asked me that and I told him, man to man, that I don't know, and that's not something I'll discuss with anybody's parents."

Could he explain Jessie's disappearance? No, he said, except that she's left before. She has other friends. She went to San Francisco once, without warning. He conceded that she would always call him after a few days and that this time, there's been no contact.

"It's spooky as hell and it makes me kind of nervous, her not being in contact with anybody," Peter said. "Either something happened to her, or she has just cut everybody off."

When asked what he did for a living, Peter did not mention a trust fund. He said he fixes, sells and races junk cars.

I told Peter that I had a photograph of him with Jessie, and would he mind if we published it because it might help trigger someone's memory. Don't you dare put my picture in the paper, Peter said.

"I got caught hookin' up with the wrong chick," Peter said. "With all the friggin' women in Las Vegas that I've hooked up with, I never ran into no kind of (stuff) like this before."

In Kamloops, Jessie's mother, Glendene, spends her days trying to piece together clues: whom Jessie has traveled with, whom she talked about in her phone calls home, whom she didn't get along with, fights and arguments with other women.

She struggled to reconcile that her daughter was a hooker. "At first, I thought she just had a rich boyfriend. I was sucked right into that story.

"But she wasn't a streetwalker," she said. "She was a top-level prostitute. She worked out of an escort service."

"Maybe she met a customer who did something to her - but wouldn't her stuff still be at home?" she said. "But if she decided to leave Peter, she'd have called us by now. Something is wrong."

Dwight Foster seems to be coping less well with his daughter's disappearance. He works for the province of Alberta as a workplace safety inspector, but he hasn't been to work this month.

"I feel like someone has reached in and taken my heart and left me a zombie. I've got nothing left but anger. I have considered the fact that I'll never see my girl again."

Please take a good look at Jessie's picture. Have you seen her?

Tom Gorman's column normally runs Sunday, Wednesday and Friday, but he will be taking a week off. He can be reached at 259-2310 or at tom.gorman@lasvegassun.com.
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Dad hires PI to find daughter in Vegas
By Sarah Kennedy, Sun Media CALGARY

His daughter's disappearance into the darkunderworld of Las Vegas has a Calgary dad fearing the worst. With little help from Las Vegas police, the parents of Jessica Foster have hired a Sin City private investigator to hunt down the 21-year-old, who disappeared a month ago. And the family is getting some Hollywood help, with news personality Geraldo Rivera set to do a piece on the disappearance. Dwight Foster said his daughter -- once a straight-A student -- travelled to Vegas in search of adventure a year ago but got lured into a murky world. "She moved out to Las Vegas with a girlfriend we didn't really know, but she kept in touch with us daily, giving us updates on where she was and what she was seeing," said Dwight. Dwight said he started to question his daughter's lifestyle when he learned she was living with a boyfriend named Peter in an expensive house, but she didn't seem to be working. "She told us this Peter guy's family was rich and that he was supporting her," he said. But Dwight kept his suspicions in check because Jessica sent daily text messages to her sisters and her mother, Glendene Grant, who live in Kamloops, B.C. One month ago, all communication with Jessica abruptly stopped. When that happened, Grant and Dwight, who are divorced, called the Las Vegas police department. "We filed a missing person's report. They said they recognized she was missing, but that she's an adult and as far as they're concerned, there's no crime scene," said Dwight. Dwight said the officers checked out Peter's house and when there was no evidence of foul play, they told the family there's not much else to investigate. Which is why the family took matters into their own hands and hired Mike Kirkland, a private investigator in Vegas who uncovered a darker side to the story. Kirkland learned Jessica had been working as a prostitute and the man she was living with had been her pimp -- a stark contrast from the young woman who had never been in trouble and graduated from John Diefenbaker high school four years ago with top grades. The PI also found she had been badly beaten and hospitalized recently, as well as being charged with prostitution, said Dwight. He said he fears his daughter is in danger or has met with foul play. "My deep down thoughts is that she's not calling us because she can't ... I feel it now that something bad has happened to her." A field producer for Rivera's syndicated news program, Geraldo At Large, interviewed the family earlier this week.

Geraldo at Large April 27th, 2006

A beautiful foreigner vanishes in Vegas, and her case stumps police. Did she fall prey to the dark side of Sin City?

To Watch Geraldo Rivera Report on Jesse Foster click on this link to Video and scroll down page to:


Jessie Foster’s parents fears for her safety and for her life. Their beautiful daughter headed to the United States for a fun-filled road trip, but ended up living with a wealthy older man in a ritzy suburb of Las Vegas. A few months later she vanished, along with all of her belongings. Now, her family has hired a private investigator to try to track her down. Did Jessie fall victim to the dark side of Sin City? Don’t miss At Large’s exclusive investigation into this troubling case.
Jessie Foster's parents have set up a fund to raise money to cover the costs of their search efforts.

