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Working on another theme
idleness, same thin this site was going through

Jun 3 2012, 10:54 AM
Hehee, "Furballs." I know where you got that from.
hey, it is legal to say on here..............next comes "Shmeg"

Jun 3 2012, 07:23 AM
Er, what graphics?
actually, people have been known to create jewelry from things in video games. I have seen pics of a person holding the symbols to Heart Gold and Soul Silver in their hand with string attached to each like necklaces

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
I am wanting to play hero mode, but I want to build up my treasure and my bugs before hand. WHY THE HELL DID I SELL ALL MY JELLY BLOBS?!?!?! (actually I sold them so I could have enough for a piece of heart from Beetle and to upgrade all my potions......I had like.......50 of them and the guy was buying them for like 40 rupees a pop.........how could I pass that up?)

There was only one creepy part about the game for me, when you had to get the first flame, and you had to go into what was like the underworld for some of the level (The area where the Zombie Moblins appeared). When I went to climb that rope, i was like "OHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHITOHSHIT!!!"

some drawings
Foxies taste like chicken............didn't anyone tell you that?

Working on another theme
Slow, but we are rebuilding

Jun 3 2012, 10:08 AM
I still have yet to beat the Master Quest version (have all medallions, just didn't go to Ganon's Castle yet). You'd probably need a 3DS cartridge with out the 3D part to pull something like that off on a Pokemon game.
You had my help with the last one, teehee

Anyway. What I think would be cool, is a pokemon "simulation" type game. Like, think of The Matrix meets Pokemon, with an ability to travel all over, and with each continent, make the pokemon there completely original.

math time.............7 continents...............times 493 pokemon (just making the pokemon in Japan alone and saying there are rounded 493 in each area of the world)...........................HOLY FURBALLS...............that would be 3,451 different species of pokemon............EPICNESS!!!

though for now we have to settle with "pokemon online" basically, from what I had seen years ago, it is RSE graphics and you can actually battle live people. Downside, you cannot get any legendary pokemon unless you are a "paying member"

(And dang it I did it again, this time it was the 'report' button -sighs- I need a vacation from life xD) (if you wish to know what I am talking about, look at the last few posts of the theme topic)

Working on another theme
Um, Julius knows grand well I know what power feels like. You forget, I still have my forum running, so I know the unlimited feeling of Power

Working on another theme
Julius Quasar
Jun 3 2012, 09:34 AM
Apr 12 2012, 07:08 PM
We... did... Nobody wants to participate in contests anymore
Sorry dude, couldn't find a contest in which I would be able to compete

Julius, the edit i made, was a mistake..........I hit the wrong button, I didn't change a thing, but meant to hit the quote button ^^;

but your characters rock, I love how you play some of them

Working on another theme
I'll get into that in the Topics for them lol.

Radigal's "art"
I know, I also owe Fox McCloud a pic of his character Mark McConnelly

Working on another theme
alright guys, sorry for the long delay. Thus far the Fox McCloud theme I promised has been added to this site, but is not active as some major touches need to be done to it. I blame myself for my acute laziness............and RedFox for letting me borrow a few games ^^

[ti]SW[/ti]Character Contest June 1012
I apologize for not making a contest for the month of May, but then again, things started 'bustleling' towards the end of the month and are carrying into this month, so now is probably a better time.

Same rules apply, Time for Entries will be from now to until Wednesday, and voting will begin Immediately and will go through until Saturday (june 9th)

Hope to see some more entries

Here is mine: the King of Fire

Name: Charizard

Age: 83

Level: 81

Gender: M

Height: 5'07"

Weight: 199.5 lbs

Eye Color: blue

Species: Flame Pokemon

Hair Description:

Fur Color/Fur Pattern: Red Scales

Vocal Description: somewhat growling, but soft at the same time.

Body Description: a little chubby due to age, having two wings on his back


Family: Charchy (grandson)

Occupation: Um....Pokemon

Good/Bad: Good

Theme Song: Memories ~ Within Temptation (click please)

Birthplace: (does not remember)

Current Location/Residence: Traveling

Training/Specialties/Skills: Battling, nursing, writing.

Special Markings: Three scars across his left eye, there is also a "V" on the bottom of his left heal. Has a birthmark on the inside of his left wing close to his body.

Personality: Kind and heartwarming

Other info:
Charizard started out as a young Charmander waiting patiently in a professors lab for a trainer to call his own. One day a young man came, and chose Charmander. Charmander wasunsure of this trainer at first, seeing as they had only just met, but eventually they became friends.

After some time, Charmander evolved into a Charmeleon. His Trainer decided give Charmeleon a few days off and left him in the Daycare. He soon met a female version of his species named Charina and they grew really close. After a few days the female was taken by her trainer, Charmeleon never got to know if they ever had a child.

After Charmeleon evolved into his final form, Charizard. The Trainer and Charizard, (Along with the rest of the team) infiltrated a Team Voltage base. Charizard is still haunted by the things they did while in with the villains. They finally took the team down, leaving Team Voltage name in ruins, and their own engraved in flames.

The two finally finished their journey and chose to settle down. But one day, The Trainer finally met the end of his days with the escalating years. His final wish was for that his grandchildren be given the pokeballs to all his pokemon (Divided evenly) so that the pokemon could roam freely.

