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Rise and shine, Mr. Freeman. Rise and shine.

The Phone Book
If any of you guys want to have a chat then feel free to skype/MSN me:

Skype: evilwaffles101
MSN/E-mail: reeceyp0@hotmail.com
Steam: Reeceyp0

Note: My timezone is GMT+8 so I may or may not be able to talk to you guys at times.

Starcraft2 :Wings of Liberty.
The game is awesome, trust me on that.

Twisted Fates
You may read and download this work but you may not alter it in any form, resubmit in any form, steal ideas or steal charcters.

Star Fox and all associated products are (c) Nintendo
Everything else is (c) to me

Twisted Fates
As requested by Nick, I'm re-posting this story, unfortunelty my second story is gone, dead. But here is my first in my series of stories in the attachment since I'm too lazy to post single chapters

Good News, Everyone!
I got a letter from a university today, turns out I'm going to university next year to study Game Design! Yay!

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