If you would like to make a contribution, please write to: Canadian Imperial British Columbia (CIBC) Branch#00050 3rd and Victoria Branch, Kamloops BC ACCOUNT # 98-27412

Calgary Sun April 28th, 2006

U.S. search more grim each day
PI hopes Geraldo show will lead to tips in search for Calgary woman

By Sarah Kenney, Calgary Sun

The chances of finding Jessica Foster alive in the Las Vegas underworld are less likely as time passes, said the private eye hired to find her. Mike Kirkman is on the hunt in Sin City for the 21-year-old Calgarian who, after almost a year of daily contact with her family back home, hasn't been heard from in a month. "Each day that passes, the prognosis is grimmer," said Kirkman, a 25-year PI. "I'm trying to resolve the case to give the family answers but we're not getting any co-operation from the person she lived with." Phone records show no calls have been made from Jessica's phone in about a month and she hasn't taken any money out of her back account, said Kirkman Foster's parents, Dwight Foster, a Calgary resident, and Glendene Grant, of Kamloops, called Kirkman to find answers. Through his investigation, he discovered Foster, formerly a straight-A student who avoided trouble, was sucked into the city's seedy sex trade. Hospital records show she was badly beaten at one point. The PI said he's hoping tonight's broadcast of the case on Geraldo Rivera's news show will help generate tips. "When these things break, you've got to follow every lead and it just takes one good one," he said. Det. Dave Molnar of the Las Vegas police department said they are still actively investigating the case. Foster went to the U.S. last year with a friend to do some travelling and eventually ended up in Las Vegas. A trust fund called Jessica Foster in Trust has been set up at the CIBC bank in Kamloops to help cover the cost of the private investigator. Anyone with information can call Kirkman at 702-897-6820.

Calgary Sun April 29th, 2006

Wedding marred by fear Family nuptials go on despite woman missing
By Sarah Kennedy, Calgary Sun

Dwight Foster's secret wish is that his missing daughter Jessie Foster will show up in Calgary today for her stepsister's wedding. But deep in his heart, he knows that won't happen. "She was supposed to be here right now," he said yesterday. Even if the 21-year-old got drawn into the sex trade underworld of Las Vegas, she would come home for the wedding if she could, said Dwight. And that's the fear gnawing at him day and night -- what has happened to the Calgary woman? "It's tearing me up that I didn't find out more about the people she was travelling with," he said. Jessie had been living with a boyfriend in Vegas for about a year and had daily contact with her family back home until a month ago when communication stopped. Her phone records show she's made no calls and there's been no money taken from her bank account. Dwight and Jessie's mom Glendene Grant hired private eye Mike Kirkman to hunt down the missing woman in Sin City. He learned she had been working as a prostitute and was, at one point, beaten so badly she was hospitalized. The tidbits of information have given Dwight hope but as time passes, that's fading and is replaced by fear the family won't be able to continue to afford Kirkman's fees.

Donations can be made in Trust of Jessica Foster at any CIBC bank.

Edmonton Sun May 1st 2006
'She just left'

Las Vegas man puzzled about what happened to missing Calgary woman
By Sarah Kennedy, Sun Media CALGARY

Jessica Foster didn't seem to be in any trouble in Las Vegas before she vanished, says a man who lived with her. James Todd said Foster had been dating his twin brother Peter and lived with them in Las Vegas before she disappeared more than a month ago. "It's pretty sad the way she just left and no one seems to know where she went," he said. "I've been asking myself since this started, where is she? And why hasn't she contacted anyone?" James said he hasn't heard from Jessica in more than a month and as far as he knows, neither has his brother. While living with Todd for almost a year, Foster, 21, had daily contact with her father Dwight in Calgary and her mother Glendene Grant, who lives in Kamloops, B.C But communication completely stopped in late March. Foster's phone records show she's made no calls and there's been no money taken from her bank account. Dwight and Grant hired private eye Mike Kirkman to hunt down the missing woman in Sin City. He discovered the disturbing news that the once straight-A student from a loving family had been working as a prostitute in Vegas and was, at one point, beaten so badly she was hospitalized. James said when he moved in with the couple in order to save money to get his own place, he had no idea what Foster did for a living. "My assumption was that she was a stripper," he said. "I'm shocked but this seems to be a quick way to make a buck in Vegas and I'm not going to pass judgment on what she chose to do for a living." James said he kept to himself while living with the tumultuous couple. "Jessica and Peter had a lot of arguments and that's not the environment I want to be in," he said. Along with Kirkman, Las Vegas police are also investigating the situation.
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September 24, 2006

By Abigail Goldman <abigail.goldman@lasvegassun.com>
Las Vegas Sun


Click here for a printable graphic.

You could say that Lindsay Harris' parents were somewhat uncomfortable when their 19-year-old daughter moved to Las Vegas. And you could say Jessie Foster's parents felt the same when their daughter, 21 and another thin blonde, left home in a similar fashion - suddenly, and on the arm of a man they barely knew.

