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(Private)The ZayZig
Xeminous heard the shrieking form a distance, he raised one of the bartenders, asking what had happened. When he got the story he hung up.

Shortly the incident at the bar, a stout penguin decided to follow the young man that had spilled the drink on the lady. He quickly waddled up to the lad, having a bit of difficulty with height issues and the fact he was trying to keep up while having to use a cane. When he finally reached the young man he chuckled, "Having a rough time?" he asked in a raspy voice.

Stefan noticed a small crowed starting, so he started up with another song.

Welcome to the club now!

Things Video Game characters will never say.
Navi: Hey...F*** You!

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Might as well say I am back. But then again.....been a bit busy with my site......and trying to collect all the espers on final fantasy XII....I only has one left, then I have "marks" to find lol.

Now, about why I left. I am sorry I over reacted a bit with it. Hopefully the issue won't come around again, and there can be peace, if not.....there shall be a sudden increase in the Tails Doll factory xD

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Kage, and after being confronted about it by an sfo staff member, I have reason to think someone is trying to start crap

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The issue is, at least on my end, was if I said anything to the staff of sf-o or not about what had happened in the chatbox, when at the time the situation in the chatbox occurred, I was still banned from that site. And since that night, I made my apologies to Kaqe personally and even asked for a weeks banishment to make the punishment for my actions feel more right. Since that night, I have tried to put it behind me and not bring it up at all with anyone, even kage, but lately things have not gone so well. I have been asked numerous times if I had said anything about what had happened to them, and apparently I am being brandished a liar because of it, so the issue continues.

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Because I am being perceived a liar no matter what I say on any matter of things that happened weeks ago and prier I will be leaving for some time. I know what I did to Kage was 100% wrong, and I have apologized to him, I even asked for a week banishment from the mods on this site to at least make the punishment feel like it was fitting the crime. Kage and I were talking things over, trying to smooth things out to start our friendship over, as I no longer needed to hide who I am from being brandished as a liar on a previous account. It has been over 2 weeks since that night, and I have stated I went off what a very dear friend had told me as being the truth. So, until this is completely dead and over with, I will not be returning to this site, or any site that has any members from either sfo or sfg.

Thank you

Cornerian Academy
Marcus kept pulling at Nite's arm, all the way until they were outside. He let go when he abruptly stopped, "Nite, where is the General?" he asked in a hurried voice.

Togeta placed one of his 'hands' over his bill, "Sadly that comes with age...." he stated, "Too bad I wasn't there...Is there anyway to bring up the feed from that moment?" he asked.

As Rasper moved he noticed Marcus and Nite. He quickly ducked behind a wall within earshot, able to hear Marcus' question.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus walked past the entryway to his cell, being cautious in case it was still up. When he made sure he was out, he looked at Nite, "Come on, we have to go find him...." he stated, grabbing Nite by the wrist and beginning to drag him to the exit.

Rasper was beginning to get frustrated, "God damn it General, it isn't like you to be missing out on the action...." he thought to himself as he began to make random movements around the academy.

Togeta sighed, "I understand old pal, but.....I wonder what this "Savior" is talking about......wait.....what was it that blue fox had said when he shot you?" he asked bluntly.

Cornerian Academy
Rasper chuckled as he moved. He figured the guards would be tight around the building General Pepper would be in, so he made sure to steer clear of the building, in fact he started moving away from the building. "Where have they hidden you, dear General?" he thought to himself as he moved. He kept getting as close to anyone outside, waiting on any hear-say on his target.

Togeta looked at the guards and scoffed, "Do you honestly think I am stupid enough, or crafty enough to kidnap the General?!" He barked.

Marcus felt something still growing, the emotions of anger were hitting him hard, "Nite...........just get out of here......I'll be fine, trust me....." He pleaded.

The Pawns of Radigal

Name: Walter Meyhew

Age: 53

Gender: M

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 210lbs

Eye Color: blue

Species: Golden Retriever

Hair Description: Spiky and lightly gray

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mostly golden except around the bottom part of the muzzle and the inside of his arms, where the fur has begun to turn Gray.

Vocal Description: Calm, peaceful

Body Description: Slim......well....as slim as a 53 year old can be

Attire/Appearance: (refer to pic)

Mildred Tamaya (sister)
Lance Tamaya (nephew)

Occupation: Teacher

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Ten Thousand Miles

Birthplace: London

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: Teaching, cooking, and oddly enough, archery

Special Markings:

Personality: kind to everyone he meets upon the first time.

Other info:
Walter grew up in a small apartment in London.
During his youth, he was pretty wild. He actually did not begin to mature until he was twenty-five years of age, but once he did, it came fast. After some soul searching, he found that he enjoyed teaching more then anything else. So when he was thirty he moved to America to try to begin his teaching carrier.

He started out as nothing more then a substitute, until after several complaints that he was not a full fledged teacher, and was able to teach his students better then the main teacher. The school he worked for pushed to get him his degree in teaching English courses and creative writing.

Now with his degree, he teaches at Anthro High, and sometimes various other schools if needed, trying to open the creative minds of young heart everywhere.

After teaching for several years on Earth, he decided to travel to a distant system he had heard about form time and time again, Lylat.

He heard how it had just gotten out of several major wars, so he hoped that he could help with the educational portion of the system.

After a few months, he landed work at the Cornerian College, putting his skills fast to work. He has started to think of joining in the help with its military education programs, but finds it hard to think that the military would care about if the kids could read or not.

Posted Image

Cornerian Academy
Marcus heard the voice too and went wide eyed, "Nite.........get me out of here..........it is him........the rouge..." he stated.

Togeta heard the comment made over the speakers, "Who is that?" he asked, "Possibly that operative I mentioned, perhaps?" he stated.

