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Roleplay Character Sheets





Eye Color:


Hair Description:

Fur Color/Fur Pattern

Vocal Description:

Body Description:





Theme Song: (optional


Current Location/Residence:(Optinal


Special Markings:


Other info:Anything else you'd like to add.

Rules List
1. No God Modding. God Modding: Any character, fan made or default, that has omnipotent power, knowledge, and can be everywhere at once is god modding. Any character who knows what another person is doing (i.e. if a character goes on a path that only that character knows about and leaves everyone behind, another character using a special gift follows them precisely) even though the person may leave when no one is there is pushing into the god modding zone. Any character that cannot be damaged, is invincible, can deal extreme amounts of damage without having any drawbacks, or having supernatural powers is considered god modding. Having weapons, armor, ships, or items that are insanely powerful and have no risk of being destroyed is god modding.

2. Attacking: In a fight, if the attacking character is far away from the character who is being attacked then the attacking character cannot say that their attack hits because that denies the defending character the chance to counter or avoid. However, if the two characters are in hand-to-hand combat or close to another and the defending character has no chance of dodging an attack then the attacking character can make their attack hit.

3. Use Detail. Detail is important but does not mean that a post should be filled with useless information. A small post with useful information can be as detailed as a post with three paragraphs filled with fluff and one sentence of useful information. Useful information can include character attributes, foreshadowing, flashbacks, actions of a character, or other info. Useless information is reciting known info multiple times, making filler posts instead of thinking through an adequate post.
This does not mean you can post only one-liners however.

4. Plot Hijacking/Crowding. Plot hijacking is when a character intentionally tries to alter the plot by placing themselves in the thick of the action and trying to grab all the attention. This is not to be associated with plot widening which involves a character or more characters acting outside the main action area. This gives characters a chance to develop characterization and keeps an even spread on locations. Plot crowding is when there is an event (i.e. a fight, struggle, or a few characters meet) and everyone character zooms in to that one location without any notice.

5. Mary Sues/Marty Stus and Canon Sues. Mary Sues are female fan characters who are also called “author pets” because they are overly idealized and have superior intelligence, strength, stamina, and other attributes that are overly powerful. Marty Stus are male characters and canon sues are default characters who match this description.

6. RP Creators have authority. Anyone who makes an rp has the authority to warn a person if they mess up. If the offender keeps doing the behavior then they can pm a moderator and the offender will be dealt with accordingly. Also RP creators have the right to exclude or invite people to their rp.

7. Power-playing. This is when another character makes another person’s character do or say something without their permission. Now if someone is offline and a small action such as nodding one’s head or dropping something is needed to be done, post a note saying that it was to make the next post possible and just do that action, nothing more. This allows the other person to add anything they want to their character’s actions in the next post

8.Character limits:Characters with the acception of Andross may not be gods god-like demons etc.Lab created beigns are however allowed.

9.Once again no obsessive or cursing or other profanity.IF they do not say it in the game you cannot say it here or in a roleplay. obsessively

Disclaimer:Rules 1-7 are from StarfoxHq Since those rules work well here.

10.Role-play Creators have authority over their Roleplay and may add Resonable Rules as deemed nessicarry.

11.please ask to join before posting your intro(beginign to roleplay) it's polite and sometimes expected.

12.If your Roleplay is going to get into very mature subjects (nudity Rape and such or the discussion of) Please move it to Pm's thanks.

Punishment for breaking the rules will be delt with by the current admin or admin council when available.

Rules and conduct.
1. No obsessive swearing/cussing/cursing (this includes abbreviated swears), profanity, etc. If they don't say it in the Star Fox game you cannot say it here.

2. Do not post links to profanity sites/viruses or other harmful material.

3. Respect the mods and admins--what they say goes (unless against the rules/nuts...etc.)

4. Multiple accounts: There is no reason for multiple accounts for one user so if I see any they will be deleted.

5. Porn, yiff, nor shock sites are allowed. If you think something is offensive please post a warning.

6. The Rp creator has the right to revoke any role of cannon characters, however, IF there is a large dispute over this decision the an admin may be asked to solve the issue.[b/] (This rule was added due to a very small issue that became a huge issue.)

(Rules may or may not be added as seen by the admin council so please check back here every week or so until this message is no longer here.)