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Comment on the user above you
User just made my worst fear come true

The Pawns of Radigal

Comment on the user above you
It is Roxas in his Organization XIII uniform....i used it for a yu-gi-oh rp where I was the bad guy xD

I see we are talking about Solar, god I hated that Level xD

Comment on the user above you
Makes me wonder why

Comment on the user above you
User was the first to greet me on this site, and has an interesting picture of tails

They are also the Comic relief IMO

The Pawns of Radigal
Name: Xeminous

Age: 20

Gender: male

Height: 6'

Weight: 198 lbs

Eye Color: Red

Species: Reptile

Hair Description: none

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mainly Black and white, a few yellow marking around the eyes

Vocal Description: A deep voice, normally growling

Body Description: Slim

Attire/Appearance: Short open shirt/coat, belts about arms, jeans

Family: none

Occupation: Body Guard

Good/Bad: undecided

Theme Song: Surfacing ~ Trust Company

Birthplace: Cannot Remember

Current Location/Residence: Corneria

Training/Specialties/Skills: some pyrokinesis

Special Markings:

Personality: Usually comes over as a jerk and a hardass, but inside he has a loyal heart.

Other info:

Xeminous only knows one thing, that he woke up one day, not knowing anything else about his life, except that he is alive.

When he was young, he started showing serious signs of aggression towards others, as he could never get close to anyone. They kept trying to dive into a past he felt he was never meant to have.

While apparently growing on Corneria, he took several odd jobs, until one day he was fired for starting an actual fire in a restaurant. Without finding out how the fire actually started, he was shunned from a lot of people.

After awhile, he realized he had started the fire while he was angry, and he began to train himself to be able to control it to a degree.

News of his slight ability made him an instant outcast because people feared what he was and what he could become. Only one person was able to show compassion.

Togeta, and emperor penguin and owner of several casinos, took Xeminous in as a body guard. Xeminous was highly skeptical of his new employers intentions, but soon found that they guy only wanted to help.

Xeminous started looking up to Togeta as almost like a father and has sworn to protect him as it is his job, but also out of love of this father figure.

(Togeta can be found on page four >.>)

Posted Image

(dark Flamdramon lol)[edit_reason]to make a more indepth story between him and Togeta[/edit_reason]

The Pawns of Radigal
I noticed this site had a role playing section, I hope you guys do not mind if I join in on some...

Here are a few of my characters I like to use:
Name:Votaris Hindar


Gender: Male

Height: 4'3"

Weight: 114lbs

Eye Color: yellow

Species: wolf

Hair Description: Soft

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Mainly Blue, with some patches of white on his muzzle and his chest

Vocal Description: slightly higher pitch then normal

Body Description: built

Attire/Appearance: Formal/Casual mix, always wears a red bandana

Mark McConnely (considering an Adoptive brother)

Occupation: student

Good/Bad: neutral

Theme Song: Uh oh, we're in trouble

Birthplace: Coneria

Current Location/Residence:Conerian College

Training/Specialties/Skills: Street fights. He also has the ability to clone himself, multiple times. Which with the more he makes, the less density each one has.

Special Markings: Has a scar above his left eye, why he wears the bandanna

Personality: Votaris is actually very bright for his young age, but comes off as a bit of a hard ass.

Other info: Votaris grew up in an orphanage since he was dropped of by his parents when he was just 6 years old. Growing up, he had to fight for what he wanted, physically. He knows his right form his wrong. Since having to get what he wanted himself, he hates asking others for help. He has a special side to him that no one knows of, and he has yet to reveal it.

While in the orphanage, he got into several fights quickly, as he had a lot of built up rage about being abandoned by his parents for reasons to this day he has not been able to understand.

One day while dealing with a great feeling of depression from how lonely in the world he felt, he happened to glance up, seeing what appeared to be a copy of himself. The two played for an entire day, but Votaris felt sad when the copy vanished into thin air. It took Votaris awhile to be able to summon the copy at will. Once he did, he remembered what he had to do to keep bringing the copy up and up again.

After some time, Votaris found he could create more then one copy at a time, but found that each time, he felt a little weaker. He decided to start training with them, making himself wiser when it came to fighting. He soon realized, he could use the clones to help him in fights, for either confusing the hell out of his opponents, or for a total assault.

He soon proved he was good enough for college after passing several tests with flying colors.

Though the current head of the orphanage disapproved of what had happened, he fought against Votaris' acceptance to college. Thankfully the court system found Votaris mature enough to go to such a place.

Posted Image

(And yes, I know this is Goamon....bite me)[edit_reason]bored......and creative xD[/edit_reason]

I miss the original versions, the new ones are awesome IMO....but, the older ones are the ones that started it all

Star Fox Command
Command: bad dialog, made some of the characters pathetic in terms of being a character, poor design

not too many good attributes

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
The game is pretty awesome, I kind of liked how they made a 'shadow' villain lol

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