Rasper kept moving, "Hello there......I'm doing just dandy........" he then heard Ryker and responded, "Oh you will know soon enough.......But if you MUST know.....the name........is McCloud...."

He then crushed the radio in his hand, forcing a deafening screech to flow through the airways. He then began to make a made dash for the academy. As he was cloaked, he made damn sure to tread quietly near everyone, also keeping an ear open for his target.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus looked at Nite and rushed up to as close as he could to the force shield, "Nite......something is happening....I can literally feel a malice intent going on.....You have to get out of here quickly..." he begged.

Togeta chuckled, "Says the hound with the limping leg..." he chuckled, waddling back towards the front of the desk. "So, what are you planning to do with that blue fox you caught anyway?" he asked him, being a little curious.

Rasper had finished setting up. He walked far away from the area he was just in. He reached the edge of the wooded area. He made sure he was still cloaked and brought up a radio, pressing a button to transmit on all frequencies.

"This is "The Savior"........................Ready to play this little game of cat and mouse?" he asked into it, hoping someone would pick up to amuse him. He kept a quick pace as he circled the Academy, making sure to not stay in one spot too long so picking him up would be difficult.

Corneria College
Votaris let a smile grow rapidly on his face. He rushed over and hugged Mark around the waist, "Thank you....." he stated.

Cornerian Academy
Marcus smiled and nodded his head, "Thank you Mark...." he stated. He then watched as Mark ran off and he sighed. "Well.......hopefully everything turns out alright.." he stated quietly. It was then he slowly shook his head back and forth, "What's....what is going on.......Nite....you might....want to go too...." he warned.

Leon gave a cackle as he was given the device. He ran to the end of the hall then from wall to wall, jumped to the points where he needed to open the cell doors to those inside. He could hear the inmates, either giving confused or cheerful remarks. He reached the final one, pulling up the com, "All the inmates are released, what next?" he asked.

Togeta raised a brow, "Who the hell would be stupid enough to go after you?" he then thought for a moment, "Well.....that blue fox tried.....wonder if he has help.

Cornerian Academy
Leon gave a slight scoff, "I will once you let me out of here, smart one...." he chuckled with a sneer. He got up and headed to the force shield, crossing his arms and tapping his foot while he waited for Wolf to get his butt over to his cell.

Togeta looked at the General, "Sounds like something serious is going on outside......" he stated as he walked over to the window, looking outside.

Rasper gave a yawn, deciding to get up. He reached under his bed and pulled out a box. Upon opening it, he pulled out several devices, "We're gonna have fun with this thing......." he chuckled. He got himself 'geared up', loading his blaster and his bag of contraptions. Before he opened the door however, he pressed a button on one of the devices and cloaked himself. He strolled out of the housing area, chuckling softly as he walked past two guards on duty. Even watched as one turned to the other to ask "Was that you?" and seeing the other shake his head. He left the Academy base, heading towards the woods to set a few things up and to pick up a few 'extras'.

Corneria College
Votaris smiled a bit, "I hope it is ok....is suddenly dropping in on them a good idea?" He added. "I mean....what if they.....get angry?"

Cornerian Academy
(Sorry about that)

Marcus perked his ears when he heard Mark mention the time era. "It's true, I'm not from this time. My real name IS in fact Marcus McCloud.....how I got here is....a bit to explain, but ill do my best."

He then looked over at Nite, "In my time, we were at war with an alien race known as the Kesh' Na' Thir'.....a race of black, spider like creatures and their technology is far more advance then ours." He took a breath. "Last thing I know, the fights were getting harder and harder against them.....but we were still able to win somehow. But then there was a battle on Venom. They somehow 'hired' a rival group known as Star Fury for that battle. During the battle, there was an explosion...." He started to lower his head, trying to remember, "from that explosion, a.....white void appeared....in the middle of nowhere. One of the members of Star Fury went into it, and then I stupidly followed.....I woke up a year ago on Fortuna...and was lucky enough to get here to Corneria...."

He paused for now.

[ti]SW[/ti] Star-Foxi-Oh+
It shall come Kursed, do not worry lol

[ti]SW[/ti] Star-Foxi-Oh+
Ok, i know this would be a separate topic from my "art" topic, though upon asking one of the staff, he said it would be fine making another topic if I wished.....................................

These are Yu-Gi-Oh cards I made using a "yugiohcardmaker" program
But with the Star Fox Characters and fandom....some of you have seen them from me posting them here...but now they are in their own topic...:P

Please advise: Some of these images are from Brawl...Star Fox Assault and what have you...I did my best to find original art for each card....but......there are just some things that should never been seen by man kind o-o;;;;
Also!!!!: forgive me for any errors in spelling or what have you!!!

NOTES: Depending on which theme you are using, just scroll over the name of the card and click the hyperlink

any new cards i create, will all be listed in a current post, but will fall at the end of each of the three categories

but without further ado...

Star Fox Edition

Cornerian Academy
Rasper gave a sneer as he left his room. He walked around, being quiet to the point of no detection. He carried with him a letter, wrapped around a brick. As he neared the Generals building, he could feel his heart pounding a bit. He then made a mad dash past the window, tossing the brick inside, smashing the window. The brick would land on the floor, with this note:


I will be taking the General of Corneria as my hostage, tonight!

Think you have what it takes to stop me?

"The savior"

Rasper then ran past the corner, ducking behind it to avoid being caught by any nearby guards. He reached into his pocket, pulling out a small device. "More Kesh' Na' Thir' tech...." echoed into his mind. "You best believe it McCloud....." He whispered, pressing a button on the device and cloaking himself.

After a few moments he reached his room, uncloaking himself and laid on his bed, waiting for nightfall.

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