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Kew Reunited.
finnaly decieded to finish this though I don't think it's even near the end. might get rocky though)

Chapter2: the Secret of the purple dye.

The Next morning brought it’s sunlight through the large windows of Kursed’s hotel room. Already 6 in the morning the bounty hunter was up taking a shower. She had no idea why she took showers so much lately; maybe it was the air, the planet… She didn’t really know.

While getting dressed she checked her datapad. “First day on the job” The bounty hunter grumbled, as she got dressed, soon walking out of the her room and down the hall to an elevator. Her mind wandering to thoughts about Fox, why she had left him and missions together with him during the Aparoid invasion getting lost in her thoughts

, then a loud Ding of the elevator bell shook her back to the real world interrupting her thoughts . The doors of the elevator slid open and the purple vixen stepped out walking over to the ‘gun’ storage at the exit of the hotel.