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Even if LT isn't, the topic can pretty much go for anyone new to the StarFox fandom

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire confirmed!
Serebii.net has confirmed the release of two new remakes. Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Remakes of the beloved 3rd gen series has finally arrived. Thinking back to the story of Ruby and Sapphire, probably mixed with the amazing graphics of 6th gen, will probably make for a very epic adventure reborn!

Thoughts on this?

Personally, I think it will be great. Making the gathering of 3rd gen Pokemon much more easier then having to transfer them all the way back from the original Ruby and Sapphire. I bet, that if you had difficulty getting your hands on any of the third gen games, now it is probably going to be impossible with their remakes coming out.

Corneria College
An old retriever walked into a dusty old classroom. He inhale, then blew a gust of breath towards what was his old desk. This old hound was done with retirement, he wanted to teach once more. Walter gave a smile as he put his name plaque onto the desk for all new students to see.

Secrets in SF-Adventures
I am gonna be looking for that next time I play. Is this in the Menu or in the opening sequence?

Pokemon X and Y
it is no biggie, I am too lazy too look it up myself XD

What are you Jamming out to?
sadly :lookdown:


Pokemon X and Y
Where is she located? I have traveled the world over.....but apparently still missing her

Pics of the Members
May 7 2014, 09:32 AM
Must... resist... Urge... >XD;;;;
*crawls into hiding to make sure of it*
I am curious as to what you are meaning XD

Invitation to Darkness
So....yeah I am bored and deciding to drone you all in my thoughts about the game Yu-Gi-Oh...but trust me....this will probably make you laugh whether or not you play the game.

So I bought a new deck tonight, the Cyber Dragon Revolution deck. It is mainly directed towards Machine type monsters as well as the fact that they are all Light attribute monsters.

Now over the years, there is a multiple card set of Machines that I have wanted to use FOREVER and this deck allows me to FINALLY do this...sorta properly. The Set is pretty much named the XYZ Dragon Cannon set. Look at the "spoiler" for the pics of all cards in this set, including a couple of others

XYZ Dragon Cannon set and other cards

The problem with building a deck involving them is there is no ACTUAL support cards for them ("Spells/Traps/Monster Effects" that help them, or even help them get to the field)

So now I am trying to run them in this new Machine deck that helps with Light Attribute Machine type monsters.......all the while.....I hear this song playing over and over in my head....

you'll get the joke now.....

I suggest looking through the pics of the cards, especially the last one "VWXYZ DRAGON CATAPULT CANNON" to get the full assault of the horrible bad joke I am making by just building this deck XD

All in all, I have a little over a week to get this deck ready when I face off against my friend and his girlfriend.......wish me luck XD

Random Videos
As the title says, post videos that makes your jaw drop, howl out laughing, or what have you, please keep it within the forum rules :D


Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Posted Image

Marcus' ears kinda fluttered, "Because he knows not what he does....." he answered, "And.....the accident....was my fault....I flipped the wrong switch in the experiment and it cause the explosion..." he gave a sigh, "So I made it my personal atonement to keep an eye on him......He gets away from me sometimes...I apologize for anything he has done."

Posted Image

Fox walked up behind Falco and placed a hand on the birds shoulder and gave a hopeful smile. He then noticed Krystal watching Falco, so he quickly pulled his hand away and sat down.

Fox then looked towards Slippy, "Any news on how General Pepper is doing? We didn't have much time in the infirmary before being paged." Fox asked.

Posted Image

"Attacked? Attacked by who?" The hare asked. "Furthermore, who said we were attacked in the first place?" he asked the feline.

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Posted Image

Marcus thought for a moment, "Not exactly. Poor guy, one week he is able to hack into fort knox, the next he can build a skyscraper. He hasn't been able to be one hundred percent focus on anything since a science experiment we were working on." he paused, taking a look at Jake, "At times, he doesn't even realize where he is." He kept his form, but he HAD to try to keep Jake out of whatever trouble the chimp got himself into.

Pokemon X and Y
May 5 2014, 07:14 PM

Yeah, the once-a-day thing in Llllumiose City that checks your PC for trainer IDs.
*facepaw* I remember they did that in the second gen in Goldenrod.....totally didn't realize they brought it back....

and quick question....who is the PC master in this new gen? Beaten X with it still saying "Someone's PC"

Pokemon X and Y
May 5 2014, 02:35 PM
Too many Pokemon for me to like it anymore. I liked it when in knew all 150 I started to get bummed out around i think gen 3 or 4. I think the only reason i played gen 5 or whatever was to see Leafeon and Glaceon in action.


and some of these Pokemon mentioned here kinda made me a little iffy of the series. I'm sorry god of Pokemon really. that just doesn't 'click' with me sorry.
I can understand this completely. some of the Pokemon created make me even go "WTF?!" Lol.


Keiko....Vaporeon is a tank, used her myself this time through for the first time.

Pics of the Members
looks good, and looked like a beautiful wedding

Cornerian Academy (REDUX!) : Top Flights of Future Past!
Posted Image

The old hare looked at Miyu, "Yeah, apparently in three places. Hit my back pretty hard when I.....fell......"

Posted Image

Fox listened to Femto, and gave a smile. When he seen Todd getting dragged away he had a thought come to mind. "That....could be us..." he thought. He made sure he was the last to go in, allowing everyone in first.

Posted Image

Before Marcus left to speak with Tigress, he looked back at Emily, "M.....M.....Mitchel....Marcus Mitchel." he responded and proceeded to walk with Tigress away from Jake.

After getting out of ear shot he took a deep breath. "I apologize for anything Jake has done....he..." he paused, trying to think, but made himself to look worried, "he hasn't been the same after the accident..." his ears lowered, and by god he hoped this would work.

Pics of the Members
May 5 2014, 03:37 PM
Posted Image
aww, you two look cute together....gotta get one with me and my man here too XD

And Falcory.....all I see it "Posted Image"....

And you, Austria, shall marry.
Hey bud, if you like, we have a character template that can help you out in creating characters.


Also, I can create your own personal subforum to catagories any and all characters you create, just let me know :D

Tail Concerto
*picks up a kitty and uses it for fuel*

Pokemon X and Y
Anyone else here playing the new gen?

Finally, a Pokemon game that gives the thrill of the main story, traveling the world in search of 8 gym badges while destroying the plans of an Evil organization, all in a more 3D modeling of the game. We had seen similar games, namely Colosseum and Gale of Darkness, but here, we return to our roots.

A new type has also been introduced, the Fairy type, which really throws the strengths and weaknesses out of wack. There is also the new Mega Evolution, a process allowing certain Pokemon to become stronger for a short period of time.

What are your thoughts on everything involved with the new games?

I personally have both, and starters were Chespin (X) and Froakie (Y). Love several of the Mega Evolutions, just don't like how some only come with certain games (X OR Y). I personally [rainbow]LOVE[/rainbow] the new gym leader music, have it downloaded on my phone to listen to as well as made it a ring tone.

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