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Comment on the user above you
Is advertising for a forum called 'Starfox Galaxies', I shall check them out right now :O

Star Fox Command
The artists of Command sucked... HARD! Fan art of Marcus is a lot better. They made Krystal look like crap, Wolf was just... ick.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Lol, I hate that stage, when the controls are reversed I always run off the edge :P

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
I was looking so forward to playing online, only to discover a lag problem that is universal. I was looking forward to pwning some n00bs with my Fox, Falco, Snake, and Link skills.

: <

Wii will, Wii will, rock you!
Nov 22 2010, 12:08 AM
That...and I would honestly LOVE to see Marcus in some role...that would say that Fox and Krystal finally got married or something.
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The Great Secession
Yes, but what I said was that I like how your listing them at the start, it gets me wondering how they will complete them, I know the missions are listed throughout the chapters, didn't mean to cause that misunderstanding.

The Great Secession
I'm too tired to write a full comment on the chapter so I'll finish this tommorow when I get up (4:30am here, too much writing and Black Ops :O ) but I can say I like it, keep it up!

Edit: As I told you earlier, I like the twists that you have begun to include. I like the mission objectives at the beginning, it lets me know what the goal is, and leaves me wondering how the group will go about completing their goals and even if they will complete them. Nice job, looking forward to the next chapter.

Kirby's Epic Yarn
I haven't played the game, I am thinking of getting it, what would you guys give it out of 10?

Half-Life 2
Well sh!t... his voice was the best thing about him. *sigh* May he RIP. Breen did mention something about a host body, maybe he has moved to someone else?

Add me if you like, anyone that has a PS3: Reeceyp0 (Zero on the end)

Half-Life 2
Got all the Half Life games now, I love them to death, I don't know what it is about the game that makes it so damn fun to play, I'm going to try play through the games using only the crowbar/grav' gun (unless I have no other choices (gunships/snipers, etc)). I want ep3 or HL3 already : < I can wait though, seeing how I waited for SC2 for aroud 14 years and am still waiting on a console Starfox.

So far, the Freeman and Breen are my favourite characters out of that game, speaking of Breen, dead/alive or other?

Starfox Armarda
Starfox Armada
Chapter 0

The flat screen glowed with static, a large crack spread across the screen caused by a viloent drunken fight between partons. The screen was inside an old abandoned military storehouse, abandoned after years of tight observation by the Conerian military, the warehouse was now the regular meeting place of an underground group known as the'Disciples of Andross'. Their numbers have grown over the years since the Cornerian observation, their goal... to finish what Andross started, to destroy Corneria and rule the Lylat system.

Dash Bowman, the last living relative of the old dictator of Venom and the current president of the planet, headed the group, he walked up the stage, wearing his presidential navy blue suit, he saw it as a sign of authority, a sign of higher power. He stared down the one hundred strong crowd in front of him until they were silent,
"It has come to my attention that some of you are questioning our cataclysm and what it should mean to you! The cataclysm is a duty - to establish the rule of Andross on Lylat and to liberate your planet and yourselves from Corneria's domination and its futile allies, it is your battle - either victory or martyrdom! I have been playing my part, our scientists have worked tirelessly on a new biological weapon that we can use on our enemies, it is loaded upon my warship now and will be going for a feild test soon. Have faith in the cataclysm, it shall reforge the world in our image! For the glory of Andross!" The crowd cheered at his speech, they were ready to begin the cataclysm, ready to change the world. Dash looked over at a lizard man standing to his right,
"Tell our agents that the time has come to begin the cataclysm." Dash ordered, "Then block all communications so they can't call for re-enforcements!" he barked, the lizard nodded,
"Yes, sir!" he replied loudly and ran off to the control room, Dash smirked maddly, when his agents recieved word the Cornerian soliders would be killed and he would have unquestioned military and politcal power, the beginning of the cataclysm was about to begin.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
Nov 17 2010, 06:04 PM
[quotehe's right although i use kirby and Luigi more (man i wish Krystal would have made it in)

Just thought I would point out that there are hackers working on a Krystal mod where it is her model, moveset, VA, etc. I don't have the link but trust me, people are woking on a mod.

Anyway, I main:
Meta Knight
... now that I think about it, I can play as virtually anyone and still put up a very good contest (win, lose or other wise)[/quote]

Corneria College
Reece got bored of the magazine, most of the pages that had interesting articles on them had been torn out by its owner before Reece. The blue vulpine pulled out a pair of wireless earphones that acted as MP3 players, he pressed a button on the attachment on his belt which started to play his music through the head phones. Rave finished off his snack, he wiped his mouth on a napkin, "Well, that beats Engineering studies." Rave stated, quite pleased with himself that he managed to get out of the class unpunished. Reece ignored the black water collie and simply turned up his music, leaned back into the chair and stretched, he had to relax himself before he took PE later in the day with Miss Krystal, he heard from senior members that she made newbies to her class work until they broke, maybe they were just trying to scare him, Reece didn't know, he just relaxed in the chair listening to his music.

Corneria College
Reece and Rave entered the cafeteria once more to 'hang out', this was Rave's idea of a good 'safe house' until their engineering class was finished. Reece was sitting at a table reading a magazine he found. Rave returned to the table with another meat roll in his hands, Reece looked up at him, he gave Rave a confused look,
"Round two." Rave told Reece, taking a bite of the bread roll, Reece rolled his eyes,
"So much for keeping a low profile." Reece told Rave, Rave frowned,
"Hey, I'm hungry." he growled, continuing eating his food.

Corneria College
Reece and Race casually walked around the halls of the college, they had just finished eating their lunch from the cafeteria,
"That meat roll was terrible!" Rave complained, the black and white, black water collie made a digusted facial expression, Reece shrugged, the blue and white vulpine didn't care much about his friend's complaint,
"Guess I should be glad I got a couple of biscuts." Reece replied,
"Hmph." Rave replied uncaringly. Reece felt as if he was missing something or something was wrong,
"Hey Rave, what class do we have?" Reece asked, Rave pulled out his PDA and checked, Rave swore loudly, Reece gave a confused yet worried look, "Bud', we have engineering with that Miss Arcnon." Reece's eyes widened, he knew that she was that big seven foot tiger teacher,
"Oh crap, she will definetly not be happy about us being this late." Reece told Rave, Rave slowly looked at Reece,
"I really don't want to have to be yelled at by her." Rave stated to Reece, he looked Reece in the eye, "Now don't be a complete whimp and not do this with me but I think it is for the best if we skip class so we don't face the risk of getting clawed." Rave told Reece. Reece was hesitant to listen to Rave, he knew that this would get them into trouble, but he didn't like dissappointing his friends,
"Okay, okay I'll go with you." Reece grumbled, Reece knew that Rave was trouble and a bad influence but he could be a good friend at times, "But we need to find an excuse why we weren't there, like a doctor's note?" he added, Rave smirked,
"That's the Reece I like." he told him in a cocky tone, "Come on, let's get out of here before we are seen."

Starcraft2 :Wings of Liberty.
To be honest, the end didn't sit all that well with me, but I trust where Blizzard will take the series, they haven't let me down... ever.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
I would love to show you the true feeling of defeat :P but I suffer from bad lag regardless of who I play... :(

The Great Secession
Reece: Why don't I have an explosive weapon when I need it!? *kicks self*

Nice chapter Julius, the writing you are doing now has some nice points in it, like Reece wanting his ship destroyed, the civillan houses being used as shields, nice job. *gives gold star*

He's the Angry Video Game Nerd!
If I weren't capped on my internet speed I would be watching these. :(

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