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[ti]SF[/ti]Rank badge contest
Oh, didn't know that -thumps RedFox on the head lightly with my keyblade- need to make that clear

Working on another theme
Tried, failed v.v

Working on another theme
OK, there is something I need your guy's help with. It is for the Fox McCloud theme (and others to come). I have been trying to find the sprites for Star Fox Assault loading screen (the face icons for the characters that are shaded red) Anyone know where I can find them, or lead me into the right direction

I have tried:
Devient Art

[ti]SF[/ti]Rank badge contest
I think there should be at least two entries before the actual contest begins, that way, it doesn't become "unanimous"

[ti]SF[/ti]Rank badge contest
hey you asked for enteries..........and I mentioned that Peppy and Krystal would be skipped, considering we only have really four different groups here

[ti]SF[/ti]Rank badge contest
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image
Posted Image

What are you Jamming out to?
(lol, didn't expect that video to get those kinds of responses xD)

here is something else I am jamming out too, I have this as a ringtone for my mother xD


What are you Jamming out to?
actually addicting o-o

[utube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4UDnTJcjPhY[/utube][edit_reason]video originally posted got deleted by youtube[/edit_reason]

The End of All Worlds (the revival
[offtopic]-hops as suggested in presentation-, so far only three characters........but if it is too late to join, feel free to delete[/offtopic]


"Come on Victoria! Something major is about to happen, and I am not about to let some other reporter from CHN get the first scoop!" cried the white Kangaroo, pounding on the door to his camera girls room. He gave a sigh, "Look Victoria, the CDF allowed us to be on the Aurora so we can get the citizens back home the know......"

She opened the door while Casey was yammering, holding one of her boots in her hand, "One more word and this will be meeting your face....." she barked. Even for a rabbit, she had to stand her ground at some point. She raised her leg and put the held boot on the needed foot, "There I am ready...." she snipped as she grabbed her camera bag and began to follow Casey to the observation deck.

Even though he was not military, he still felt he had to be nearby. He kept himself in the storage bay of the Aurora, making sure to keep out of site of any guards or workers on patrol. He sensed them, those that had become one with machines. The senses made his skin tingle a bit, giving him nearly the same rush as when he thought about his fallen Queen. The wolf had already tapped into the communications between the two ships, as he hungered for a fight, hoping he could get close enough.

Julius Quasar
Apr 3 2012, 09:39 PM

(Sorry, couldn't resist!) xD
PIka: Just stick to the script..............

Squirtle: F@*@ NO! KIDS, go read a book or something..........


[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
is it too late to join? I kinda want to try out Larsa......either that or bring Casey and Victoria for the 'media flare'

What are you Jamming out to?

Pokemon Rp
(i have honestly been debating that, as the main two people in this is Ris and myself, and lack of me being online has slowed things down...............have also been thinking of creating a different pokemon RP, but with an actual plot line lol)

Radigal's "art"
a big canvis
Posted Image

give a pictured outline
Posted Image

and thus far
Posted Image

[ti]SW[/ti]the revival
I'm up for saving the biscuits..............

Pokemon Dredge!!!!!

Hey, for anyone who still has a pokemon Red Blue and Yellow version, watch this vid


there is also something else I have noticed about this little glitch..............

You still have to make sure that the trainer walks to you to actually battle (walking in front of them freezes the game)
also, by doing so, your start menu after teleporting the first time will be unusable.
Now, I am basing this off where I currently am, which is after getting the third gym badge. (which I will update as I progress through the game)
before going through Rock Tunnel, you can battle the trainers of Cerulean Gym (except Misty), the trainers before reaching Bill's house, the trainers on the route above and to the East of Vermillion, and on the SS Ann. once you have gotten all of those trainers (and teleported back to Nugget Bridge each time) you'll be force to not use the code for a bit, (As you will need to use Cut to get into the Vermillion Gym and head to Rock tunnel. BUT, once through Rock Tunnel, head towards Celadon City to get the water to give it to the guards surrounding Saffron City. This makes it to where now, you have, the Rocket's base, Pokemon Tower, the route between Lavender and Saffron, and the trainers in Rock Tunnel (if you want to walk around in the dark for a bit). Make sure to carry Escape Ropes when inside Pokemon tower and the Rockets base, they will take you straight to Cerulean. Now, once you have completed the quest in Pokemon Tower (I noticed Missingno showed up a lot when faceing the Mediums) you now have access to Cycle road and the route between Lavender and Fushia, howere, between Lavender and Fushia, there is a female trainer that you can only walk in front of to get past her, DON'T battle here (remember, if you step directly in front of a Trainer, the battle will NOT commence and will 'freeze' the game) instead, battle between Lavender and Fushia up until then, then go on Cycle Road (which, a strange little fun fact, when the glitch is initiated (teleporting of flying away from the trainer) you have full control on Cycle road, meaning you won't drop straight down that is, once you battle, even a wild pokemon, it fixes itself. Now, there is only one trainer you can't fight on Cycle road. Once you have reached Fushia, you now can take the route between Fushia and Lavender again, ending at the same Female trainer as before, and avoiding two others for the same reason. After that, Fushia Gym is all yours except for the final Trainer before you face Koga. NOW for the fun part. Saffron City Silph Co. With this being chuck full of Rockets and Scientists, it shall be fun (but time consuming if you don't have the Dodrio GameBoy tower on Stadium one or two), this is actually where I found the trainer needed to find Moltres! (At lvl 7, OMFG Pokegasm x3). Once again, Rival and Giovanni don't help the glitch as they don't have the "!" Appear. After that, make SURE to put your Master Ball in the sixth slot, as Missingno happens to appear while battling the Saffron Gym trainers. Now, once you have battled all the trainers, (if you avoided the trainers in Viridian Forest, Route between Pewter City and Mt. Moon and Mt. Moon itself, now would be a great time to retrace some steps) but after that, it is time to cool it on the glitch for awhile, as between the period of Teleport/Fly (Yes, Flying from the trainer works just as equally, and more quickly when needing to get to Fushia and other Cities) blocks your Menu from popping up = No Surf ability. Now, once you have surfed to Cinnabar Island, the glitch still won't work, as inside Pokemon Masion, the only thing you can do is 'Talk' to the robbers to initiate the battle, and the scientists are unreachable unless you flip the switch in the statues (which the "A" button doesn't work either unless spoken too) this also includes the Trainers in Cinnabar Gym, you have to 'talk' to them to fight. Long story short, no glitching other then the Missingno glitch in Cinnabar. Now, here is the final location you can use this glitch at, Viridian Gym, follow every step you can until you face Giovanni. The little glitch journey ends here sadly, as the Trainers in Victory Road are blocked from you, since you need Surf to get there from Viridian, and Strength to get there from the Pokemon League. And again, no menu means no out of battle abilities.

And now for the moment you have been waiting for, the list of pokemon i have found thus far in pokemon Blue:

More will be added to this list as I keep catching them/fighting them. DO NOTE: Missingno appears during this glitch as well, imagine it, having all your TM's duplicated before even reaching Cinnabar Island! So be prepared for that ;)

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