But, like most good girls from small towns know they should, Harris and Foster phoned home all the time. Well-meaning, white-toothed and wide-eyed, the girls called their mothers, but always to talk around the truth: Harris said she was working as a dancer; Foster said her boyfriend supported them with his trust fund.

Both, in fact, were prostitutes. And their families would only find that out after each girl had suddenly vanished. Harris and Foster, strangers to each other, were swallowed by the Strip where they plied their trade, months apart but in much the same manner: whole, and without a trace.

Harris was last seen alive in May 2005; Foster disappeared in early April this year. Both had police records for prostitution, and both lived with boyfriends that nobody in their families exactly adored. Working girls, no less, in a city that sees certain types like tides.

Neither daughter has swiped her credit card, touched her bank account or used her cell phone since the last confirmed sightings. Neither has called her mother.

Still, without finding probable cause that a crime has occurred, police have gummed the cases as though Harris and Foster are just two more missing persons. Missing adults, detectives told the parents early on, sometimes want to get lost and stay so.

The families, now friends through mutual misery, quickly hired private investigators, and have accepted their daughters' lip-glossed, late-night mug shots. They have steeled themselves against the thought of their children crawling casinos for clients. But they refuse to believe their Lindsay and their Jessie would fall off the face of the Earth without a fight.

The private investigators, expensive as they are respected, second the parents' sinking dread: The women have been murdered, they say, and in both cases it's pretty clear someone knows more than they're letting on.

Harris was last seen in sweatpants and a ponytail by a bank surveillance camera on May 4, 2005. By then 21, she withdrew money and mailed a Mother's Day card.

She had moved to Vegas two years earlier to live with boyfriend Solomon Barron, a man she met at a concert outside her hometown of Skaneateles, N.Y. Harris' parents would learn she was missing before the Mother's Day card arrived.

Barron called Harris' family on May 7 - the first time he had ever called them - to say Lindsay was missing. The parents had met him just once, about five months earlier during a Christmas visit that now haunts them.

In his phone call, Barron, a self-described music promoter, told Harris' parents he hadn't been able to contact their daughter after she left him a voice-mail message in the early morning of May 6. In the message, he told her parents, Harris said that she was leaving the Monte Carlo and heading to the Luxor. Barron, in Syracuse, N.Y., at the time, said he tried unsuccessfully to call her back several times. Worried, he said, he flew back to Henderson, but never heard from Harris again.

Last Tuesday private investigator Tom Dillard, a former Metro Homicide detective who investigated the death of Benny Binion for the casino namesake's family, flipped through Harris' phone records in his downtown office. Harris called Barron all the time, sometimes every three or four minutes, Dillard said, until the day all calls abruptly stopped.

Dillard pointed to a spot in the two-inch case file he keeps on Harris.

May 5: Harris calls several utility companies. Paying bills or shutting off power? Dillard doesn't know.

May 6: Harris calls Barron at 1:12 a.m. The call lasts one minute, and most likely was a phone message.

"That's the last time we know she's alive," Dillard said.

Less than a week after that final call, Harris' black Mercedes was found abandoned in a parking lot near the Luxor.

Bob Harris, a special education administrator, doesn't remember if it was Dillard or the Henderson Police who first told him that his daughter was a prostitute. He and his schoolteacher wife, Martha, never had a clue.

"Part of it was just being naive. I guess we came to this small little upstate town we live in so that we wouldn't have to face the trials and tribulations of what real life can bring," he said. "Maybe we sheltered her too much. We found out that our daughter was mesmerized by that and taken in. Sucked into it. It's literally a parent's worst nightmare."

Lindsay Harris' twin brother didn't know either. But Barron knew, and Dillard discovered that the couple shared their Henderson rental home with at least one other young, blond woman - also a convicted prostitute with a rap sheet longer than Harris'.

Barron won't say if he's a pimp. He calls such a question irrelevant, one he's sick of being asked.

"Everybody wants to know, are you this, is she that? It's not rocket science. It's not rocket science what she does and what any of the girls I have been around do," he said Wednesday. "Everybody is not the same. Some people get married, go to college, have a picket white fence, but not everybody. All that is irrelevant - there is a young woman missing."

Barron figures Harris might have met a dangerous client, someone who maybe wanted the $7,000, heart-shaped watch Barron had given her. Moreover, he said, Harris had begged him not to leave town that weekend, possibly because she feared a "bad date." Barron calls Harris a "working girl" and "the best thing that ever happened to me."

But working girls, Solomon Barron reminds, sometimes go missing:

"Things happen, and we know this. It has been going on forever. Things happen to working girls. Everybody is acting like that is not the case. They're just looking down with tunnel vision - Solomon has something to do with it and Solomon knows, and a year and a half later, the whole investigation is lost. These girls have no hope."

