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Argon Station
Yeah, Star, this is the same rp, though right now, FR is kind of slow, going to be working on promoting it. I was also thinking on how the two rps might eitherr turn out similar, or different

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Vakil Eretence

Age: 25

Gender: M

Height: 6'

Weight: 170lbs

Eye Color: Burnt umber

Species: Wolf

Hair Description: Short

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Scruffy

Vocal Description: Click to hear

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: Blue jeans, open black vest, belt wrapped around tail and wrists

Family: None, was orphaned

Occupation: Security

Good/Bad: Neutral

Theme Song: Blow me away ~ Breaking Benjamin

Birthplace: Bangor, Maine

Current Location/Residence:Argon Station

Training/Specialties/Skills: Artillery, fighting, Mechanics

Special Markings: Pierced Eyebrow above left eye

Personality: Pompous

Other info:

Posted Image

Argon Station
Fox and I have been talking about bring this RP from FR to here, wondering how our more StarFox/SciFi fans will take to it, so without further ado, here it is

Argon Station. The pride of several races to help create interstellar commerce and trade between worlds light-years apart. With the invention of Trans-Phasic warp by Starfleet and the co-operation of the Lylatian world known as Corneria. Several worlds have come together to create Argon Station. The best way for Corneria, Starfleet and the Earth people to come together and share their lifestyles. It took a while for the world known as earth to come accustomed to the Anthromorphs from the Lylat system.

It was different to see things that were pets on Earth to be actual walking and living creatures in a different solar system. There was a bit of unrest by some activists on Corneria who felt that their primitive ancestors came from earth and that Earth should not be treating them as pets. The two governments soon came into a slight conflict because of the activist group, but the Minbari an outside force who had once had a conflict with the Earth people soon helped bring peace to the entire thing

There is still some Civil unrest on Argon station, but all the worlds work together now to help bring peace and understanding to all of the worlds.

This is Argon station.

The Leader of the station is currently Mark McConnelly. He was the one best suited for the job as he has both been an Earth inhabitant but is currently a Lylat citizen. Mark used to be a Starfleet captain, but years ago him and his crew were taken away and some were infected with a virus. Mark spent years to get his crew back to earth, but him and a few others were infected with the virus and stayed behind to help bring the two governments together. Argon station was his idea, and they decided to have him in charge temporarily. Until a suitable replacement could be found as Agent Mark had other matters to attend to


Argon station is more of a Lounge for our Sci-Fi guys. Argon station is not a violent station where there is free battling out in the open, if you want to do that, please take it to a holo-deck or somewhere out of the public eye in the station. Also please try to keep it G rated because we do not want to be reading about gore and ultra descriptive violence. Also please keep the swearing to a minumum.

We plan to bring some of our characters in the RP to here to, thus far we have:

Mark McConnelly, Commander of the Argon Station ~ Played by FoxMcCloud
Vakil Eretence: Chief of security ~ Played by Radigal

What are you Jamming out to?
Been jamming out to this for weeks now xD


The Birthday Topic
Happy Birthday Falcory

a good old fasion chat!
It's kind of been hitting me that a lot of us (myself included) haven't been around much. I hope we can change that! I was thinking, what if we set up a specific date to get everyone into the chatroom and have fun like we used to. I do miss this site a lot, and I am sure we can create some form of rp or something in there to bring to the forums, as well as contemplate other ideas (like taking over the world................wait.......wishful thinking lol) So how about it guys? wanna set up a date that we can all agree upon to be together like the family we are?

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