Charizard chose a life on the road, as it was the only thing he ever knew. He eventually met a few other pokemon, which started a whole life for him.

He met a pokemon by the name of Umbreon, who had been abused by her former trainer and somehow got away. Charizard took some pitty on her, wishing he could help her understand not all humans were bad. After a bit they were able to become friends and soon met a feisty Mightyena. Problem was his perkiness did not set well with Umbreon's quietness, so he was not liked at first. But after Umbreon tried to attack Mightyena, Charizard took the blast instead to try to keep the peace. It worked Umbreon forgave Mightyena and they soon became friends.

After some time, a human entered their group, his name was Lestat, who turned out to be a son of a Team Rocket Member. Though he swore to take Team Rocket down, Charizard and gang were leery, but over time, Lestst proved to be a good friend and ally.

Charizard soon vanished without a trace, only to return with no memory of what had happened, except that he had been badly hurt. He has a feeling it was an old foe, but cannot be entirely sure.

Charizard and gang decided to take the Rockets head on and attack the base they had in the forest. Charizard was captured and given a strange serum, which was supposed to tap into his full strength, but it backfired slightly. He was thrown into a terrible rage where he began to attack everything in sight. He even attacked his own friends, until Umbreon stood up against him, taking blow after blow until she was finally able to get through to his heart. He finally was able to calm down enough to be able to think properly. He instructed the group to leave the building as he chose to stay behind and decided to finish what he had started and destroy the base.

After some time had passed, Charizard found that the serum he was given was not temporary, as he had began to get angry over the slightest things. He chose to leave shortly after hearing Umbreon and Mightyena had pups together, which made Charizard even more determined to not harm his friends.

After several months of traveling, Charizard found himself in another forest, where he met two very strange pokemon, A Raichu, she was very Jolly, and a Magikarp, who dreamed that one day he could travel on dry land. Charizard awoke several times to find Raichu pushing Magikarp around on a skateboard inside a fishbowl. But peace did not stay for long, as a strange force was starting to arise. Charizard suspicions were true as it had been Team Voltage. Luckily Magikarp Evolved into a Gyarados and was able to help battle the villains.

Charizard felt his task was done and feared his rage would soon catch up to him so he continued on his journey. Out of nowhere a much younger Charizard appeared near a Volcano and challenged him to a battle. Charizard was taken aback by this younger version, as he did not follow the normal color pattern that was normal to his species. But before any real blows could be dealt, a Trainer revealed himself and stopped the young hot head from making a big mistake. Charizard seen this as some slight respect and decided to stick around the Trainer, as he also reminded Charizard of his formal trainer.

After some time Charizard and the younger Charizard got to know each other, so much to the fact that Charizard found out that this young ones mother was named Charina, forcing Charizard check to see if this younger version had the same birthmark he had on the inside of his left wing close to the body, which he did, which lead Charizard to realize that this alter colored kid, was his son. They began to bond.

Again, peace never lasts, as Team Voltage had decided to come back into full swing. Charizard and the young trainer joined forces to finally put an end to the plight by killing the main leader of the team. As the building was collapsing Charizard got separated from the Trainer and his son by a falling wall. The only thing he could hear from the other side was a request to find something near the volcano.

Charizard left the building just as it collapsed. He searched for awhile, until he came across an egg, but unsure if it was what he was supposed to find. After continuing to search, the Egg suddenly hatched, into a baby Charmander. Charizard did the same thing by checking for a birthmark. Finding it, he smiled with joy has he had just met his new baby grandson, which he soon named Charchy.

Now Charizard and Charchy are on a new adventure, to travel together, Charizard teaching Charchy the ways of the world, pokemon and humans. Charchy able to keep Charizard sane and safe from his rage.

Together the two decided to start entering towns together. They met a group of trainers that at first wanted to catch the pair, but Charizard put an end to that, as with being able to write, he became friends with them and trusted them.

Team Rocket once again was up to their no good tricks, as they began to poison the forest and he met a Scyther that wanted to protect his home so Charizard joined forces with him. He entrusted Charchy in the care of one of the trainers, knowing she would not capture him. During the battle Charizard began to slowly lose control of his rage, and nearly burned a great deal of the forest down. Chrachy knew something was up with his grandfather and rushed to find out what. Seeing his grandfather in the rage scared the little pokemon, but he became brave enough to stand in front of his grandfather in hopes of calming him down. Which worked perfectly, Charizard quickly began to chill out. He explained everything to Scyther about his recent past and Scyther forgave him, promising the forest will grow like it once did.

Charizard and Charchy, continue their journey...........

Posted Image

Be great if they made a star fox game with those graphics (and I don't mean a remake either)

on another note............I want these......

Posted Image

Radigal's "art"
looks good Foxie, ^^

and I finally got around to drawing my dad's fursona. YES, I said "Dad" as in my father. Oh the manipulation this wolf can cause BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

anyway, here is it

Posted Image

as you can see, I am trying a little bit more with angles and hands

some drawings
I can bake you one Foxie next time you are here to visit.....................or a muffin

Invitation to Darkness
and you think I do, Julius?

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