With Barron's last point, at least, the Harris and Foster families agree.

• • •

Foster's parents learned she was missing in April but only found out about their daughter's escort agency employment after they hired private investigator Mike Kirkman. The parents, who live in Canada, say their daughter was swept off her feet and out of the country by a man who wooed her, then paid her way to New York City, Key West and finally Las Vegas.

For a 21-year-old woman of modest means, the vacationing, the posh restaurants, the yachts and the clothes were hypnotic - a lavish facade against which Foster's father, Dwight, said she had no defense:

"I think she was recruited. No girl grows up thinking, 'I am going to be a ho.' They get served up as queens. They put her in expensive hotels, showed her the world, dancing and swimming in the Caribbean Sea - this is the life they are shown. It's a recruitment, then they get shown the true lifestyle."

Jessie Foster broke off from her traveling companion in Las Vegas in May 2005 and started dating Peter Todd, living with him in his North Las Vegas home. Todd is the last person known to have seen Foster alive. He told police he left home early on April 3, returning in a few hours only to find that Foster had packed up and left; everything she had at the house was gone. The police interviewed Todd twice. With no signs of foul play, it remains an open missing-persons case but is on the back burner, said North Las Vegas police spokesman Sean Walker.

"(Detectives) will follow up on any leads that they get, but are they out walking the streets? No. That would not be productive," Walker said. "We have to work with different rules than private investigators. We have to deal in probable cause, and until we have that, this is going to be a missing-adult case."

Dwight Foster and Kirkman don't buy that, and said that Peter Todd knows more than he has said.

Todd told Kirkman and Foster's parents that he knows nothing of the girl's disappearance. In questioning, Todd told police he knew his girlfriend worked as an escort, but wouldn't confirm that to her parents. In April, two weeks after Foster's mother filled out a missing person's report, Todd told the Sun that he had made the mistake of falling in with the wrong girl.

"It's spooky as hell, and it makes me kind of nervous," Todd said. "With all the friggin' women in Las Vegas that I've hooked up with, I never ran into no kind of (stuff) like this before."

Todd did not return a reporter's phone calls last week, and his home is for sale.

Before she disappeared, Foster told her family she was going to marry Todd. Last Christmas she visited them in Canada and, while she was there, Todd called 15 or 20 times a day, her father said. On occasion, Dwight Foster said, he would intercept 3 a.m. phone calls and beg Todd not to call so late during the work week.

"I would pick up the phone, and he would sit there in total silence. He wouldn't even speak to me," Foster said. "That's when I started to get the feeling that this guy is creepy. He said nothing. Nothing. He sat there and listened to me."

Jessie Foster assured her concerned parents they just didn't understand her relationship with Todd.

That relationship has been the subject of some speculation.

Private eye Kirkman said Todd had no discernible source of income and was much more than Foster's boyfriend. Todd's estranged wife is also a convicted prostitute and it is believed that, like Jessie Foster, she is Canadian.

In April, Todd said that he fixes junk cars to race and sell.

"I have no idea where she is," he told the Sun, "and I told police that."

Kirkman said he believes Foster was planning to leave Todd. Her co-workers at the escort service told the investigator they had seen Foster bruised and beaten. Privately, Kirkman discovered, Foster had opened a savings account in Canada and filled it with more than $10,000. The money sits untouched.

Jessie Foster is dead, Kirkman warned the family.

"You have to start making some mental adjustments," he said this week. "It's a big desert."

• • •

Two weeks after Lindsay Harris disappeared, a car rented in her name was discovered abandoned near the Henderson home she shared with Solomon Barron, parked not far from a wide expanse of undeveloped desert. At night, that desert becomes a black sheet of invisible earth, a vista that can be seen clearly from the home's second-floor rooms.

The undercarriage of the car, private investigator Dillard remembers, was damaged, as if someone had driven it carelessly over bumpy ground.

A Henderson Police fly-over was no help, and Dillard himself found nothing after trekking the rocky terrain.

"The vehicle, where it was abandoned and how it was abandoned, it was all very suspicious to me," he said. "I had a feeling I'd find a makeshift grave."

Still, he is convinced: "I think she was murdered. There will be a crime scene somewhere - put it that way."

After a few weeks, the family decided to have Dillard step down, fearing that too many investigators might make persons of interest nervous, said Lindsay's father, Bob.

"We don't want to get into a situation where people are stepping on each other, stepping over each other," he said. "We are in a bind. There is not a lot we can do. It's like playing poker. We can't stand up and show our total hand."

In January police again searched the desert landscape near the Harris/Barron home. Her parents flew in from New York again, this time to wait while some 250 volunteers combed the terrain in a grid. Martha Harris wore her daughter's vest and the gold cross she had bought to keep Lindsay safe in Las Vegas. The family didn't participate in the search - petrified of finding something, yet desperate to find something at the same time.

