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The ZayZig
i seriously had a dream about this, and think it might work >.>

Pretty much a Lounge rp

The place: The ZayZig

The ZayZig is a casino for all those 18 and over, there is a hotel connected to the west part of the building, and a hospital connected on the Right. Those of age can gamble, and those of age 21 can drink.

(so far that is all I have.....what are your thoughts? Or Ideas of a different RP all together :P)

Nickname Thread
FoxMcCloud = Fox
TheRedFox8 = RedFox


my nickname....TD

Pokemon Rp
Vaporeon quickly got up, hearing the loud stomping getting closer. She stood there, her body starting to tense up some, but she would wait until she could actually see what was coming.

Zangoose soon started to hear the water, and started to crawl a bit, until he found it. He cupped some of the water and began to splash his eyes a bit. He soon began to bat them, finally getting all of the sand out. He turned to Fang, "You did good using what was around you.

Charizard finally began to reach the edge of the wooded area until he could see the lake. He stopped abruptly, seeing the two trainers and their pokemon. He noticed the female instantly, and froze up. Sudden memories started to flood to his mind.

"Charizard.....Can you hear me? It's Umbreon!" he began to hear.
Charizard let loose a fire ball towards the pokemon.
"Vaporeon use Hydro Pump!" a female voice called, blocking the fire attack.
Charizard turned to see the attacker, his rage at its peak.
A young woman steps out from behind a wall...
Charizard charged forward, his claws sharpened. He felt something hitting him form the side.
"Charizard, I can't fight you....please....remember me..." came form the Umbreon.
"Please.....this is not you..." came from the female human.
A Mightyena steps in between Charizard and the human girl.
Charizard takes a few steps back.....

Charizard shook his head, trying to focus on the present. "S....Sophia?" he asked himself...unsure if he should make himself seen by her or her pokemon.

Charchy finally caught up, breathing heavily as he leaned against his Grandfather.

Vaporeon stood still, hearing the crashing noise stop, unsure of where it had stopped.

Corneria College
Tobie would pull gently at John and Jade's hands, "Hey, wasn't there a friend you wanted to see Dad?" he asked, trying to get the focus off things at the moment.

Votaris took a deep breath and walked into the room, slowly letting it out. He sat next to the bed, quiet at first. He finally looked up at Mark, "Um....there is something I want to tell you.....but I am unsure of where to start...." he stated, doing his best from curling up.

What are you Jamming out to?
Just Dance ~ Lady Gaga

Pokemon Rp
Jan 28 2011, 07:46 AM
"Is something wrong, Vaporeon?" Chispa quietly asked, having rather tuned out nearly all other sounds in the area to simply relax.

With a brisk little nod, Fang hopped off, giving a single triumphant yip. "Get up then! The water's real close, so don't worry."
Vaporeon gave a quick sigh, "I just....thought I heard something familiar...." she stated.

Zangoose got up slowly, deciding it best to kept his eyes closed. He held out his paws as he slowly took steps forward, "Am I going in the right direction?" he asked.

Charizard finally caught up with the two girls, "You girls gotta forgive this old man....sorry I could not keep up..." he stated. Charchy still kept his scratch attack ready, in case the girls wanted to run off again. Charizard stopped for a moment as he sniffed the air. He smelt the lake nearby...as well....as a familiar scent. His eyes widened as he began to move a bit faster, even past the two girls.

Corneria College
Votaris looked to the side, "If I tell him...I want to do it alone.....ok?" he asked. He kept looking back and forth between them, "I am sorry, but I don't want him knowing you two know.....or Tobie..."

At that moment Tobie turned his head into the door, he had the biggest grin on his face, "I promise.....I won't say anything..." he looked up towards John and Jade.

Disaster at Sea
Flint had finally gotten bored with just standing at the front of the ship. He decided to do some site seeing and began to wander the ship. He kept going until he started hearing the sound of music playing. He followed it until he found the place it was coming from. He quickly took to one of the walls near the dance floor, leaning on it as he watched everyone dancing.

"Flint......what the hel........"
"Leave me alone for like....two minutes Dagra....if we are gonna take this ship....we best know of all the areas..." he whispered, just loud enough for the other end to hear him. It was that moment he noticed the couple from the cafe just before the drill happened. "And...I am also on a surveillance kind of mission...." he stated.

"What the frak do you mean?" Dagra demanded.
"There seems to be some members of either the military......or something more...here.." he whispered, referring about Grant.
"Hm....damn...hate to admit it, but good idea....keep me informed on this kind of crap....Dagra out.."

Flint gave a sigh as he heard the head piece switch off. "Why doesn't that bastard ever leave me alone?' he asked himself. He decided to look around the rest of the area, making sure not to take his eyes off Grant for now, but not seem too noticeable at the same time.

Pokemon Rp
Jan 26 2011, 10:07 PM
Jumping on top of the fallen Zangoose, Fang's tail beat the air behind him as it quickly swung from side to side, his eyes bright and forepaws kneading lightly against Zangoose's chest. "What do I do now?" he excitedly asked.

