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Cornerian Academy
Marcus gave a smirk to the fact he had not raised his hand fast enough, yet was chosen, "The second is to make sure your finger is off the trigger until you are ready to fire..." he stated. He crossed his arms, and placed his elbows on the desk, "Come on teach.....that this is too easy..." he thought with a tone of annoyance to himself.

Nick's RP Characters
interesting list of characters you have....I hope we can get the chance to rp sometime

Cornerian Academy
Marcus listened to Nite, "My father always taught me to be punctual..." he remarked, then let the teachers go on about what they were going to be teaching.

He took a seat near the front of the class, and began to open one of his books, over looking everything he would have to relearn. He glanced over towards the weapons, "Simple Blasters......jeez....have not used one of them in a long time..." he thought back to his own personal training.

Your Fan Characters' Voices
Travis: Stephen Furst

Flint: Jason Carter

(so far....those are the ones that HAVE a vocal description that are part of the SF series for me lol)

Cornerian Academy
Marcus smiled as he received his room key, "Thank you Un..." he paused, "....Sir.." he corrected himself. He saluted once more before heading off towards his room. After some time he finally found it, and entered. He glanced around as he seen some of the stuff he requested already in his quarters. "1400, huh?" he glanced at his watch, "That should leave me with enough time to try....."

He began to fiddle with the boxes he had, pulling out what seemed to be small machine parts. After a few minutes he began to put the parts together, until finally it seemed he had made a radio transceiver.

He plugged it into the wall and a small amount of white noise could be heard. He began to turn the dial. "Can anyone hear me?" he asked into the mic, but after a few moments, nothing came through.

He soon got up, glancing around a bit. "I really hope I keep these quarters to myself....as requested.." he thought to himself as he noticed the clock, "Wow....time really flies doesn't it?"

He soon gathered some of the things he needed for his first class.
"I feel bad for not getting to the dock first..... he looked at his transceiver, "If they only knew...." he thought to himself as he closed the door behind him.

After several minutes he found the building he was supposed to be at. He slowly opened the door, seeing two adult shaking each others hands, "Excuse me.....is class about to start?" he had asked.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus heard Bill and instantly saluted, "Marcus Mitchel!" he stated. "He looks....." he thought. He gave a proud smile, waiting for his assignments.

Pokemon Rp
Charizard was a little unsure of where to begin. "I just....know that female trainer...." he simply stated. He stood there, unsure of what to do really, as he knew the trainer was a good one, he was unsure if meeting at this time was the right idea.

The ZayZig
I agree with that, I mean, if we balance it, it should work

Far from Home
this is going to be interesting :P

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Togeta Indotinga

Age: 53

Gender: M

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 189lbs

Eye Color: Amber

Species: Emperor Penguin

Hair Description: The eye brows: Spiked out

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly a Navy Blue, with some white around his eyes and about his belly.

Vocal Description: growling

Body Description: short and very chubby

Attire/Appearance: Normally dresses formally, including a top hat and a bow tie

Family: all deceased

Occupation: Owner of the ZayZig Casino

Good/Bad: Depends on how you look at him, Good as at times he shows a good side for charities.....Bad for his greed

Theme Song: (Crump's Theme from Yu-G-Oh)

Birthplace: Aquas

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Does not seem like it, but is a decent pilot. Has the ability to calculate almost anything, even the odds of winning and losing.

Special Markings: none

Personality: sometimes comes across as Two Faced for his own personal gain.

Other info:
Togeta grew up on Aquas, the planet of his birth. But once he turned about 30, he moved to Corneria. He started out in the slums, doing what he did best, gamble. He soon landed a job as an accountant, helping with calculating war funds.

After some time he opened his own Casino, as he loved gambling and the nature of taking a risk. He called it, the "ZayZig"

He met a young scalie by the strangest name, Xeminous, who he felt a little sorry for. He took him under his wing to keep him as a body guard, as well as to keep him safe from the worries of the outside world. The two sometimes joke about how something that can create fire, works so well with something that lives in water.

He trusts Xeminous with his life as he hopes Xeminous feels the same towards him. The young scalie is the only person alive he considers family.

During the last war, against the Aparoids, he helped with the funds by putting in a percentage of his intakes to help the
war funds, which he still helped calculate.

Now, that the Aparoids are gone, he focuses on his Casino and the intake of business.

(Xeminous can be found on page 1)

Posted Image[edit_reason]mentioning Xeminous[/edit_reason]

Corneria College
Votaris had trouble hearing Mark, because as soon as the car stopped he hopped out and ran around in case he needed to help Mark. "You need any help or anything?" he asked, ready to do anything.

Invitation to Darkness
a little update:

I have been a bit calmer, I have someone now that has been pretty much able to calm me down in any situation talking to me right now....and even better, in a relationship with me ^^

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Not really, I think it would fall easily with the controls of SSB

Corneria College
Votaris nodded to when Mark said he had noting on his mind. Hearing the human comment made him shrug, "I have met only a few humans.....and honestly...they did act just like that.." he admitted.

The ZayZig
my apologies, I thought it was sarcasm :P

EDIT: I made an owner for the ZayZig......hope you like him...he is the last character, the emperor penguin on lol

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