Pacing by the makeshift search headquarters, Martha Harris tread carefully around the family's relationship with Barron.

"He had an integral part of her being here," she said. "I think it was glamorous. He presented a glamorous, glitzy Las Vegas life. She didn't know what she was getting into, she was too young and naive. I knew he had a lot of money all the time, but I thought, you can make a lot of money here. Talk about naive."

Barron did not help search. He was at home, up the street, conducting interviews from his doorway. A short time later, he moved from the home, but said Wednesday that he hasn't been able to get very far.

"No one cares, and it's really like a slap in the face," Barron said. "If they did, somebody would try to listen to me instead of trying to point the finger at me and doing searches of my house. Now they are following me, now they are coming to my crib."

Henderson police won't release any details of the ongoing investigation, spokesman Todd Rasmussen said. Though still considered a missing persons case, detectives said it's likely Lindsay Harris met a tragic end.

"As a parent, I'm just grasping at straws," her father said this week. "I'm looking for any kind of connection that can bring us closer to the truth."

• • •

Neither family really believes Lindsay and Jessie are alive.

Their parents also believe their daughters' disappearances are no coincidence, but part of something much darker and deeper than one bad client.

"The fact that these two girls come from two totally different areas and disappear under the same conditions, with everything so similar, tells you how big this is, how ugly this is, how well connected this is," said Dwight Foster, Jessie's dad.

Bob Harris, Lindsay's father, said that the feeling is intuitive: "I believe whatever happened to Lindsay, whatever happened to Jessie, whoever did this - this is not the first time they have done it, and they absolutely know how to get away with it. It's a planned, packaged program and it's working. It's speculation, but theories run rampant. This is something that is not going to go away."

It's a sickening cycle: Not knowing, then knowing too much, then knowing nothing again.

And the dread that their daughters may have been lost even before they disappeared.

"This has shredded me to my core," Dwight Foster said. "I look at this all, and I shake with fury."


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Jessica Edith Louise Foster
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5’6” – 5’7”
Weight: 110 – 120 lbs
Age: Disappeared: 21 Current: 22
$5,000.00 Reward for Information
Reward Video courtesy of www.findjessiefoster.com

Jessie has perfectly straight, white teeth. They are very noticeable with her big, beautiful smile.
Jessie has no known tattoos or scars, but has a pierced right eyebrow, and she sometimes wears a dainty nose ring. She also has several piercings in her ears.
Jessie has long blond hair. She wears it long and straight, long and curly, and she wears her hair up.
Jessie's last confirmed location was at 1009 Cornerstone Place in North Las Vegas with her boyfriend Peter Todd, on a telephone call to her sister.
Jessie has always kept in close contact with her friends and family and hasn’t been heard from since March 28th, 2006. Jessie's bank card, credit cards and cell phone have not been used.
Jessie loves music and is a friend of, international hip hop star, Moka Only.
Could Jessie's case be related to the Lindsay Harris missing person case? Lindsay's case was featured on America's Most Wanted, and there are striking similarities between the two cases.

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message from Jessie's mom, Glendene
""I just got an email from Morgan Landau, a Maury Povich Show producer.
She had promised me that if we were not able to be on the show, they would definitely show her missing posters.
She just let me know that the show with Jessie's poster will be airing this Wednesday, October 11th.
Everyone will have to look up the listings to see when the Maury Show is on in their area that day, so we can all watch it.
LOTS of people in the USA will be watching this show and that is how many more people will be hearing about Jessie's story.
I am so grateful that this is happening.
Brenda and I are leaving for Calgary and then on to Las Vegas that same day, so I will have to get someone to tape it for me.
Take care and thank you all for your continued and full support in our search for Jessie.
Love Glendene. ""
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Glendene will be on Todd's radioo show sometime in the near future
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Thu, December 21, 2006

Disappearance brings sorrow to ChristmasUPDATED: 2006-12-21 01:20:26 MST


It was Christmas Day last year when Glendene Grant last saw her daughter.

If it were up to her, Grant would prefer the holiday to slip by with no notice because without her daughter Jessie Foster, she said it's not worth celebrating.

"I wasn't going to celebrate it this year but my youngest daughter said we have to because that's what Jessie would want," she said.

Still, Grant said she couldn't bring herself to decorate the Christmas tree because it's full of ornaments that Jessie made.

"I couldn't even open the box," she said.

It was Christmas Day last year when Jessie boarded a plane to Las Vegas, where she had been living with a man named Peter Todd for several months.

Grant and her ex-husband Dwight Foster didn't realize their 21-year-old daughter, who had been a straight-A student, working two jobs, got involved in the underworld of Las Vegas and had been working as a prostitute.

It wasn't until they hired a Vegas private investigator, several months after all communication with Jessie stopped, that Grant and Foster learned the terrifying truth.

It's now been eight months and still no word from Jessie. Glendene said every day living has become a struggle.