More than content with the situation, Chispa took a deep, quiet breath, slowly exhaling as he closed his eyes to rest. He wouldn't mind falling asleep like that.

"I guess I should've trusted you from the start...So, Sophia," Darrien continued, "guess we're gonna be together for a while. Now it's not just I can't leave you with the Rockets, but I couldn't break 'em up while they're like that."
Zangoose gave an 'oof' as he was jumped on. He felt the kneading and chuckled a bit, "That tickles, bud..". He heard the question, but his eye were still effected by the sand, "To allow the opponent some grace....help me to the...." he trailed off for a bit, he hated where he was going to have to get help, "The water...." he asked.

Vaporeon, raised her head, she could hear something, stomping through the forest, and not only that, the footsteps sounded familiar. She lowered her head for now, hoping that whatever it was, was a friend, and not foe.

Sophia at first looked curiously at Derrian, "But...." she started, but when he stated he did not want to break the pair she smiled. "Derrian.....it is fine...I can understand." she soon turned to the now becoming couple she giggled, "I think it would be good for Vaporeon to settle down a bit with someone that makes her happy..." she stated, resting her chin into her palm.

Charizard was honestly beginning to have trouble keeping up not only his age against him, but he was having trouble with the trees. He looked down to Charchy, "Alright, scout..." he stated. Without further instructions, Charchy began to try to keep up with the other two, making scratch marks in the trees until he caught up to the other two. Charizard would then use the scratch marks to be able to follow from a distance. It was not that he could not fly, but he enjoyed a good chase, and letting others lead for once.
He finally made it to the same clearing, looking at the two girls, amazed at how Amy was able to change so fast.

Sign In - Sign Out Thread
I regret making this. But I am having to leave the site, entirly for awhile. I will return, it is just.....this whole trying to quit smoking, I am really getting stressed over the smallest things at the moment, and I do not want to drag it onto the site. Rping has helped calm me some, but, even the drama in that has started issues elsewhere. I am sorry to those I am basically freezing in the current rps I am in as the college and the pokemon rp, please forgive me. Ill sign on to make a post here and there, but other then that, I am serious about it this time. Again, it'll only be temporary, I am so sorry guys....

Corneria College
Votaris lowered his head, "Either way...there will be pain.....but I'll stay...." He finally stating to her. He kept his head low, still trying to figure out what he should do for later on.

Corneria College
Votaris sighed, "I probably won't let this happen again....." He stated as he looked at her, "I left after I kissed him....he...went critical...." He finally shook his head, "Look.....whatever.....it does not matter...." He tried to change the topic.

Corneria College
Votaris sighed, "I probably won't let this happen again....." He stated as he looked at her, "I left after I kissed him....he...went critical...." He finally shook his head, "Look.....whatever.....it does not matter...." He tried to change the topic.

Corneria College
Votaris was taken aback "You to?!" he thought seeing if she would respond. "I.....I tried....I kissed his cheek....but I..." His hands began to shake and he lowered his head, "It was the wrong time......I.....I should have waited...." A few tears started to fall again.

Corneria College
Votaris stood, trying to get his emotions into the right placesa and figure out if he was either getting angry, or was still in fear. He looked at Jade, "But...How do you confront this? Every time I am near him, I lose it within myself....." He looked back down towards the floor. "If I leave.....I could possibly go back to being what he expects me to be, and what he wants me to just be without any complications from my end...." He dropped his shoulders, have this strong urge to suddenly try to make a break for it.

Corneria College
Votaris took a deep breath, "I know......I know he cannot return them.....ever....I don't know what to do, I have never met someone who treated me like he has, or worried about me. I have always been on my own, since I was in the orphanage." He soon curled up, trying to block it all out, "If I leave....it might be easier, I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable..." He confessed. "And don't worry, I know...you are only trying to help..." He stated.

Corneria College
Votaris instinctively started placing several hidden clones in the small closet, with one outside the door. But even with this, he started crying, "I....I...." He could not get it out for a bit. His body began to shake a bit, one of the clone finally stepped out to reveal itself to Jade, just standing there. Votaris looked at it and shook his head and the clone took a step back to show it would follow the order. "I....Like Mark.....more then a friend....and it seems every time I am around him.....he goes critical." He finally lost it, getting himself free from her grip. He hit the floor, "I don't want to be the cause he keeps going like that..." He confessed, "And I know liking him is not a big help either.." He growled to himself. He would look up at her, unsure of her reaction.

Corneria College
Votaris lowered his ears, "N-Never mind......" He stated, getting up. He felt defeated as he walked to the door, his tails already in his arms. He finally exited and looked up at John, "A solution?" He whispered to him as he walked past him.

Tobie heard the comment, but was unsure what Votaris was talking about.

Corneria College
Tobie would get up and follow John out the door.

Votaris on the other hand would look between Mark and John, "Is.....Is it ok if I stay?" He asked, his voice still a bit shaky.

Corneria College
Votaris sighed, "I have....been good..." He too could not think of anything to say.

Tobie would send to John and Jade, "Do....you think we.....should leave?" he would ask them.

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