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Cornerian Academy
Rasper had begun to walk around the Administrative building. He noticed a nose sticking out the window. "So, the famous Marcus is behind bars is he?"

Marcus' ears perked, "And I guess I have you to thank for that?" he shouted out the window.

Rasper walked into Marcus' line of sight, "Exactly....." he sneered.

"Rasper, what the hell are you doing here, how did you survive?" Marcus began to demand.

Rasper chuckled, "All thanks to the technology of our time........" the wolf responded.

Marcus sighed, "You got help............help from those attack Lylat in our own time...............Now, TELL ME WHAT YOU ARE DOING HERE?!" he shouted in demand.

Rasper shook his head, "I'm not the one trying to disrupt the time line to shift our war into their favors............YOU ARE!" he barked back.

Marcus began to look around, trying to think, "That is why you are here........to destroy the future, the future of Corneria, and Lylat...."

Rasper chuckled, "Sorry, but I have done nothing to disrupt it, you have.....you show a poor way of hiding yourself by going against Screech and the rest of StarWolf in just a toy Fighter..."

Marcus glared out the window, "That was to protect the Academy......" he growled.

Rasper began to laugh, "Yet you let yourself be known too well to the fact they knew who you were when you shot the General..."

Marcus growled and uttered in a low tone, "That was you...............another Kesh' Na' Thir' technology boost.........you will pay for your treachery to Lylat when we get home!"

Rasper began to walk away from the window as a haste, "From this angle, I'll be the only one to make it home, McCloud..." and then he was gone from sight.

Marcus, still brimming with rage began to shout at the top of his lungs, "YOU BASTARD, I"LL KILL YOU AND THE REST OF STAR FURY! YOU UNDERSTAND ME?" he finally began to pant and dropped to the floor, hitting it with his fists. "you can't......if you touch a hair on my father or mothers head, I'll kill you in cold blood, Rasper......" He leaned against the wall, "I have to get out of here, have to protect dad.........err.....Fox.........god I don't even know how to view him at this point.....none the less......." He stood up, "I have to stop Fox from getting hurt...." he stated quietly.

Invitation to Darkness
guh, my advice to all, never work fast food :/

What are you Jamming out to?

What are you Jamming out to?

Radigal used TOPIC DREDGE!

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Vance Delgeto

Age: 17

Gender: M

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 150lbs

Eye Color: Sapphire

Species: Fox

Hair Description: long and spiked

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Blue, patches of white on the chest, hands, and on the tips of his tails

Vocal Description: Click to hear

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: (refer to pic)


Occupation: at this time, Nurse

Good/Bad: Neutral

Theme Song: DJ Manian - Welcome to the Club Now

Birthplace: Corneria

Current Location/Residence:

Training/Specialties/Skills: Healing and Medicine, telepathy

Special Markings: a scar above his right eye that is covered by his hair

Personality: Comes off as a smart ass, but actually is quite caring

Other info:

Not much is known about Vance, except that he randomly walked into a hospital and quickly got a job at a Nurse, can you break the secret?

Posted Image

Cornerian Academy
Marcus sighed, "I hate to be a bother, but how much longer is this walk going to take?" he asked, wanting to get free asap to find Rasper.

Cornerian Academy
Rasper chuckled, "That is fine, all I need is to leave a message...............tell the oversized Ape, his assitance in my plans are no longer needed..." he then took the communicator and crushed it in his hand, knowing it would send a deafening screech on the other end. Moments later he picked something else up, looking at it, "As far as Dagra has informed, nothing has changed..........that won't be for long...." he sneered.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus heard the comment made by the guard, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA WHO I AM?!?!........................wait.........you don't.........damn it..." he thought to himself. He looked around, also hearing the comment about StarWolf, but was unsure what he could do to prove any innocence.

Rasper tried one more time, he wanted to give the ape a message.[/i]

Things Video Game characters will never say.
Andross: It is good to see you again, Fox McCloud......
Fox: WTF?!
Andross: Now to destroy the Lylat System!
Fox: -sighs- God damn it........

Navi: Hey, Listen!
Link: STFU
Navi: .....
Link: ^_^

Peach (jamming out): I'm bringing sexy back!

Cornerian Academy
Marcus sighed as he continued to walk, he began to think, trying to figure out a few things that were not related to what was happening now.

Meanwhile, Rasper, kept pressing his communicator, "Where the hell can that over grown ape be?!" he thought to himself. He kept pressing it, making sure that he was nowhere in sight of anyone.

(Private)The ZayZig
(No seriously, we can add a member and still keep things private, it is up to you)

(Private)The ZayZig
(lol, which one xD)

Cornerian Academy
Marcus sighed, "I didn't see anything, Mr. McCloud........." he stated, trying to get it blown off now. "Let's just hurry........." he stated to Ryker.

Rasper had made himself long gone from the area. He reached for his communicator in his ear, tapping it a bit to get someones attention.

(Private)The ZayZig
(X-gamer, Julius, you two ok if we make this a public rp, or see who wants to join?)

Cornerian Academy
Marcus growled a bit, "You don't understand..........." he gave a sigh, "I have to go after that guy..." he stated. But he soon gave in, "So Rasper did survive when I followed him into the void.........but is he alone.........Crap what if Dagra and Viz are here....." he thought to himself. He turned to Ryker, "So, what is going to happen?" he asked bluntly. Marcus heard Lola's question, "Nothing, nothing at all....."

Cornerian Academy
Marcus gave Fox another look, wanting him to somehow help, but he could not ask. He went along with Ryker and remained silent. He kept his head lowered for most of the walk, until he felt as if something were watching him. He lifted his head, looking towards a group of buildings. His eyes widened as he seen the lupine, "Rasper......?" he asked himself allowed.

Rasper gave a sneer as he knew Marcus had seen him. He made sure to stay hidden from everyone elses point of sight. He raised his right hand, making it in the form of a pistol, then acted as if he was firing at Marcus, then lowered his hand into his pocket and began to move away form the site.

Marcus became enraged, and foolishly began to tug away from Ryker, trying to chase after Rasper. He didn't care at this point if he was under arrest, Rasper had now become his target. He tugged again at the cuffs that bounded him, unsure if Ryker would let go or not.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus looked between the four, "Wait.....what?" He asked. He sighed, he knew if he ran, it would make things worse. "Then fine, read me my charges so I know exactly it is I am being accused of....." He demanded from Ryker. He took a quick glance at Fox, giving a look a son would give to his father, if Fox only knew though.

Rasper smirked, "Alright.....now to make a call soon...." he thought to himself.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus' ears flattened back, "Um........y-yes sir........?" he asked hesitantly, "Have I done something wrong?" he asked.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus chuckled a bit, "If you only knew, dad.......er............Fox......." he thought to himself as he then heard Fox refer to both Todd and Lola. He tilted his head just a bit, looking at all three. His left ear began to flicker, for some strange reason, he could feel a sense of malice in the air.

Rasper continued to watch, "Come on you idiots......." he thought to himself, wondering what was taking Todd and Lola so long to recognize Marcus.

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