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There were 2 articles in the newspapers yesterday.
1) Kamloops, BC: http://www.kamloopsnews.ca//news.html (scroll down a bit to see our story)
2) Calgary, AB: http://calsun.canoe.ca/News/Alberta/2006/1...913274-sun.html
Plus the local radio did an interview and it was on the 3 stations they have in town here.
Thank you everyone for your wonderful, strong, long-lasting support.

Please remember we still need to continue our fundraising...we need a bigger reward fund and we NEED to keep the search going (keeping our PI working, going to where we have to go in our search for Jessie. All of this is so very important, since we do not have the support of the Nevada / Las Vegas authorities that we so desperately need. So it is up to us, you...me...everyone to keep this investigation going strong. Thank you to everyone, God Bless you all and have a Merry Christmas and all the best in the New Year.
Love Glendene and family.


Jessica Foster in Trust
CIBC (Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce)
Transit #: 00050 / Account #: 98-27412
Every little bit helps and is so appreciated, more than anyone can imagine.

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a link to Lindsay Harris's forum. eerily similar story


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A mother's anguish
line As told to Tiffany Brown, Las Vegas Sun

My name is Glendene Grant and my daughter Jessie Foster has been missing in Las Vegas for almost seven months now. My best friend Brenda Rose and I came down to Las Vegas to see what we can do about getting the information about her being missing out here.

My reason for coming to Las Vegas is to get a feel for where she was living and how she lived, and make sure people down here know she is missing and make sure people know how many people go missing every month. It was our last thing we wanted to do to try and get our lives back on track. When I get home, I'm going back to work and start being a mum to my other kids and a wife to my husband again, because right now all I have been is the mother of a missing daughter, and that has taken my whole life.

We have talked to the mayor's office, the attorney general's office and the governor's office. We have talked to Metro Police, North Las Vegas Police, and we have tried to go to all the hotels talking to security and the front desk.

We want the truth. If Jessie is alive, if Jessie is dead, we want to know. Without proof I am going to look for her the rest of my life. If we have to keep coming back to Las Vegas we will.

Our family's mind is constantly on Jessie. Always. You don't do anything without having Jessie on your mind. I know she is alive. I've had four children and my heart didn't divide with each child, it multiplied. I feel that Jessie's portion of my heart would definitely know if she were not breathing on this Earth any more. My heart would feel it.

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JESSIE Foster lived in this North Las Vegas home with her boyfriend, Peter Todd, who says he hasn’t seen her since April 3.
Sam Morris / LAS VEGAS
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She still missing http://www.jessiefoster.ca/
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Wednesday, April 4
A year ago, a young woman with a secret vanished in Las Vegas - Jessie Foster

'I get a strong feeling that ... she needs to be found and rescued'
A year ago, a young woman with a secret vanished in Las Vegas

Special to The Globe and Mail
April 4, 2007

Whenever Glendene Grant needs to hear her daughter's voice, she goes to her laptop and calls up an audio file she made a year ago. In it is a recording taken from Jessie Foster's cellphone.

Only one word in the message is spoken by the young woman from Kamloops, who disappeared in Las Vegas on March 28, 2006, but it is all Ms. Grant has to connect her with her daughter's physical presence.

First, a messaging-service voice tells her, "You have reached the voicemail of. . . ." And she hears her girl say her name: "Jessica."

Then the messaging-service voice returns, telling her to "speak after the beep."

For weeks after Ms. Foster went missing, her mother and the rest of the family followed those instructions, leaving increasingly frantic messages that were never returned. Eventually, Ms. Grant, a 49-year-old Internet technician, decided to download her daughter's voicemail before it, too, disappeared.

"Now I only have to go over to the computer," she said. "That's when I feel obsessive, when I hear her voice two, three, four times in a row."

If Ms. Foster is still alive, she will turn 23 next month. The second oldest of four sisters, Ms. Foster, a straight-A student in high school, worked at Boston Pizza in Kamloops and later lived with her father in Calgary before starting what was supposed to be a short tour of the United States. Her mother said she had planned to go to college on her return.

Instead, she moved to Las Vegas in May, 2005, telling her family she had met a rich man, 39-year-old Peter Todd, and fallen in love.

"She told us she liked it there and wanted to stay, and that he was living off a trust fund. We had no reason not to believe her," said Ms. Grant, although she added that she was concerned her daughter would be residing in the U.S. illegally.

For 10 months, Ms. Foster would e-mail, call or text message her mother or sisters almost daily, telling them stories of the glamour of the casinos and of seeing stars like Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake sitting at the next table in restaurants.

Then, nothing.

After her daughter vanished, Ms. Grant and her former husband Dwight Foster, Ms. Foster's father, reported her missing to the North Las Vegas Police Department and the RCMP. And they hired a private detective who, after a short search, gave them the devastating news that their daughter had been known as "Taylor," and had been prostituting herself through a Las Vegas escort service.

