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Rules and Conduct
Treat others the way you wish to be treated.
No explicit sexual content.
No spam.
No file-sharing.
No gory or obscene pictures.
Your signature shouldn't be obtrusive. No individual images over 550 pixels wide, no taller than 300 pixels.
No videos in your signature. They are obnoxious. Gifs accepted
If you are posting an image that is over 800 pixels wide: put it in a spoiler tag.
No advertising, except in your signature.
Trolls and idiots will be banned as staff see fit. Do not respond to trolls.
Private Messages are to remain private unless all parties agree.
Avoid posting in a topic in which the last post was over two weeks ago.
No discussion of spoilers without using the spoiler tag and spoiler in the title.

Image Guidelines
No nudity, implied or otherwise.
No gore.
No graphic images.
No illegal actions to be depicted.
No posts to induce medical issues such as seizures.
Be sure to have permission of the owner before posting.
Warnings must be posted if it has something potentially offensive.

-200x200 is the max size for avatars.
-Must follow the main image guidelines
-Must not be a flash image
-Please refrain from having large downloads for your avatar
-GIFs should be no longer than five seconds.
-Any signature that causes a 1280x1024 monitor to require horizontal scroll bars or causes the forum layout to be stretched will require to be resized or removed.
-Please limit the amount of gif's you use, five gifs are the limit.
-Must follow the main image guidelines.
-No flash videos

Literature Guidelines
-Must comply to the main forum rules.
-Mild descriptions of gore is allowed, such as "blood begun to flow from Character's nose from the impact"
-Mild descriptions of violence is allowed, such as "The shadowy figure began to viciously attack Character, punching, kicking and clawing Character's torso."
-No sexual acts,mild implications that two characters engaged in sexual acts is okay, such as "The two young lovers then proceeded to take it to their bedroom." These will be moderated at the moderator's discretion.
-Must post a warning if your story contains violence, gore or sexual references.

Other Important Information

We are in complete compliance with ZetaBoard's terms of use for their services.

If you find a post offensive/hurtful/etc, use the report button. Same with private messages. The report button is always in the lower right corner of the individual post. Click it, fill out the form, and any of the staff here can look over it and take proper action. Need a thread moved to the right section? Report it. Someone posted porn? Report it! Someone being incredibly rude and offensive? Report it.

We will keep a log of your IP Address upon your visit to SFG.

We can/will report a post of a threatening nature to relevant authorities.

You don't have free speech here as we are a private entity.

We are bound to the laws of the United States of America.

We cannot validify member's posts at time of it being posted. The message that is posted is representative of the member, not the site or its admins/moderators. Starfox Galaxies cannot be held responsible for the posts of its members. Any shock/troll posts made can and will be moderated as soon as it is discovered by the moderating team, to help this process, please report any of said posts by using the reporting feature or by contacting an admin or moderator directly.

You must be thirteen years or older to register for this forum.

Posts can be deleted at the moderator's discretion.

The moderating team will enforce the rules as best we can.

Rules and Terms of use can change at any time.