Ms. Foster, they learned, had been arrested twice and her boyfriend was not from a rich family, but had gained his apparent wealth from unknown means. He had an ex-wife who had been arrested for prostitution herself, and Mr. Todd had been arrested for spousal abuse, the private detective said. This was confirmed by North Las Vegas police.

After Ms. Foster's disappearance, Mr. Todd was twice interviewed by police, and said she had moved out several days after her last call home, North Las Vegas police said. No evidence has been discovered to show that she had either left town or met a violent end, they said. Mr. Todd is not considered a suspect in the case, and now refuses to speak to the media.

Officer Tim Bedwell of the North Las Vegas police described the case as "the most investigated non-crime our department has ever taken on." He explained that their jurisdiction does not cover "the Strip," where the main casinos are located and where Ms. Foster worked, but the suburban outskirts of the city where she resided with Mr. Todd.

"There's been nothing new in this case for a very long time. It is fundamentally a cold case. This is a missing adult and we have no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing," he said. "It's very frustrating for her family. From a police department perspective, it is frustrating that we can't offer them any help or closure."

As the investigation continued, Ms. Grant said it became apparent to her that missing prostitutes do not warrant the same attention as other missing people in the eyes of the police and the news media. She said she has been disappointed by the Las Vegas police response, and that of the FBI, which became involved in Ms. Foster's case last August.

"You are not what you do," she said angrily. "It was like she was to blame for what happened to her."

Officer Bill Castle, spokesman for Las Vegas police's metropolitan division, which covers the casinos, said no statistics are kept on how many prostitutes go missing each year.

"It's not a statistical database we make -- based on their occupation," he said. "There is a significant number of people who go missing involuntarily because something bad has happened to those who deal in criminal activity, whether it be prostitution or drugs. That lifestyle places people in jeopardy."

The life-changing experience of having a missing child has thrust Ms. Grant into a kinship with the families of other missing people throughout North America. She stays in touch with those she has befriended, and trades information where possible. With her Internet skills, she has created an impressive website and online newsletter that she monitors daily. Her understanding employers let her work when she feels able.

When asked why she has turned the search for her daughter into a nearly full-time occupation, she broke down. Through sobs, she said: "I just can't see doing anything else for one of my babies. I brought her into this world and I'll be damned if someone's going to take her out of this world without me knowing what the hell happened.

"I look at it this way. If it wasn't for me every day spending all my moments looking for Jessie, I can honestly believe that nothing would be done on a daily basis. I feel that in the whole world I am the only person doing something every single day for over a year."

Mr. Foster, she said, has accepted that his daughter is dead and has moved on. Ms. Grant does not feel that way.

"From the second that her death is proven, I will have the rest of my life to mourn her. I am really, really, really close with my daughters, and I just think I would feel something in the depth of my heart if she was dead. I think she is being kept against her will," she said. "I get a strong feeling that she needs to be found and rescued."
Jessie Foster
Searching for missing Jessie Foster - Las Vegas

© Copyright 2007 CTVglobemedia Publishing Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Finding a way to get her home

By Mikelle Sasakamoose
Staff reporter
May 16 2007

Glendene Grant is in the winter of her life.

Unlike the Greek myth describing the abduction of Persephone, goddess of harvest, and her mother Demeter’s desperate sorrow and springful rejoicing upon her return — Grant’s daughter remains trapped in a dark underworld.

Jessie Foster has been missing since spring last year, leaving her mother’s life dark, cold and barren without her beloved little girl.

The then-21-year-old, whose birthday is on May 27, was living in Las Vegas and in regular contact with her family, when phone calls home suddenly stopped, and so began the nightmare that is now their life.

For more than a year, Grant has been searching for her daughter, dismissing suggestions her second-oldest child might be dead, believing instead Jessie has been abducted and forced into the frightening arena of human trafficking.

But the fare is not light and fundraising efforts to pay for a private investigator and to build a reward fund have been ongoing, and will continue until Jessie is found.

“Jessie doesn’t deserve any less. She deserves more because she deserves to be found,” said Grant.

“We have to find Jessie.”

The most recent efforts include two Canada-wide fundraisers footed by a handful of local artisans and craftspeople.

Longtime family friend and rock hound Dennis Blais donated a Mexican crystal opal he named the Jessie Stone, to be used in a custom-made necklace designed by local goldsmith Rob Clark of R&L Jewellers.

Valued at approximately $1,200, the necklace is a work of art that Grant said it is absolutely stunning.

Blais, who is also a roofer in Kamloops, has donated a new roof to one lucky winner, including materials and labour.

The prize is transferrable and can be exchanged for cash.

And some of the most generous business owners in the city, said Grant, are donating a complete car detailing job.

Melissa and Dave Miller of MD Detailing have offered the prize valued at $400.

“It’s really a community effort,” said Grant, “and it’s so overwhelming to me.”

Award-winning stained-glass artist Rosanna McDonnell has known Grant since they were children themselves.

She wanted to help her friend in a way that would make a big difference, and offered a custom-designed stained-glass piece valued at $1,500.

Called Finding Her Way Home, the piece is profoundly personal, said Grant.

“When we look at it, we just well up in tears,” she said.

McDonnell said Jessie’s disappearance reminds her of the Persephone story, and that is what she designed the piece around, including the darkness of the woman’s absence and the light of her return.

“These girls fall in between the dark cracks and people just forget, or believe they’re dead — I never once felt this was a memorial piece,” said McDonnell.

“In my heart I feel that Jessie is very much alive. She’s just in a very dark place. She’s lost and she needs to be found.”

Raffle tickets are $25 each or five for $100.

The draw will be held Sept. 2.

For ticket purchasing information, visit www.jessiefoster.ca or e-mail jessiesmom@jessiefoster.ca.

Cash donations can be made to the Jessica Foster In Trust account at the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, transit number 00050, account 28-27412. (NOTE: Glendene here...I am making a correction to our account # on behalf of KTW. The account # is: 98 (not 28) / 98-27412)

Grant is still waiting for a Montel William Show segment on her daughter’s disappearance to air.

She and a friend will travel to Las Vegas next week to meet with authorities, local media and organizations like ATLAS, a human-trafficking task force.


Finding Her Way Home, an original stained-glass piece by award-winning artisan Rosanna McDonnell, will be raffled off as part of a fundraiser to help find Jessie Foster, a Kamloops woman who disappeared while living in Las Vegas in March 2006.

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This is from the Montel website / guest and info for Thursday, May 24, 2007 / the show is on Human Trafficking with Jessie Foster's story included.

· Sheriff Warren Evans: The Wayne County, Michigan Police Sheriff who is working the case against the mother who allegedly attempted to sell her 7-year-old daughter for sex

· Eva: A former prostitute who began selling herself when she was just 13

· Christine: She was lured into prostitution and was kept locked in a room by a couple who sold her for sex

· Glendene: Her daughter, Jessie is currently missing and she recently learned that she may have been lured into forced prostitution

· Andre: A former pimp who now works to help young women

· Tina Frundt: The Outreach Coordinator for the Polaris Project, a leading international organization combating human trafficking


Many of us think of human trafficking as a human rights issue beyond our borders. But viewers will be shocked to find out that our own youth are threatened right here in our own backyards. When this story made headlines, it shocked the nation- a mother arrested for trying to sell her own 7-year-old daughter for sex. Sheriff Warren Evans, who is in charge of the undercover investigation that nabbed this mom, will share the latest details to this case. Eva was a typical suburban girl who was changed forever when she accepted a ride home from school from a stranger. Years and years passed, her into a different person. She became seduced by the business of prostitution. Find out what happens when this former prostitute returns to that city and walks the streets with our cameras where she grew up so long ago. Christine was held captive and sexually exploited for five weeks, will be here to tell Eva about how she has been affected even years later. Glendene believes her daughter Jessie, who is currently missing, was lured into prostitution. Andre, a former pimp, now works to help girls on the street. He will provide us with information about how pimps are able to lure young girls. Tina, an expert who was a victim of child trafficking herself, will tell us how large an issue this is in the U.S. What she has to say will shock you!
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Tue, May 22, 2007

Fundraiser aids search
UPDATED: 2007-05-22 01:26:29 MST


EDMONTON -- A fundraiser to bump up a reward for tips that help solve the mystery of a missing Calgary woman brought in $2,140 Friday, the organizer said.

Jessica Foster, 21, vanished in March 2006 after going to Las Vegas, where she wound up working as a prostitute and was, at one point, beaten so badly she was hospitalized.

Carol-Lynn Strachan, who's been working in Edmonton's sex trade for 25 years and organized Friday's fundraiser at Chrome lounge, hopes the money will convince people who know where Foster is to come forward.

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Family of Missing Woman Increases Reward

June 8, 2007 02:43 PM EDT

The family of missing Jessie Foster of North Las Vegas has increased the reward they are offering for information about her whereabouts to $10,000. They are making the offer through Crime Stoppers of Nevada for information about her disappearance.

Officials say Foster, 23, hasn't been heard from since a phoning her sister March 28.

They say she didn't indicate anything was wrong -- but that she usually keeps in contact with her family in Canada.

North Las Vegas police say a missing person report was filed, but investigators found no evidence of foul play.

The family has learned since her disappearance that Jessie was associating with people involved with illegal activities and that she herself had been arrested in Las Vegas.

They say the woman's boyfriend reported she left him and took her belongings.

If you have any information, please call Crime Stoppers at 385-5555 or North Las Vegas Police department at 633-9111.

The family has created a Web site with recent information and photographs at www.findjessiefoster.com.
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